15 Cool and temporary children tattoos in 2019

Get these temporary children tattoos for your kid's party

By Aey
15 Cool and temporary children tattoos in 2019

Are temporary children tattoos safe?

There are two main types of temporary tattoos; decal tattoo and henna tattoos. Decal tattoo is an ink tattoo; an image is printed on a piece of paper that is water permeable. This type of tattoo is safe to apply and is nontoxic. It doesn’t cause any type of allergies or irritations and is easily removed by applying oil. Likewise, henna tattoos are also safe to use provided that there are no additional added chemicals in it.

Children tattoos for girls and boys

1. Butterfly tattoo

Most kids love butterfly tattoos as it has a range of different colors and it looks both beautiful and innovative. Usually girls like butterfly tattoos more than boys. Kids can add colors in this tattoo according to their own taste. Moreover, the little details like the wings and the antenna add a creative touch. This is also one of the most popular and favorite tattoos for not only kids but adults as well.

2. Winnie the Pooh tattoo

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Winnie the Pooh is one of the favorite cartoon characters for both young girls as well as boys. The cartoon character reflects harmony and friendship and most kids love the character of Winnie and his best friend Piglet. Winnie is a cute, cuddly bear and kids love him. This tattoo is also popular because he is a happy bear and is still extremely popular in kids today. Some common tattoos are Winnie hugging Piglet, or Winnie eating honey from his jar.

3. Hearts tattoos

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Heart tattoos are easy to make but are nonetheless cute. They can be crafted into 3D tattoos as well to attract the kids. However, heart tattoos are less popular than any cartoon character tattoos because kids might feel that this tattoo isn’t unique enough. However, there could be many variations with the heart tattoos. You can use glitter or double shades to make it more appealing for the kids.

4. Hello kitty tattoo

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Hello Kitty is a fictional character created by one of the Japanese companies in the 1970s but over time it has gained immense popularity especially among the kids. Hello, kitty is a cute little bobtail kitten and wears a pink bow; it is more common in girls than in boys. It is not only common in kids but grown-up women are also obsessed with the hello kitty tattoo. An example of older women being obsessed with this tattoo is the American singer, Katy Perry who also got a hello kitty tattoo recently.

5. Tweety bird tattoo

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Tweety Bird Temporaray Tattoo by TattooFun

Tweety bird is a cute yellow colored bird which originally originated from the Looney Tunes cartoon series. It is also a popular tattoo among kids both girls and boys. It is also more common in girl kids as compared to the boys. However, one drawback is that kids cannot be very innovative with the colors and details of this tattoo.

6. Bugs Bunny Tattoo

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Bugs Bunny is another famous Looney Toones character which is loved by the kids. Its chirpy nature and its obsession with rabbits make all the kids a huge fan of this character. Bugs Bunny is popular among both girls as well as boys.

7. Mickey Mouse Tattoo

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Mickey Mouse is a famous Disney character and is immensely popular among kids even today. Mickey Mouse tattoo is usually inked with the black outline. You can either just get a tattoo of its face or otherwise, the entire character can also be tattooed. Mickey Mouse is a male character hence it is more popular with boys.

8. Minnie Mouse Tattoo

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Minnie mouse is the female character and is also Mickey Mouse’s partner. Minnie mouse is more popular in girls. It wears a pink boy and a beautiful red dress which kids love. Usually, Mickey and Minnie's mouse are tattooed together.

9. Superman Tattoo

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Superman is a fictional character and a superhero created in the early 20th century. It is still a very popular superhero, especially in boys. Every young boy looks up to Superman as his own hero. This is a fairly popular tattoo in boy kids as girls are usually not too intrigued by superheroes. Superman wears a red and blue dress and kids love to get it tattooed on their skin.

10. Unicorn Tattoo

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Unicorn tattoos are one of the latest trends in 2019. In fact, unicorns are also used in nail arts due to its increasing popularity. You can be as colorful and fun with these tattoos as you want to be. Unicorns are associated with stories of magic and glory and it takes the child in his own world of imagination and magic due to which these tattoos are popular in kids.

11. Cars tattoo

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Boys of all ages are obsessed with cars. From a very young age, boys love all kinds of car toys and drawings and tattoos. Car tattoos are more popular in boys than in girls. They love to make their cars colorful and fast and this is one never-ending the trend. Car tattoos and coloring books can never be out of fashion.

12. Star tattoos

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The easiest and the coolest tattoos are the star tattoos. One of the very first things a kid learns to draw in his art class is a star. Star tattoos are popular among both girls and boys and a star is also considered to be a sign of appreciation. At a young age, when a teacher gave us a star on our hand for our homework, it would make our day.

13. Ariel Tattoo

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Ariel is a leading character in the fairytale, little mermaid. It is a cute little girl portrayed as an aquatic creature and is very popular among young girls. Her beautiful red hair and green tail make her beautiful and loveable among little girls. An Ariel tattoo depicts a kind, cheerful and carefree nature.

14. Flower tattoo

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Flower tattoos are comparatively less popular in kids especially boys but girls are always attracted to beautiful and colorful flowers. Young girls also get flower tattoos by henna. Various types of flowers can be applied as tattoos such as roses, lilies, tulips etc. Flower tattoos are also paired with butterfly tattoos to make it look more colorful.

15. Name tattoos

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Not only kids but adults love name tattoos as well. Kids find it extremely intriguing have their names tattooed on their skins. Name tattoos are popular in both young girls and boys. You can make these tattoos as innovative and as colorful as you want. Name tattoos are mostly in beautifully calligraphy form and look pretty appealing when applied.

How to DIY temporary children tattoos

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Children tattoos can easily be crafted at home using simple household products. Use an eyeliner pencil to draw the outline. Practice your design on a piece of paper first before drawing it on the hand. After you draw the outline, you can use different colors of eyeliners or color markers to fill in the color. Another way to make a tattoo is by using a stencil. Cut out a stencil of your choice and color it using permanent markers than apply it against the skin to get a beautiful tattoo.

How to do tattoo removal on temporary children tattoos

You can remove a temporary tattoo in the following ways:

  • Use baby lotion and rub it on the tattoo
  • Use a hand wash or soap to remove it
  • You can use alcohol swabs to remove a temporary tattoo
  • Take a small amount of olive oil and rub it on the tattoo

What is child ID tattoo

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Child ID tattoos are customized tattoos designed for the safety of the child. These tattoos are applied to the child's hand so that he can be easily traced if lost. This type of tattoo usually mentions the names and contacts details of the parents. Parents or teachers usually draw iD tattoos on children when they are sent on picnics or school trips etc. to ensure their safety.


Temporary tattoos are harmless and could be drawn on kids on occasion. Most kids are attracted to these tattoos and love seeing colorful creatures made on their hands and face. However, care should always be taken as some kids might have extra sensitive skin and even harmless pens or markers should also be avoided. Like everything, tattoos has its pros and cons as well but mostly these tattoos are totally safe and fun.