20 baby shower centerpieces that livens up the party

Decorate your baby shower party with these creative centerpieces

By Evelyn
20 baby shower centerpieces that livens up the party

Playing it safe with flowers

Planning and organizing a baby shower is a very nice thing to do, and we're sure you're going to enjoy it very much. It's a lot of work too, so we would like to help you with a little bit of inspiration.

Decorations in a baby shower are what sets the mood, an among those decorations are the centerpieces. The centerpieces are considered the most important part of a decoration, so you need to make it special, and be as creative as you like.

Keep reading because we'll talk about all kinds of centerpieces to liven up the party that you can buy or make yourself. 

1. Bold colour flower centerpiece

Image by Jonathan Fong

Flower arrangements have the power to transform a place. If you want your centerpieces to be cheerful and beautiful go with flowers. You can look at the millions of tutorials on how to make them or you can go to a flower shop and buy them. Either way, we're sure your guest will enjoy them.

You could choose to use flowers in bold colors like burnt orange, yellow and red, which are perfect for a fall or summer baby shower. 

2. Light and bright

Source: Pinterest

If your budget for centerpieces allows you to go nuts with the flowers, by all means, go ahead! But if it's not then don't worry, you can use your creativity to make a beautiful centerpiece. 

You can choose some really beautiful flowers in light and bright colors. The use of pastel colors is very popular today. You can arrange them in a bowl or a rectangular metal box, o in a wooden box. What better suits your theme. 

3. Adorable teacup flower centerpiece

Source: Pinterest

If you're planning to have the baby shower in a garden, why don't you make it a Garden Tea Party? And if the baby shower is to celebrate twins, your theme could be Tea Party for Two. Fancy, right? and then you can make or have made the most adorable teacup flower centerpieces.

You can even use antique cups where you can display delicate blossom, you can use them as a place setting or you can line them up down the length of each table. Or you can use them to decorate the gift table? Any way you decide to place them, we're sure they'll make an adorable statement.

4. Simple and cute bottle centerpiece

Source: Chris Nease, Celebrations at home

If your budget is really tight, don't worry. You don't have to have a flower centerpiece with lots of flowers, so use a single stem and be creative with it. Maybe add a fun element that's very popular with any baby shower, like a baby bottle. 

Use the bottle as the flower vase! They will fit perfectly with the theme and since the bottles are tall enough you can display a stem or two of Gerbera Daisies or any other pretty flower.

5. Go rustic


This rustic flower baby shower centerpiece is not only stunning, but it's also really easy to make. For it to look beautiful you need to pick pale color flowers. You'll need to find a rustic metal tin, either in a thrift shop or maybe you have one at home. 

Take up the space with mason jars

If you want to go super simple or give a rusty feeling, considered using mason jars for you baby shower centerpieces.

6. Candy crazy mason jar centerpiece


There are a lot of ways you can use a mason jar, you can make them casual and fun by tying a colorful ribbon around it and then fill it with candy, it would be the delight of grown-ups and kids.

Mason jars arrange this way can fill two purposes: during the baby shower you use them as decorations for each place setting and at the end, guests can take them home as party favors. 

7. Adorable elephant (or unicorn) mason jar centerpiece

Source: Pinterest

Mason jars can be used to make some adorable baby shower centerpieces. You can fill them up with stones so that you have a solid base where you can place any kind of adornment depending on the theme you choose and the baby's sex.

Use the image above for inspiration if the baby shower is for a baby boy. For a baby girl, you can use a unicorn and colors in pink tones. Or you can buy small stuffed animals like pandas (always adorable) glue them to a stick and place them atop the mason jar and you're all set.

8. Go casual or elegant with a mason jar

Source: cutest-baby-shower-ideas.com

If your planning on something casual, then using mason jars as vases for flower centerpieces is a great idea. You can go as simple as displaying a bouquet inside the jars, or you can dress them up a little. 

You can paint the inside of the mason jars with a color that will coordinate with the flowers and then add a fun and adorable element so they really stand.

9. Fairy tale mason jar

Aren't these the cutest mason jar centerpieces! Get battery operated fairy twinkle lights, put them inside the jar, put the lid on and voila! Perfect for an evening baby shower.

10. Whimsical mason jars

A simple and pretty gerbera daisy floating in a mason jar. Add a ribbon tied at the top and you have a simple but so perfect centerpiece.

Cute DIY ideas

You want your baby shower centerpieces to be adorable and cute, right? Well, cute doesn't necessarily come cheap. If you're about saving some money, how about making the centerpieces yourself? Sure there are a lot of experts out there that can help you and do a superb job, but why spend all that money if you can make them at home?

11. Jungle DIY

Source: Pinterest

For these cute animal DIY centerpieces, you'll need diapers, elastic bands, cute polka dot or simple ribbon and some animal figures.

These are perfect if you're having a jungle theme baby shower. Just group the diapers, secure them with the elastic band then tied them with the ribbon. Place the animal figure on top and add some kind of confetti. Super cute!

12. Rainbow boot centerpiece

Source: Catch my Party/Pinterest

Do you happen to have some rainbow boots that you're not using anymore? This DIY centerpiece is so appropriate for a "shower".smiley

And it's super easy, you'll need the boot, a bouquet of flowers in a color matching the boot, and if you want, a kind of sign with a catchy or adorable legend. And voila! 

13. Flower diaper DIY

Source: Pam Jones/Pinterest

As diapers are a popular item in a baby shower, you can make a diaper flower centerpiece, it is cute and really easy to make. You'll need diapers, fake flowers, a container to put the flower, some ribbon and of course hot glue to bring it all together.

We're sure it'll look adorable.

14. Elegant DIY centerpiece

Tepee Girl/Pinterest

If you want an elegant touch, you can try for this gorgeous and elegant rose centerpiece. It takes a lit bit of more work and time but I'm sure it'll look awesome. And don't worry, if you made it yourself it's not expensive.

Go to the craft store and get this: tree shape Styrofoam, some glue, ribbon and some kind of base (it can be made of plastic or glass), You also have to get some real or fake flowers in the color of your baby shower theme.

Glue the flowers to the tree shape, then glue them on the stand, make a bow with the ribbon and arrange it in the base. And there you have it! Elegant and easy.

15. Bottle Sprinkles DIY centerpiece

Source: Pinterest

For a light, fun and amazing DIY centerpiece go with bottle sprinkles. You'll need clear baby bottles, sprinkles, any kind of candy, a big lollipop, super glue, some ribbon, and duct tape. Easy and perfect.

Gender neutral colour themes

Some couples nowadays decide they don't want to find their baby's sex until he or she is born. There's an option to accommodate that decision: a gender neutral baby shower.

The most popular gender neutral colors are yellow and gray, green and white, red and blue, yellow and white o maybe just white.

So here are some centerpieces options using these color themes.

16. Twinkle, twinkle little star centerpiece

Kara's Party Ideas/Pinterest

The perfect example of a gender-neutral centerpiece. The silver shimmering stars will for sure add some twinkle to your baby shower.

17. What it'll bee centerpiece

Source: Pinterest

Bees are a popular theme for a gender-neutral baby shower. This bee pop centerpiece is super cute and look delicious too. 

18. Your are my sunshine centerpiece

Source: digsdigs.com

The combination of colors in this gender-neutral centerpiece is really something, and the phrases are lovely. If you're looking for a bold and simple centerpiece, this is the one.

19. Hunny Pots centerpieces

Gurleen Toor/Pinterest

A Winnie the Pooh theme is always adorable and on the spot for a gender-neutral baby shower. This Hunny pot centerpiece is just perfect. heart 

20. Cute button centerpiece

Source: digsdigs.com

Cute as a button! This gender-neutral centerpiece sure is, and kind of rusty too. 


There you have it ladies, all kinds of inspiration for that special baby shower your planning.

You can go to an expert and hire him or her to do the centerpieces, or you can roll up your sleeves and make them yourselves.

Either way, we're sure your baby shower will look amazing..