Millenials Most Favorite Waterproof Lipstick of the Year

Find out which are the best coveted waterproof lipstick of 2019

By Aey
Millenials Most Favorite Waterproof Lipstick of the Year

Lipsticks are one of the most essential makeup products and are used by all ages of women throughout the world. All renowned cosmetics brands introduce new shades and types of lipsticks each year attracting their customers. There are many different types of lipsticks, some of which are matte, cream, glossy, satin and sheer lipsticks. All these types of lipsticks vary according to the choice and demand of the customers as well as the complexion, lips type and pocket range of the customer.

Furthermore, with different seasons comes different hassles, hence the weather and the season will affect your makeup choices significantly. In summers, there is an increase in humidity which results in more sweat which results in your makeup being washed away. Although there have been significant waterproof eyeliners and mascaras, when it comes to lipstick, the choices aren't that much. However, in 2018, many cosmetic brands introduced waterproof lipsticks as it was highly in demand.

In this article, we will discuss various waterproof lipsticks and their benefits.

What are Waterproof Lipsticks?

A waterproof lipstick can resist water and it stays longer than any other lipstick. Most matte lipsticks are waterproof and can stay for over 10 hours or longer. These lipsticks are perfect when you have long hours to before a party. You do not need to worry about retouch ups or reapplying your lipstick every few hours if you are wearing a waterproof lipstick.

1. Magnetic Matte Lip Color by Nudestix



This is a long-lasting waterproof lipstick, which is definitely one of the most popular waterproof lipsticks of the season. It is a multipurpose three in one lipstick that applies easily and works both as a lipstick and a lip liner. Nudestix always comes with a challenge to its competitors and these lipsticks have only increased its name in the market. Moreover, it is extremely light wear just like any liquid lipstick and comes in around 9 to 10 different shades. It has also been considered as a kiss-proof lipstick. This classic Nudestix lipstick costs $24.

2. Matte Lip Whip by Beauty Bakerie


Matte Liquid Lipstick | No Smudge | Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips

This popular lipstick from the Beauty Bakerie is smudge proof as well as waterproof. It is a long lasting lipstick. The matte lip whip by Beauty Bakerie comes in over 20 different shades. These gorgeous lipsticks have all day coverage and these are extremely easy to apply. These are liquid lipsticks that later dry to a beautiful matte. The matte lip whip by Beauty Bakerie is both cruelty and parable free. Each beautiful shade costs $20.

3. Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick


Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

This popular lipstick by urban decay is a waterproof lipstick that gives a perfect silky finish. It gives a definite shape to the lips and s extremely light wear. It is a long lasting liquid lipstick and comes in a range of beautiful shades of pinks and bright colors. Currently this lipstick is on sale and is the original price of $18 has reduced to $9.

4. Makeup forever aqua rouge waterproof liquid lip color


Makeup forever aqua rouge waterproof liquid lip color

This makeup forever waterproof lip color is a go to for every makeup artist. It has a smooth texture and is highly pigmented. This lipstick is available in 12 different shades. It has a transparent texture which gives it a beautiful shinny finish. The aqua rouge lipstick is a long lasting lipstick and is extremely comfortable to wear. It costs around $32.

5. Matte Creme Lip Crayon by Sephora


Matte Crème Lip Crayon - Bite Beauty | Sephora

Sephora is one of the most renowned and popular makeup brands today. This beautiful lip crayon is a long wearing and a waterproof lipstick. This is a matte lipstick and is extremely comfortable and easy to wear and have a perfect matte finish. Your lips will feel hydrated after applying this lip crayon by Sephora. Furthermore, it is a high pigmented lipstick which makes your lips look smooth as well as nourished. It comes in around 23 different shades and costs $24 each.

6. Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick


Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick | NYX Professional Makeup

This gorgeous liquid lipstick from Nyx is a drugstore favorite and is extremely affordable. It has a smooth matte finish and lasts for the entire day. It comes in 12 different shades ranging from nudes to bright shades of red and pink. Furthermore, it has a beautiful velvet soft texture.

7. Covergirl Outlast Long Wear Lipstick Magnetic Mauve

Source: : COVERGIRL Outlast Longwear Lipstick Magnetic Mauve 945, .12 oz : Beauty

This moisture-rich lipstick by Covergirl is a popular waterproof lipstick. It comes in many different shades ranging from nudes to bright pinks. It prevents your lips from drying and looking flaky and can last all day long. It even prevents your lips from cracking as it has been infused with essential oils.

8. Nyx Full Throttle Lipstick


Full Throttle Lipstick | NYX Professional Makeup

This popular lipstick by NYX comes in eight different colors. This waterproof lipstick by NYX is another popular drugstore lipstick which is not only extremely economical and last minute fixes for the makeup artists. This gorgeous lipstick has a matte finish. As this waterproof and long-lasting lipstick costs only $4, you can easily shop away all the different shades available.

Top 3 Best Remover For Waterproof Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are waterproof and long lasting hence they do not come off easily. There are many simple cosmetic products which help in removing waterproof lipsticks such as Vaseline, olive oil or a lip balm. However, the following few cosmetic products are considered to be the best removers for waterproof lipsticks:

1. Sephora Collection Ultimate oil-in-gel lipstick remover

Source: : SEPHORA COLLECTION Ultimate oil-in -gel Lipstick Remover 15ml/0.5oz : Beauty

This classic lipstick remover oil from Sephora is perfect for completely wiping off your matte lipstick. It is easily applied on the lips and wiped off.  The oil in gel prevents your lips from drying out. It costs around $13 and is available on all Sephora outlets.

2. NYX cosmetics be gone! Lip Color Remover


Be Gone! Lip Color Remover | NYX Professional Makeup

This is a popular drugstore option and is a great lipstick remover. It is easily accessible and economical as well. It costs around $7.

3. Make Twilight Lip Oil Remover


Twilight Lip Oil | Remover | MAKE Beauty

This is a great and recommended product for removing waterproof lipsticks, especially matte lipsticks. This product is safe to use in case you have sensitive skin. This oil remover helps removes even the darkest of lipsticks with only one quick swipe. It costs around $12.

How To Remove Waterproof Lipsticks Totally

As discussed above, waterproof lipsticks are hard to remove. Rubbing your lips with makeup remover might not remove the entire lipstick and even if it does, rubbing the lips too much will make your lips too dry and chapped. One of the easiest and also the most popular hacks for removing waterproof lipsticks, in case you don’t have a good remover, is using Vaseline or petroleum jelly.

Apply a tiny portion of petroleum jelly on your lips using your fingertips and leave it on for a few minutes. Take a warm piece of cloth and wipe your lips gently in circular motion. Make sure you are rubbing your lips too hard. Wash the piece of cloth and repeat the process until the entire lip color comes off. After the lipstick is completely removed, apply a moisturizer or lip balm on the lips to prevent the lips from drying out.

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Lipstick is one of the most essential makeup product and every girl loves having a handy collection of lipsticks. It is also considered to be the last minute go-to product. When you are running late for work or even for a girl’s night out and have no time for proper makeup, you can always apply a bright color of lipstick and you are set to go. It also helps in hiding dark lips and boosts your confidence in general.

While matte lipsticks are perfect if you want to have a bright yet non-shiny look, a creamy lipstick will make your lips look glossy but it would not be glittery or shimmery. Almost all popular cosmetic brands have come up with a huge range of Lipsticks or all types. However, in 2019, waterproof lipsticks became a popular trend especially in the millennial group because it saves you the hassle of retouch ups and also makes your lip smooth and perfect. As discussed above, you do not need to worry about the fact that you will eat away your lipstick as waterproof lipsticks can last for over 10 to 12 hours.