Check out these babies names app for some name inspo

Download and swipe cute babies names app on Android or iPhone

By Mel
Check out these babies names app for some name inspo

About baby names

A name is one of the most important identities for others to relate to you and it follows you on your paths and careers in life. There are many ways to gain inspirations for a good name. There were the traditional methods of naming from famous people in the past or a relation to a family member.

In this new age generation, we could definitely rely on modern technologies such as baby naming apps on our smartphones. Picking a name can be daunting but let's make it fun. Regardless of the type of name you have in mind (new-gen, trendy, classic and traditional), below are the listed apps that are widely used by most new parents that can most certainly help you and your partner in this important naming process! 

Swipe for both parents

Have you heard of the new game-changing baby names app that got all new parents' attention? Yes, that's right, we are talking about Babyname. Functioning like the well-known Tinder, Babyname lets you swipe and get a name match between you and your partner. Swipe right if you like the name and left if it doesn't fall under your interest. Eventually, both of you gets a match. Stay hopeful that there is a high chance of meeting the 'right name' since there is a wide variety of boy and girls name selections. 

How to use Babyname

Babyname is an app for both parents. Download the app, connect with your partner and swipe through the names on the screen. Each name comes with its meaning and origin so you do not need to google about it after swiping right for those you like. Names that both parties have taken a right swipe will be added to a shared list where you can both view the names you both loved. 

Available on both Android and iOS, this app has been downloaded 100,000+ times on just Android version alone! 

Other free names app for babies on Android and iPhones to download

Baby Names™


Launched by Schatzisoft, Baby Names™ has a database of 60,000 names for you to choose from! With a classic, easy to use interface, you can search by name, meaning, gender, popularity, origin, characters and others. You will also be able to view detailed information about each name such as the popularity ranking over the years and the percentage of births of each name.

 Baby Names™ is free to download on iOS

Baby Names by Nametrix


An app by Verdant Labs, LLC, Nametrix is a uniquely data-driven baby naming app that provides more insights to a name than just its meanings and origins. The app builds metrics from huge volumes of data from public sources and you will be surprised by what is truly behind a name. It also provides name relations and suggested names for siblings.

What we really like about this app was that it provides pronunciations. Honestly, with the new quirky names that are emerging with celebrity babies (think Baby True and Rocket Zot), we think it will be best to at least get the pronunciations right on classic names.

Available on Android (Nametrix and Nametrix Premium) and iOS (Nametrix and Nametrix Premium)


A VentureComm Limited developed app, Namey uses artificial intelligence and smart algorithmic matching to help parents find meaningful names for their babies by filtering on several criteria such as name origin, first letter, desired characteristics, name meaning, and other family members’ names. You can also send polls on your favourite names on social media channels and ask your family and friends for their feedback; even gather the most favourited name from your circle and find out which are the most popular names!

Available on Google Play (Namey and Namey Lite) and iOS (Namey and Namey Lite)

Baby Names by Winkpass


A naming app for babies created by Winkpass Creations, Baby Names by Winkpass boasts a database of 25,000 original and traditional baby names for your selection. Each name comes with the meaning of the name so you do not need to do another search on that. The app allows you to search by origin, alphabetical, gender, popularity and has been featured on Washington Post, Forbes, Apple, Glamour amongst others. With a smart intuitive interface, Baby Names by Winkpass even lets you browse top names in the United States for the last 100 years! 

Baby Names by Winkpass is free to download on iOS.

Baby Names!!


A Sevenlogics Inc app, Baby Names has a high rating of 4.1 out of 5 on iTunes. With more than 30,000 names in the database, Baby Names!! is an easy-to-use app where you can search by name, gender, origin or even initials. The cutest function of this app was the Genie where you can ask for names that go perfectly with yours and dad's name! The app has a pleasant interface using soft colours and while searching on a particular name, the app even suggests related names for your reference. 

Baby Names!! is free on iOS and Android.

Kick to Pick


Kick to Pick is a more tongue in cheek baby naming app. Fun and interactive, Kick to Pick lets you pick out names that you favour and adds them to your favourites. After selection, set your phone to airplane mode, lie down, place your device over your baby bump and tap the 'Start' button and let your baby pick out the best ones from your list.

Kick to Pick is available on both iOS.

50,000 Baby Names


You can let your friends and family members help you find that perfect name by having them connect to your baby names app and add their favourite names to your shared list where you can view from your app directly. With over 50,000 boy and girl names, we are sure you will be spoilt for choices. Going through various selection filters such as meanings, origins or popularity, you can also view similar names and similar sounding names! 

This free to download app allows you to store two favourite lists and up to 20 favourites only. They also limit viewing up to 150 random names per day for free. Download on iOS.

Baby Names by BabyCenter


With a comfortable user interface, Baby Names by Babycenter lets you filter out the names you like and dislike by swiping. Vote 'yep' or 'nope' with each swipe and let the name generator fill up your list of favoured names. You can also connect with your partner to find out which are the names he like too.

Baby Names by BabyCenter is free to download on iOS.


Baby Names Mania


With a more visual approach, this app presents a fun and quirky interface that brightens up the user's moods as they use it. Armed with plenty of great name suggestions, you can easily tap a name to add it to your favourites. Narrow down your selection with the witty filters such as name beginnings, endings and number of vowels. We liked that you can even browse names by languages.

Baby Names Mania is free to download on iOS.

Baby Names and Meanings - Popular Name for Boys & Girls from Mobile Mom


This app helps you on your search for the desired baby name by gender, by preferred initial, by meanings or by popularity amongst its extensive search options. You can even try their random button to generate a name if you're feeling spontaneous! Sifting through tons of names is never easy, so try emailing your list of selected names with the app to your close friends and family and let them help you on your selection process. You can also rate their names with their star system to let other users know what you think of each particular name. 

Baby Names by Mobile Mom is free to download on iOS


Naming our kids using baby naming apps are definitely on the rise. However, always understand that it is most important for you and your partner to love the name you have both settled down on. Select the name and let it sit for a while; frequently try calling out to your baby with the name and see if you're both comfortable with the sound of it. Always have a second option just in case that the name does not sound good for you or your partner, or that it does not go well with your last name.

While it can be overwhelming with and pressurizing choosing a baby name, never forget the fun that comes with it. After all, this is the very first memory you build with the little one as a family. Welcome the arrival of your new baby with the name you and your partner have chosen and enjoy every bit of parenthood.