20 favorite tinder openers to initiate that first chat

Popular Tinder openers that actually work the first time

By Kimmy
20 favorite tinder openers to initiate that first chat

What are Tinder openers

You've got to have heard of Tinder at this point even if you've never tried it. It's literally the world's most famous dating app! An estimate of 50 million people uses Tinder every month. Imagine all the dates and competition you will have.

A good Tinder opener is like the best conservation starter that anyone can have to impress their date first try! Tinder is the best chance for most to enjoy their love life because it's the most-used dating app. But that also means competition. You need to know how to stand out from the other 50 million people out there. You usually only get one chance. If you don't open it with a good line, you may never hear from your match again.

Some people come up with the funniest Tinder openers just to be funny, while some write the nicest, warmest, heartfelt thing they want to say to the girl they're attracted to. Whichever type you're, we've got something for you! Read these Tinder openers and try them on your next match and see what happens!

Best Tinder Openers

Something simple and easy, not too much fuss but definitely will get you the result to make the other person interested and want to stay in touch with you!

1. Compliment their interests, not their face

Instead of telling them they look gorgeous, compliment them on their skills. If they put up a photo of them cooking or riding a horse, start by saying how great the dish looks or how much you wish you'd also learned how to ride horses as a kid!

These openers are great because it shows that you're not just there for their looks and that you genuinely want to get to know them as a person. That already adds a lot of points to you.

2. Ask them a personal question

We don't usually trust strangers but for some reason, we also feel more comfortable opening up to strangers sometimes. And the best part, people normally wouldn't ignore a question! Ask them a question about their life, dream or their secret! Don't be afraid that you would seem too direct. Many feel very comfortable sharing secrets with someone, thinking that they'll either never meet again or become best friends!

3. You're different than most other people on Tinder because...

Everyone wants to know that they have something different and better than the rest. Look for the best quality in them and tell them what makes them special!

4. Send her a gif that best describes her bio

Gifs are so popular these days. You can explain so much more with them. A gif sometimes is better than words. Start with a gif that best describes what you can tell from her bio and if she asks why would you send that gif, time to make a nice joke!

5. Send her your favourite song

Music connects people. Share with the person your favorite song and ask for their opinion. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind Tinder opener that will make you stand out from the sea of Tinder users!

Funny Tinder Openers

You may be the class clown and have always been funny. No need to hide it, especially on Tinder, bring out that funny side of yours and start the conversation with the funniest jokes ever!

6. Stop looking! You've found what you're looking for!

Being confident is always the key to get someone else to like you. You can't be liked by someone else if you don't even like yourself. Even if the other person only laughs at it, you can always tell why you're the one they're looking for. Tell your best quality in a funny manner. Remember, you're not trying to give a lecture on Tinder. You're just here to have fun like everyone else.

7. You seem to like your pet a lot. I wish you could pet me like that too

Best and cute Tinder opener for any animal lover. If he/she has a lot of pictures with animals on Tinder, tell them you would like to get a bit of that love too! After all, who doesn't like a good belly rub?

8. You seem like the parent of my future child!

Relax, this is not a proposal or anything even remotely similar. But it's certainly a compliment to the person you're talking. It sounds funny and ridiculous to say that to someone you've never even met, but it also means that you see the potentials in them and maybe one day it could become reality!

9. Cuddling isn't the same without 'U'!

It takes two to cuddle. It's not a one-man job! Tell her how much you would love to cuddle with her. We all need someone's warmth to get us through the night sometimes.

10. You must be a bank loan because you have my interest!

Can you loan me your heart? I promise I will give you back more with interest! Love is always about giving and take. If she is willing to give you her heart, you definitely should pay back with interest!

Simple Tinder Openers

Less is more sometimes. Simplicity can be a good strategy to keep the other person talking.

11. I bet you're even more beautiful in real life

'If you look that good on photos, I can't imagine how good you will look in real life.' Start with a simple compliment to keep the conversation going. It's simple, down to earth and won't make her uncomfortable.

12. Let's grab a coffee and talk about our adventures!

Don't underestimate the power of a simple Tinder opener. Something as simple as this could get you very far. It shows that you're genuinely interested in the other person, more than just wanting a hookup. Start small, just ask her out for a coffee so you can share your adventures in life and see what more do you have in common.

There're too many people on Tinder that try to start the conversation with small talks but end up losing contact because the conversation is just not going anywhere. Aim for something that you'd like to do and don't be afraid to ask it at first.

13. I'm a single parent too, what is your hardest struggle?

Being a single parent in the dating field can be tough. If both of you're going through the same thing, you can start by sharing your ups and downs. The beauty of having a kid and the struggles of raising the kid alone. People usually find a bond with other people going through the same thing.

Be sincere and say what you really think. The only way to get to someone else's heart is to open up yours first.

Witty Tinder Openers

Are you a witty person? Do you have a little bit of an unappreciated dark sense of humor? Unleash it all here on Tinder! People on Tinder are not all as shy as you might think. Some of them can take a joke and have a good laugh!

16. I'd rather call you to get to know you than texting

If you're texting in real time, why not just call anyways? It's easier and faster and you will get to know each other in a much shorter time. It's a clever move because if the other person is comfortable chatting on phone with you, meeting up will not be a question!

17. I thought Tinder's just for fun until I saw you

Most people go on Tinder just for fun and honestly don't expect to find their life-long partner on Tinder. But it also happens a lot that many people found someone on Tinder and just knew instantly that this is the one they want to spend the rest of their life with.

18. You must be on Tinder for something else because you seem too perfect to be single

How could someone as perfect as you be on Tinder? Something must be wrong here. Tell me what's wrong and see if we can fix it!

A good way to get to someone's heart. Willing to complement them and willing to fix problems together!

19. You're riding your horse wrong, let me show you how to ride sometimes

A slightly naughty thing to say but kind of a perfect conversation opener if she is a horse lover! You two can always ride some horses together, or something else.

20. We would make a great travel companion but we have to get to know each other first

If he/she is very adventurous with tons of travel photos, start the conversation by asking her to join your next trip! You two could make the best travel companion. But of course, you will have to get to know each other first. To know that you can be compatible!

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Initiating a conversation can be awkward. Especially when the society kind of puts the responsibility to start a conversation on the guy, but it shouldn't matter if you are a guy or a girl, you can start an equally amazing conversation with the best Tinder conversation openers.

Some people think starting a conversation with a stranger is easy but it can be overwhelming at times because you don't know the other person at all. You don't know what they will like or dislike. It's like shooting in the dark and just hope that it will hit something. The uncertainty can really keep you from going forward.

But now, with our 20 best Tinder conversation openers, you don't have to shoot in the dark anymore! Try them out and get the best Tinder date ever!