The 101 Guide to Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Protecting your Own Lashes after permanent Eyelash extensions

By eronsalexander
 The 101 Guide to Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Types of Permanent Eyelash extensions with before and after pictures


Are you nursing the idea of fixing eyelash extensions to improve the facial beauty of your face? You are not alone in your quest to improve the quality of your eyes as this has become the new norm among women. As other ladies continue to seek ingenious ways to improve their appearance, you shouldn’t be left behind in such noble pursuits. An eyelash extension is a semi-permanent single strand of a false eyelash that is attached to your natural eyelash to enhance the appearance of the lash both in length and thickness.

There are three types of eyelash extensions. Deciding on the one to go for should depend on a number of factors as you’ll see in this article. The three types of extensions are:

1.Synthetic Extensions


Synthetic extension lashes are the least natural looking of all three types. Synthetics are heavy and sheen rather than soft like mink extensions. They are like animal furs with a thick texture and are the least common because most people find them to be too heavy on their eyelids.

2.Silk Extensions


Although they are called silk, they are not produced with genuine silk. Silk extensions are lighter than synthetic extensions and are best for special occasions, not for everyday use.

3.Mink Extensions


Minks are the most popular of all three because they are lightweight and user-friendly. Manufacturers have found a way to provide women with beauty products without causing them discomfort of any kind. Mink extensions are made from Chinese and Siberian Minks that produce premium furs. If you have sensitive skin or eyelids or you are a newbie who’s never worn an extension before, you may want to start with mink extensions because they are lighter and natural looking.

Choosing the Right extension involves quite a number of things. To get it right, you need to know what will work for you and what will not. When looking for the right extensions to go for here are a few things to consider.

  • Your Eye Shape
  • Your Eye Size
  • Your Eyelids
  • The Orientation of your Eyes
  • Your Eye color
  • The quality of your natural lash
  • Your preference
  • Allergies and sensitivity you suffer from

All in all, consulting with your aesthetician will help you identify just the right extension for your eyelids.

Where to get Permanent Eyelash Extensions

If you’ve finally decided to get permanent eyelash extensions, it's always best not to rush the process but to take your time to choose a good saloon to visit. Not all salons fix eye extensions and as for the ones that do, not all of them maintain hygienic conditions in their salons. Using the services of a salon with the proper hygienic standards should be at the back of mind when selecting Salons close to you for extension fixing services. You should pay close attention to:


1. Hygienic Standards

Only subject yourself to eyelash fixing in salons that are neat and well ventilated

2. Tools and Materials

Before you let an eyelash technician work on your lids, be sure that the tools used are properly sterilized. You also need to enquire about the type of adhesives used on customers. The use of hazardous adhesive may cause eye irritation, natural eyelash breakage or something much worse.

3. Qualification of the Aesthetician

The dangers of subjecting yourself to the hands of an untrained technician are too numerous to mention. Make sure that the technician is trained and licensed by the relevant bodies.

Things to note regarding safety

A lot of dust can cause infection when fixing extensions, the wrong types of adhesives for gluing and removing extensions may cause allergic reactions in some users.

Also note, that some salons render this service at very cheap prices. Although you may wish to save some money in the process, you cannot afford to mortgage your safety just to save a few quid. When it comes to beauty products and your health, cheaper isn’t always better.

How to remove Permanent Eyelash extensions


Eyelash extensions can give your eyes and your entire face a remarkable change in appearance but they are an expensive habit to maintain. As lovely as they can be on you, after a few weeks you will need to take them off to replace them with new ones if you so wish. The best way to remove your eye extensions is to revisit the Salon where you had it done in the first place or to remove them yourself. Here are two steps you can take.

Step 1: Revisit your Eyelash Aesthetician

The Aesthetician who fixed your extension is a professional by training and is the best person to go back to for removal. Beauty professionals have the appropriate products and equipment to remove your extensions safely without doing any harm to your natural eyelash or eyelids. On average, this service may cost you between $25-$30.

Step 2: Remove them yourself using a DIY Removal Solution


Removing your eyelash extensions yourself should only be a measure of last resort if you cannot afford to visit a salon to have it removed. Having said that, you need to be very careful with the type of Removal product you use as not all removal adhesives are safe.  Only use standard products that have been authenticated by the FDA to protect yourself from suffering the aftereffects of wrong or substandard product usage.

How to remove your eyelash extensions using removal solutions

Items required

Gel/Liquid Removal, Under Eye pads, Disposable Micro brushes, Cotton Pads, Gentle eye makeup remover, Mascara Wand.

Process 1: Remove the Under-eye pads from the packaging

Eye pads are mostly in C shape. Place the sticky part of the pad on your skin above your cheekbone but close to your under eyelids. They are sticky but safe and will not remove your bottom lashes.

Process 2: Use the Removal Gel

Saturate two micropore brushes with the removal gel or liquid depending on the product type.

Process 3: Use the Micro brushes on your eyelash extension

Close your eyes tightly and run the brushes across the extension in a downward motion carefully. Brush the solution across the row of your lashes and try not to get the solution into your eye. If it gets into your eye, flush out with cold water immediately.

Process 4: Let the Gel work its magic

Leave the solution on your eyelash for about 3 minutes and do not open your eyes during this time so the solution doesn’t gain entry into your eyes. If you have someone else around, you can do both eyes at the same time otherwise, stick to one at a time.

Process 5: Use the Micro Brush again

After 3 minutes is up, use the micro brush again to brush down the lashes. At this point, you will begin to witness the eyelashes falling off.

Process 6: Use the Makeup Remover

With the extensions off, use your makeup remover by dousing it on a cotton pad. Wipe off whatever residue is left on your natural lashes and eyelids and you are done.

If you cannot afford removal solutions, you can also use other natural materials such as olive oil to remove your extensions. If you want to remove your extensions using olive oil, steam your face under a comfortable temperature so you don’t scald your skin. After steaming, rub off the extensions using a piece of towel doused in olive oil.

Is it Safe to DIY your own Eyelash Extensions?


This is a common question asked by ladies who want to be sure that they can do their eyelash extension removal themselves without causing any damage to their natural lashes or vision. While DIY products work quite well, it is only advisable to use them if you are unable to visit a salon for any reason. If you must use DIY beauty products, endeavor to only use quality products from licensed manufacturers. You may also go for products made from organic ingredients such as olive oils, that are mild on your skin and cause no irritation.

One risk many users of DIY products face is damaging their lashes during the removal process. Close supervision is always best if you are using removals at home as there will be someone close by when your eyes are closed.

Eyelash extensions improve our facial appearance in ways we would never imagine at first. Their natural look and light weight is what makes them even more comfortable and they can be worn for several weeks. Visiting a good salon with proper hygienic standards is advisable to avoid contracting infections when fixing extensions. The lash technician can also be re-visited to have it removed whenever you feel like it but if you must do the removal yourself, make sure you use a product of good quality that is safe and recommended by experts.