2018 best raincoats for toddlers which are adorable and cute

Singing in the rain with these adorable raincoats for toddlers

By Evelyn
2018 best raincoats for toddlers which are adorable and cute

Best All in One Raincoat for Girls

Depending on which State you live, you'll be in need of some sort of rain gear for your toddler. If you live in places where you have to weather a lot of storms then rain gear is a must. 

One of the most annoying weather conditions for us adults is rain, it could be frustrating, especially if you have a full day schedule and then it starts to rain, and not a light rain but a downpour. But for your kids, it could be just the opposite, most kids love rain because they love to play in the water.

So to make sure your kids enjoy this playtime and have the most fun, you have to get them a raincoat, it would be best if it is an all in one (also called rain suits or puddle suits). To be extra sure that she's not going to get wet you'll have to get her a pair of boots too. That sounds like a lot of fun, for a kid! 

1. Fleece Lined Shell Rain Suit


This rain suit by Polarn O. Pyret is a great choice for your girl. It has some special features: is durable, windproof and waterproof. It will be perfect for playing outside during a rainy afternoon or for going on family trips or for going to school.
It has a detachable fleece lining and taped seams, that's what makes it waterproof. Your girl can wear it all year round because of the detachable lining too. The rain suit also has elasticized waist and cuffs and to make sure the pants stay in place, it has replaceable elastic stirrups.

Maybe this all in one doesn't have a cute design but it super practical on its functionalities, it sure will keep your toddler girl dry so she can have lots of fun in the rain.

2. Explorer Waterproof All in One by Frugi

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This all in one by Frugi is perfect for your girl explorer. It will keep her warm and cozy during her rainy adventures on the outside. It's made from 100% post-consumer Recycled Polyester, the wadding is cozy and also recycled. It has a colorful design with a reflective piping, so she stands out.

To keep her legs and arms dry, the ankles and wrist are elasticized. For those windy days, it has a 3-piece hood also elasticized so it fits perfectly and allows for better visibility. To protect her from the cold this all in one has a storm placket with double fastening. It also has adjustable and detachable foot stirrups. 

Get your girl this all in one, it has it all!

3. Muddy Buddy by Tuffo

Muddy Buddy

This all in one Muddy Buddy by Tuffo is not much on design but it sure will cover your little girl and not just outside on a rainy day but on the inside too when she's embracing her inner artist.

It will keep her dry, clean and comfortable because the fit allows her to wear additional layers on colder days. The hood is elasticized and has a brim to shade the water. The wrist and ankles are elasticized too so when she wears the complete gear, with mittens and boots, the cuffs fit over them.

Sound like a good deal, right? Go get your girl a Muddy Buddy smiley 

4. Carter's Lightweight Fleece-Lined Unicorn Jacket

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If you prefer for your little girl a raincoat that's not an all in one, then this unicorn jacket will do the trick. The design is super cute with the allover unicorn print. She can play outside during a rainy day without you worrying she'll get wet because this unicorn jacket is waterproof.

The lining is full fleeced, it has a hood to protect the head and it closes in the front with a zipper so it's easy to put on.  

Just get her a pair of boots and she's set to go.

5. Catimini Girls Pink Hooded Raincoat

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This raincoat is very stylish, very cute (with its woodland print) and very practical too. Can you imagine your little girl in one of this? She'll look adorable and will be protected during a rainy day because it's made of soft and waterproof PCV. She'll keep warm too because of the fleece lining. 

The hood is cozy and it's detachable, it fastens with buttons so maybe you'll have to help her there. But once she's all bundle up she'll have a blast playing outside. 

Best All in One Raincoat for Boys

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

6. Dinosaur Print Pack Away Waterproof All-in-one

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Want your little boy to have fun outside playing on a rainy day? You have to get him this fun all in one with the Dinosaur Print. It'll keep him warm because it is designed to keep out wind and rain.

This all in one has many features the will guarantee to make your little one comfortable while having fun. Apart from being waterproof, it has 2 zippers for an easy dressing, it is fleece lined; to keep off the drips it has a peaked hood, the sleeves have mitten clips (nice) and it's roomy enough so your boy can wear clothes underneath.

7. Trespass Dripdrop Boys Waterproof Breathable Padded All in One Rain Suit

Trespass Dripdrop Boys Girls Waterproof Breathable Padded All in One Rain Suit: Sports & Outdoors

When your little boy is playing outside in rainy weather you want him to be snug as a bug, so he can have buckets of fun without getting wet or getting cold. You can achieve that with this all in one rain suit by Trespass, thanks to the Tres-tex design, it is waterproof, windproof and breathable. 

The design may not be the cutest but it sure will keep that rambunctious boy of yours dry and warm. 

8. Muddy Buddy Waterproof Coveralls

Muddy Buddy

This boy design Muddy Buddy Waterproof Coverall is a big hit among kids. Why? They have dual front zippers that make for quick changes on-the-go, the fit is generous which means he can wear an additional layer of clothing and he can move with easiness.

And it can be a great hit with you too because apart from keeping your little one warm and dry this all in one is pretty affordable.

9. Powell Craft Boys Ivory TRACTOR Raincoat

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Your little boy would look so cute in this tractor print raincoat, right? And it's so stylishwink It will keep him dry too because it has a shower resistant super-soft outer shell. Inside, for comfort, it's fully lined in soft toweling. Putting it on is easy too with the easy to snap poppers.

Your kid will definitely enjoy his playtime in the rain. 

10. Carter's Fleece-Lined Shark Rain Jacket

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A shark rain jacket for a little fun on a rainy day smiley You little boy will enjoy his time under the rain in this fun rain jacket. It is water resistant, has a full fleece lining, a funny hood with shark teeth; it closes with a zipper on the front and the cuffs are cinched.

A great and fun raincoat choice.

Cute Raincoats with Boots Set

1. Ballerina Rain Coat and Boots

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This cute raincoat and boots set are perfect for your little ballerina. She can perform her own dance recital outside on a rainy day. wink We're sure she'll get a standing ovation from her proud mama. 

The coat is made from premium quality PU, the nylon lining is comfy and lightweight in case she wants to wear it all year round. The boots are natural rubber, the lining is cotton and just to be on the safe side the soles are non-slippery.

2. Space Hero Rain Coat and Boots

Clothing, Rain Wear, Accessories for Kids, Toddlers, & Babies

Do you have a kid with a very active imagination? Well then this Space Hero Raincoat and Boots set is so right for him. He can go explore outside and stay dry through all his adventures. 

The raincoat is lightweight and is comfortable, they are made with premium PU. The boots have a non-slip sole and such a fun design. He'll have a blast!

3. Hatley Navy/Pink Multi Hearts Raincoat and Boots

Pottery Barn Kids

Who doesn't like hearts? They make you feel warm and loved. So this is the perfect set of raincoat and boots for your little girl. It's functional and stylish. It will keep your girl warm and dry while she's having fun in the rain. The outer shell is made of 100% polyurethane, it buttons up on the front

The boots will get her covered if she jumps on puddles because they have a durable construction. They are made from pure rubber and are easy to pull on and off thanks to the handles. The soft lining will keep her feet warm and dry.


We're sure that in between this choices you'll find the perfect raincoat for your little boy or girl. You have the all in ones or rain suits, the raincoats, the raincoats, and boots sets. All of these rain gear will keep your child dry, warm and will allow him to have lots of fun on those rainy days.