Understanding the various collagen benefits for skin

Where collagen are extracted from and its benefits for skin

By Sameet
Understanding the various collagen benefits for skin

Collagen from Fish

We wouldn't want to imagine our beautiful skin and hair without collagen, as this is the main ingredient
to our amazing body. It is the glue which holds together everything in place and the balance between our elastic and smooth skin. The overall healthy appearance, everything is perfectly maintained by collagen.

Have you ever heard about fish skin having anti-aging qualities and amazing healing abilities? Yes, you heard it right. Sounds shocking though but it's a wondrous thing by nature. So, what is the main factor by which we can benefit from the fish? Collagen of course. It is also an environmentally friendly aspect to use fish collagen, as we can get it from fish bones and scales.

Here's an overall view about the benefits we get from using fish collagen as a supplement:

1. Anti-aging

Almost all of our skin is made of collagen type I and this is the main component in fish collagen. You're getting right where this is going. Using this on a regular basis can maintain the absolutely natural and glowing look like you haven't aged a bit. 

This also serves to be protective to your skin because it maintains the whole structure of the skin and does not let it wrinkle or get damaged easily. 

2. Bone Repair

Fish collagen acts as an additional health agent in bone healing and repair. The damaged cells need a boost of collagen to build up the new bone, as bone is also a type of connective tissue.  Even in normal bones, collagen acts as a regenerator of healthy bone cells and helps to maintain high mineral content of the bone. This prevents different medical conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Strong boes are the essential aspect to a relaxed liefstyle.

3. Anti-bacterial

You can get great protection from dangerous bacteria like Staph aureus. This one bacteria has been a headache for the medical world since forever. Fish collagen has proven to be helpful in removing infections like these and increase immunity as well, so it may not affect any further.

4. Protein Increase

Collagen makes up body protein as well. Proteins are the most essential part of our body structure and beauty so why wouldn't an all natural product obtained from nature through fish, prove to be extremely beneficial?

Collagen from Plants

Plants have never been disappointing when it comes to health benefits. Plants are nature’s gift to us in many forms and shapes, if only one is eager enough to extract the goodies from them. One of these great benefits is the collagen obtained from them.

Many of the herbs have the ability to enhance our body’s collagen production. This further nourishes our skin, hair, nails etc. with protein and give a lively appearance overall. 

One major problem that the vegetarians face is to get a high protein and collagenous diet and still avoid meat and meat products. But no need to worry now, here you can take a look at this list which tells about different sources of collagen obtained from vegetarian food sources. And the components that made up collagen essentially. 

1. Proline

Amino acid makes about 23% of collagen and is a reliable source to keep up the collagen balance in the body.

The vegan sources for high proline content are:

Asparagus, beans, chives, peanuts, garbanzo beans, soy, cabbage etc.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is responsible for the production of collagen in our body, so it cannot be skipped in our diets at any cost. If levels of Vitamin C in our body fall, collagen production will also slow down and its balance will be disrupted.

The sources rich in Vitamin C are:

Citrus fruits, broccoli, kale, kiwi, mango, peppers etc.

3. Copper

Collagen has many types. The types I, II and V require amounts of Copper to maintain its integrity and fibril structure.

Vegan sources of copper for collagen are:
Sunflower seeds, mushrooms, lentils, apricots etc.

4. Zinc

Not an essential but a very co-factor in the production of collagen for us is Zinc. It can be obtained in diet rich in seeds, nuts and beans.

5. Lysine

This is an essential amino acid that needs to be acquired from the diet is necessary for the protection of already present collagen in our body. It has a great role in maintaining the bone mineral density through regulation of collagen.

Dietary products with Lysine are spirulina and brewer’s yeast.

Collagen from Beef

When comparing different sources of collagen, Beef collagen has been very popular in the stores as a supplement. The main concern of the people in getting collagen products is to get healthier and more nourished skin.  What they don’t know is that collagen, especially extracted from beef has several other benefits as well. 

Some of the amazing beef collagen are as follows:

1. Connective Tissue Repair

Beef collagen is very healing in nature and has the ability to reduce the cracking and fractures of bones, rupture of tendons and ligaments. Not only this, beef collagen has helped to speed up the healing process when such damage has been done.

2. Energy Source

Beef collagen is very nutritive in its quality, hence it can be used as an alternate source of energy. Without harming your muscle protein for this purpose. No need to be afraid to lose that precious bulk of muscle when you have bovine collagen by your side.

3. Quality Sleep

Does sound a bit odd but it’s true. Studies have shown that people who take collagen in their diets have better tolerance towards fatigue and have better sleep hours too. This is possible due to lots of Glycine in beef collagen.

4. Gut Health

The digestive ability of our stomach and overall gut can be improved by collagen. This is done by reduction in acid secretion by the stomach. Also, it works on the regeneration qualities of our smooth muscles. 

Benefits and side effects of consuming collagen

Collagen being already a part of our body has more advantages when consumed. But sometimes it may not suit some people like it may others. After all, we are all different.


Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent perks we can have by collagen consumption:

1. Anti-aging

This is one sure way of getting that glamorous glow for your skin. With age your skin get dry and wrinkly but when you add a little touch of collagen, the skin gets renewed and attains the previous intact and strong look. The collagen in our skin’s connective tissue holds all other proteins in place.

2. Body Building

All proteins are necessary when it comes to increasing muscle mass and toning your body. Similarly, collagen works its way to make the muscles bulkier and reduce the amount of fat in the body when in consumption.

3. Prevention of Cellulitis

While it being a natural process, the gross image of cellulite formation of the skin can be disturbing and it can be made better without any hassle by taking collagen as a supplement. It has great healing abilities and forms a better shape of the skin and underlying tissue.

4. Improved Digestion

Collagen helps to protect the lining of your gut wall. This helps to better secrete the enzymes for digestion and metabolism and also protects the intestines and stomach from invasive infections or drugs.

5. Cardiac Health

Collagen has been quite helpful in providing proper structure to the blood vessels of our body, so that the heart doesn’t get any sort of hindrance in its pumping mechanism. Also, it increases good cholesterol in the body. Both contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system.

Side Effects

Although collagen is pretty much safe as a supplement, still a few minor issues may occur.

1. Acidity

People who have a weak digestive tract might not be able to fully break down collagen by the stomach or other enzymes. This can cause a feeling of uneasiness and heartburn.

2. Allergies

People who are known to have allergies should avoid such supplements. Often collagen taken with the allergenic agent can cause reactions.

3. Bad Taste

Complaints about persistent bad taste in the mouth have been reported by some people. But this varies among different persons, some are tolerant towards, others not so much.


One might think thoroughly about consuming something that is already not a part of the body, but a natural ingredient of our own skin and tissues? No doubts there. This supplement helps build up your connective tissue by the already existing one. Collagen offers minimal side effects and is dominating with the amazing benefits. It only enhances your health and helps the body to become more strong and tolerant.