Top 15 korean skin care products everyone is crazy about

Try these korean skin care products that are hot in the market

By Rebecca jones
Top 15 korean skin care products everyone is crazy about

I have always been interested in trying new skin care products and makeup lines that are healthy and chemical free and researching about all the skin care products that are readily available in other countries like Korean and Japan.

The Korean beauty products have been making a lot of waves online and trending all over places. One of the measure reasons why these beauty products have gained a lot of popularity is because of Korea’s priority in making and ensuring all skin care products are made from natural ingredients. Not long ago, not many industries have priorities on organic and toxic-free products.

Overall if you are someone who is into trying new things and natural ingredients like goat milk, salmon oil, snail goo and so much more to get the skin tone of your dreams, it the perfect time to dive into the popular Korean skin care products that are wildly trending online. Even though it’s called Korean skin products, this beauty products are readily available and just an hour away from being shipped to your door step. The major problem we encounter finding a skin care product is one that truly compliments our skin.

The following are a few of the most brilliant picks that people with oily skin can’t seem to get enough of.

Korean skin care for oily skin

Having skin that is naturally oily can be a little challenging and may require a lot of attention and care. Every skin tone reacts to creams and skin care products differently, and oily skin will produce body oil and fluid compare to any other average skin that’s why moisturizing and staying clean and free of chemicals is important. Speaking of moisturizing, let’s take a look at some Korean skin care products that are beneficial for oily skin:

1. Nature republic soothing and moisture Aloe Vera

Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 9

Moisturizing your skin daily or at least thrice a week can help immensely towards eliminating dirt skin and toxins, making it necessary especially for folks with oily skin. Without it, your face might actually produce more oil to compensate. This Natural Republic aloe vera gel uses mostly aloe vera gel to soothe skin and provide tons of vitamins, and reviewers are saying it’s the absolute best for oily skin. It also keeps you cool, which decreases sebum production.

2. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask : Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, 3.38 Ounce : Facial Masks : Beauty

This Innisfree super volcanic uses volcanic clay to soak up any excess oil right out from your pores. It’s also great for exfoliation, clearing up blemishes, and getting rid of blackheads, this volcanic clay mask is definitely the best in the market when it comes to oily skin.

3. Get Rid Of Blackheads And T-Zone Oil

Get Rid Of Blackheads And T-Zone Oil

The egg pore nose pack strips is a hi-tech formula made with eggshell powder and charcoal to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads easily. Use up to twice a week, it sure reduces oil on the skin. Even though it’s gentle, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and clean, and that’s why it has become a staple pore strip for tons of people.

Korean skin care for sensitive skin

Sometimes I feel like people use the term "my skin is sensitive" almost all the time to feel a little high maintenance. Some skin gets insanely dry or starts to break out especially in the winter, at least mine. I always like to opt for gentle oils and hydrating alcohol-free toners. It's very common for those with sensitive skin to have an allergic reaction to specific botanical extracts, so it's best to search for hypoallergenic ingredients with calming effects.

There are a lot of Korean skin care products out there that those wonders to the skin, and I am glad to share the list with you below:

4. The Face Shop Foaming Facial Cleanser for Daily Face Washing

The Face Shop Foaming Facial Cleanser for Daily Face Washing, Rice Water Bright Cleansing

Rice water is a great combination of cleansing and drying, which is why this product is an awesome wash for sensitive skin. Rice water those wonders on skin, it acts like antioxidants and nourishes with vitamins and amino acids, brightens and evens skin tone, and creates a soft, creamy lather that leaves your face feeling clean and fresh.

5. Neogen Real Fresh Foam, Green Tea

Neogen Real Fresh Foam, Green Tea

The star ingredient in this face wash is fermented green tea extract, which brightens, calms, and hydrates skin. The gentle foam effectively removes impurities such as sweat and dirt from the skin without stripping your skin's natural oils. It is lightweight and hydrating.

6. Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

The Klairs supple preparation facial toner is an incredibly hydrating and gentle toner that's formulated without alcohol or parabens. The amino acids in this toner help to strengthen your skin's protective barrier, and it does a fantastic job of balancing your skin's pH after cleansing without using harsh, drying, or irritating ingredients. The watery gel-like consistency allows for easy absorption.

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Korean skin care for acne scars

Acne scars can be devastating for individuals if not treated effectively. It can give your skin a dull look and affect your confidence. Korean Natural skin care products are known for its remarkable healing and good results.

Below is a list of some of our favorite Korean skin care products for individuals with acne:

7. KLAIRS Midnight Blue Calming Cream

Klairs midnight blue calming cream

This cream is known for soothing and calming redness caused by pimples and acne. It is a cream that helps calm & strengthen barriers in extreme skin with acne, It works rapidly to soothe and regulate irritated (by heat or sebum), stressed skin. It is made from centella asiatica extract, also known as ‘tiger grass’ and is often used in cosmetics to help regeneration in damaged skin and prevents scarring. Apply a small, adequate amount to target areas( redness, irritated, swollen, sun burn areas) and watch as it magically heal your skin.

8. Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask

Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask

COSRX is known for its gentle formulas with short ingredient lists and limited additives. Make this as the last step of your daily skin care routine for several nights a week and wake up to more hydrated, glowing and acne free skin. The rich formula forms an invisible barrier on the skin that protects you from becoming dry overnight and protects your skin from breaking, and get the most out of your glowing skin.

9. [KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop,

Klairs freshly juiced vitamin drop

Vitamin C serum is an effective way of fading sunspots and post-acne marks. The serum contains a 5 percent concentration of stabilized Vitamin C, that won't break down quickly, and a blend of natural oils that make skin look ultra glowy. And, if you're looking to brighten hyperpigmentation, this serum is as gentle as they come, helps in eliminating acne and dull skin.

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Korean skin care for combination skin

I know the word “ combination skin” can be a little unsettling, at first with some areas of your skin dry and oilier in others. It isn’t a fun way to live, and having combination skin makes choosing skin care products extremely difficult. Before we move forward towards discussing these type of skin condition, how do you, first of all, identify you have combination skin? Well, the answer is when only parts of your body are oily or dry compared to the rest.

This skin type is a result of a variety of issues such as simply having more active oil glands on certain parts of your face but more often than not, it’s just genetic. So while you can’t completely “cure” combination skin, you can choose the right products that will help balance it out. Try out this Korean skin care products to regulate and manage your combinations skin:

10. Hemish-All clean balm : Heimish All Clean Balm (Cleansing Balm 120ml) : Beauty

The Hemish all clean balm is formulated with Shea butter to moisturize the skin and improve skin elasticity. The citrus herb oil for relaxation and calming effects. The product is free of artificial fragrances and any artificial colorant, so it is great for all skin types including sensitive and combination types.

11. Beauty water

Beauty Water - Son & Park | Sephora

Son & park beauty water is a multi-tasking toner and cleansing water that creates a clean base for the next steps in your skincare or makeup routine. It isn’t just a cleanser but also an exfoliator with papaya extract to help clean and sweep away dead skin. 

12. Missha Time revolution

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence | Soko Glam

The highly concentrated essence contains over 90% fermented yeast extract from the Himalayan purple barley to reduce pigmentations, plump skin and refine its texture. The ion fermentation also allows rapid absorption of moisture deep into the skin, ensuring that your skin retains moisture longer while restoring its elasticity.

Korean skin care with retinol

Let’s be honest, you’ve heard of retinol but you probably don’t know it’s use and importance in the skin care products right? Well we are here to help you on that. retinol is an acne-fighting to skin-brightening to anti-aging agent in creams. retinol is the metaphorical A-lister of the beauty world. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative which works to decrease oil production, promote cellular turnover, and increase collagen synthesis.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the Korean skin care products with retinol:

13. Pore N Tightening Essence

Pore N Tightening Essence

This fast-absorbing essence takes a 360-degree approach to perfecting pores by controlling sebum, hydrating, boosting collagen and improving skin elasticity. Then for moisturizing, brightening, and anti-aging benefits, the formula features adenosine, polyphenols and a V7 Complex made from a combination of powerful vitamins including retinol (vitamin A), niacinamide (vitamin B3), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and vitamin E. Keeps your skin radiantly clean and glowing.

14. Ellensilia


This restorative cream heals skin damage with 80% snail filtrate, brightens and treats dark spots and hyperpigmentation with arbutin, and nourishes and protects skin with botanical extracts. All that, and it’s got a lightweight, silky texture.

15. Neogen dermalogy real ferment micro serum

NEOGEN Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Serum – Soko Glam

Neogen dermalogy has formula that includes 61% fermented ingredients, this gel-like serum instantly absorbs into skin and infuses it with elasticity-improving bifida ferment lysate and saccharomyces ferment filtrate. The addition of betula alba juice provides antioxidant benefits while rice ferment filtrate brightens complexion and balances oil production.

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Even though Korean skin products are currently on trend and making a lot of buzz online, it’s always important to know and be informed on the right ingredients that works best for you. Natural ingredients are great, but some times individuals reacts to things differently. If you notice any changes or difference on your skin or have certain allergic reactions to them, always inform a doctor or consult a dermatologist. Health is wealth and it shouldn’t be compromised.