Guide to babywearing from baby to toddlerhood

Safety tips, benefits and types of babywearing gear for newborn

By Aey
Guide to babywearing from baby to toddlerhood

The idea of Babywearing

What did we do when we had no strollers? No strollers to put our babies in and push them around wherever we go. What we had was cloth wraps to put around our chests and place our little ones. In this modern day, the idea of babywearing is just that. Whilst the idea of something called ‘babywearing’ might seem odd to most who hear or read it at first, parents to new born children know that this is the solution to almost all their new born baby’s duties. The word babywearing might seem difficult to interpret but its definition is very simple, baby wearing is just another word given to the concept of ‘babywearing carriers’.

Nowadays, you might have seen around or even in movies parents putting on babywearing carriers and their baby just hangs on their chest and explores the town having a great time! This is exactly what babywearing is and if you have a baby then trust us when we tell you that this is what you need to get your hands on as soon as possible!

Under this article our aim is to not only introduce you to the numerous reasons and benefits or babywearing but we shall aim to go one step ahead and help you find the best babywearing gear that you can find around town and online.

Benefits of babywearing

Parents to newborn are mostly reluctant to try new things and move away from set practices which their parents and grandparents have been telling them to follow. Whilst these practices are proven to work and should be followed, it is still important to try new and improved practices and products and babywearing is just one of those perfect products. Carrying forth with it numerous benefits every parent should look into this great and easy invention to make their lives easier and if you aren’t convinced yet we shall provide you with different benefits that this carrier entails.

1. Less crying

An old controlled study conducted around the year 1986 by Hunziker and Barr came to the conclusion that carrying newborns and babies an extra 2 hours every day reduces their crying by either an entire hour or an overall 43%.

2. Physical benefits

Dr. Eckhard Bonnet stated in a published article that a babywrap or a sling for babies for that matter helps the baby feel more comfortable. This the article says is because not only is the baby laying in a comfortable position but also because that very position as how the womb tends to carry the fetus of before it comes into the world. Furthermore, carrying the baby upright has also proven to be a great way to massage the baby’s abdomen which not just helps avoid irregularities (like frog legs etc.) and disabilities but also helps in the digestion process for the baby.

3. Encourages healthy emotional development

Staying in the womb for 9 months and then coming out in an open world canbe a big change for the baby. If the baby isn't eased into the habit of being in such an open environment then this can affect their emotional health in a negative way. Holding them close via a baby wearing will make them feel as safe as they were in their mother's womb and will help them adjust and ease into their surrounding. 

4. Strengthens the bond between the parents and child

Its a need of the baby to be close to their parents and what else can do a better job than having them close to your heart at all times? The baby grows closer because of the warmth and safety that they feel by being so close to their carrier. 

5. Easy parenting

With so many tasks already at hand, having a new born baby or a toddler clearly doesn’t lower the load and increases the workload even more. However, with babywearing you don’t have to worry with pushing a stroller around whilst handling grocery bags, you don’t have to run back after every 2 minutes to check up on your baby. Not only will this provide your baby or toddler with the closeness and affection they require it’ll help you take on your everyday tasks like the usual days.

Safety guide

Parents might still be worried as to the safety associated with this baby wearing concept and just the idea of wearing your baby with a gear might freak most parents new to parenthood. However, a few and simple tips and tricks can help you ensure safety to a 110%.

Position of neck and head

It is very important that the neck and head of the baby is supported properly. It takes a while for newborns to get the proper support of their neck and head and therefore as a parent it is essential for you to provide support.

Inward-facing position

Secondly, again considering that the baby hasn’t yet gained control of their head and neck it is pertinent that the carrier should put the baby in an inward-facing carry position. With this remember to be careful to allow your child space for air so ensure that baby’s face is completely clear.

Baby’s legs

Baby’s legs should never be dangling straight down and should be naturally spreading to his/hers sides. Lastly, never forget to check for wear and tear in the carrier before putting your baby in.  

Baby wraps for newborn

There are numerous babywraps out in the market which parents can check out to buy for their newborns. With newborns it is extremely important not only to find the best quality wrap but also to find the most comfortable baby wrap to lay you little one in, close to your heart. Before buying a babywrap be sure to do a good thorough research of which one is the best fit for your newborn baby and if you don’t have time then just rely on our research to help you find the ideal baby wrap.

Moby wrap

One option to look out for whilst searching for a new baby wrap is ‘Moby wrap’. This cotton baby wrap is not extremely stretchy and therefore tends to be more supportive for your newborn to lay in. Furthermore, it tends to have a weight limit which is higher than normal and thus it can last longer as compared to other babywraps. However, it’s a bit longer and therefore might be a little difficult to tie it and keep it ready at all times and some parents might not like the thick and warm fabric. However, just remember the ease that it shall bring with the wrap tied and all you have to do is keep the baby in or take him/her out without any problem.

Solly Baby Wraps

Easily available online like the Moby wrap another wrap which we would recommend over it is

‘Solly Baby Wraps’. Solly baby wraps brings forth comfort with its lightweight and softer fabric which makes it the perfect fit for any and every season that you come by. It has a stretch fabric which ensures that the baby’s body can easily lay in it which makes it the perfect choice. It further fits perfectly whether for nursing your baby or when the baby might gain weight and will not fail to be of use to you. With a 25 pound weight limit this seems to be a great product.

Baby carriers for toddlers

After your baby grows you’ll eventually have to move away from the baby wraps and look for baby carriers for your toddlers. It becomes a hassle having to run after your toddler whilst they’ve just starting learning to run around and explore on their own. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to buy a baby carrier for toddlers to carry them around when going out for a walk, shopping or anywhere you wouldn’t want them out of sight or running around.

Ring slings

Ring slings are baby carriers which are perfect for whenever you have to do a quick and short going around with your toddler on your back. Not only are ring slings easy to put on they are the perfect fit for an hour long escapade with your little one. These comfortable and easy to put on baby carriers are a great use as your toddler being a toddler would want to get up one second and down the other; shaped in a way that looks like you’re holding your toddler on your back giving them a piggy back ride, your toddler will surely enjoy this one. Super comfortable and easy to carry around these can easily be tucked away in any bag you’re carrying when you want to take it off.

Buckle carriers

Another perfect baby carrier option is one called ‘buckle carriers’ these ideal buckle carriers have the perfect fabric which makes it strong and at the same time very lightweight. The best part with this buckle carrier is that it can be the ideal fit not just for toddlers but for children a little older than toddlers as well. The best thing about buckle carrier being that it will ensure to fitting to your toddlers body and would end up making the most comfortable carrier for your toddler. The simple buckle carrier without any straps allows you to do a simple up and down process without any hassle. It further allows the option of either being worn in the front or the back providing the right amount of support to both the toddler and the parent.


In conclusion, in the modern world baby carriers don’t just provide ease of carrying your baby or toddler from one place to another but ensure that your child is close to you and is gaining all your affection. Easily available on the market these carriers and wraps are not just trends but are in actuality useful products manufactured to provide parents with the best possible care for their everyday lives.