Tips and tricks to using blush and bronzers for face

Blushes and bronzers can be used creatively and here's how

By Chelsea Lane
Tips and tricks to using blush and bronzers for face

Tips and tricks on using blush and bronzers

Blushes and bronzers have their own respective usages and functions, but they can be multi-purpose products too.

Here are some creative ways on how to use bronzers and blushes:

Creative ways to use Bronzer and Blusher

1. Apply to the crease of your eyes

One way to use your bronzer is to use your matte bronzer and apply it in the crease of your eyes. This will give off a natural glow.

2. Use a bronzer as a makeup eraser

Your bronzer can be used as an eraser or corrector. If you’ve applied your concealer under your eyes and it turns out to be too bright, you don’t need to wipe out your concealer. All you have to do is dust a warm-toned bronzer directly on your under-eye then blend it well with the rest of your makeup.

3. Full body bronzer application

A bronzer is usually used for your face. However, if you want to look photo-ready from head to toe, you can also apply your bronzer on your arms and legs. This will help you achieve a more natural tanned look since your skin tone from head to toe will be even. The least you would want to see are photos of you with a tanned face but pale-colored body.

4. Accentuate your cheekbones

To accentuate your cheekbones, mix both blush and bronzer together. Apply the bronzer first followed by the blush, then blend them using a brush to achieve a gradient look.

5. Lower hairline

If you want to have a lower hairline, use a blush to create an illusion of a lower hairline.

6. Get a sun-kissed glow

When you want to achieve a sun-kissed glow for a certain event or even for your daily look, bronzer is the answer. The main tip you have to remember when using a bronzer is to not use it all over your face.

The second tip is to remember the rule of 3. You can apply the bronzer in the shape of 3 both on your left and right side of the face. You can draw the 3 along the forehead, cheekbone, and jawline.

The third tip is to apply the bronzer at your hairline from the temples then sweep it around the forehead. From the hairline, you can work your way to your cheekbones.

The fourth tip is to dust the bronzer on the higher planes of your face focusing on those parts which are usually hit by the sun such as your nose, forehead, and cheeks. This is another way for you to get that natural glow, plus there is no need to apply the bronzer with a brush. It is very easy to do.

7. User bronzer with cream formula

Have you tried using a bronzer with a cream formula? Cream-type bronzers are better when it is in pen form because it is easier to control in terms of application, not to mention it is more precise.

8. Tricks to get the right blush

As to blushes, the key is to select the correct tone of the blush to match your skin. Use a rosy or coral tone to sport a youthful natural glow. Another tip to pick the right shade of the blush is to note that the blush should only be a few shades darker than your skin tone for easy blending.

As to the application, the trick there is to be familiar with the shape of your face. If your face is heart-shaped, apply your blush from your temple to your cheekbones creating a “c”.

If your face is round, do not apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks. Instead, apply it underneath your cheekbones while sucking in your cheeks in order to add more definition. If you have a square jawline, apply the blush in a circular motion directly on the apple of your cheeks. By doing this, you can create an illusion of softening your jawline and highlighting the round parts of your face.

For oily skin

If your skin is oily, stay clear of creamy and sparkly type bronzers and blushes. Those types will only make your skin look oilier and shinier than ever. Instead, pick a powder, liquid, or gel-type bronzer. Same goes with blushes. Those are the most ideal types for oily-skinned makeup lovers as it gets absorbed and settled in on the skin without making your skin oily.   


Take note that if you use the powder-type, use a medium-sized fluffy but firm brush. It will help you control the strokes and the color. Make sure to use a loose powder then apply the powder blush after. This will make the color last longer.


For liquid or gel-type, it is better to use your fingertips to blend it well. Make sure to blend it as quickly as you can since these types of bronzers and blushes dry up real fast.

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For dry skin

For those with dry skin, it is best to use a cream bronzer or blush. The cream formula helps moisturize your skin. It doesn’t hurt that it has a higher color pay-off than powder blushes. That being said, always start with a small amount and gradually build up the color by using a stippling brush.


If you don’t have one or don’t have the luxury of time to use a brush, you can always use your clean fingers to pat and blend.


Add more bronzer or blush as needed, but you have to remember not to put too much because it is more difficult and troublesome to correct it. You might have to remove your makeup and start all over again if it is a bit too much.


Using your fingers is a more convenient way and is easier to control than using a brush. This will also help set the blush or the bronzer. For those of you who really want to have that sun-kissed glow effect, apply shimmery bronzers and sparkly blushes and achieve that look with an illuminating skin.

For sensitive skin

When you have sensitive skin, you have to be careful as to what products you put on your face. Be aware of the composition of the makeup products you buy. Be sure to do a patch test on a small part of your body before applying it on a large area at least 24 hours before applying it fully on your face.


Another thing you need to look out for is the tan tone. It does not mean that you cannot use bronzers, but you just have to stick to light or medium tan tones. This is because the darker the tan tone, the higher its percentage composition of DHA, a chemical used in self-tanning products.

Knowing that you have sensitive skin, you have to stay away from products with a lot of chemicals because they can possibly cause irritation to your skin. Just like DHA, this is a chemical which you should first test out before applying onto your skin just to make sure it will not have any adverse reaction.

As an additional tip, get an ice cube and apply it on your face. Run it all over your face, especially on areas where you have large open pores. Doing this will help close your pores before applying the bronzer. This process can prevent the tanner from blocking your pores and eventually prevent your skin from breaking out. Thereafter, apply blush with hypoallergenic, natural ingredients sparingly to bring out the rosy glow without irritating your skin.


For sensitive skin, you should consider wash-off tanning products. Just like how you need to remove your makeup every night, using a wash-off tanning product can ensure you have clean skin before going to bed and get rid of chemicals before going to bed.

For dark skin

Some say bronzers don’t work on already dark skin, but that is where most people get it wrong. If any, dark skin complements well with a bronzer if you know how to apply it well in your favor. If you have dark skin, all you need to remember is to be careful in terms of its application because it might look more like you’ve just contoured instead of having that natural glow.


Using a bronzer on dark skin accentuates your features. In picking which type of bronzer, never pick the matte finish one and instead choose a shimmery bronzer.


As for the shade, it all depends on what you’re aiming for. If you’re aiming for a more glowing and healthier-looking skin, then pick gold or copper tones. These shades will mesh well with your skin. On a side note, the larger the shimmer particles, the more glowing effect it can provide for your skin. Also, be careful in picking the shade of your bronzer because it might make your skin look ashy.


If you want to look more natural and just want a subtle glow or a hint of shine, then use loose or soft powder with smaller shimmer particles as blus, or apply a cream bronzer instead.

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When it comes to bronzers and blushes, take note of its functions. Bronzers give you that sun-kissed tan or glow, and the blushes can brighten up your skin. Don’t waste your money on useless makeup products. Know your skin type and your skin tone well before buying bronzers and blushes.


In terms of application, be sure to stay true to your face shape and follow the tips mentioned above.


Before leaving your room, make sure to check yourself in the mirror with natural lighting. Make sure the bronzer doesn’t look too dark on you. If it does look too dark on you, use a clean powder brush to blend the excess product. Check for any hard edges. If there are, use a slightly damp sponge to blend the hard edges.


A final note: when it comes to bronzers and blushes, little is always more. Don’t overdo your makeup as it loses its purpose.