Everything you need to know about going on First Date

Calm down the jitters of a first date with these date guides

By Rebecca jones
Everything you need to know about going on First Date

The world is full of single individuals who are ready to mingle, and part of that includes going on a date. Lately, a lot of pressure is being put upon the expectations of the date, with everything expecting to go well and smoothly, forgetting that sometimes the spontaneous things also adds to the fun.

A good date is about being vulnerable and experiencing new things that are completely out of your level or comfort zone in order to discover and enjoy the company of your date. Most individuals believe that a first date is only successful when you get to go on a second one. Well even though that's positive, it is important to be open-minded and have it at the back of your mind that it doesn't always have to go that direction. The word, "date night” came from the fact that most dates occurs or like to take place at night, but with more options nowadays, people are no longer sticking to the normal. Instead, they are exploring new ways and ideas that can add fun, value and excitement to their lives.

A date can either take place in a simple coffee shop in the morning, a walk in the museum, or a casual horse back riding. All this are simple yet laid back ways to get to know one another. Dates are very much fun and interesting if you are open minded and willing to let down your guard and be less judgmental. See a date as another fun-filled day with nothing but good memories and delicious food, pastry or even coffee. You will see that it will calm your nerves and get you into the mood of experiencing and exploring new and wonderful things.

Are You Going for Your First Date?

When your love interest invites you on a date, the feeling can be a lot. Not only are you excited and happy, but you are also nervous about a lot of things from what to wear, what to talk about, table etiquette and where to go on that first special date. There are a lot of things that can get you all jittery, but the most important thing is to always be yourself so as to enjoy the date.

Most dates that end up successful or leading into a relationship always start from conversations that are less formal and interrogative. Sometimes the manner and ways in which you converse and interact with your date have a significant effect on how the rest of the date goes, you don’t want your date to be bored with your boring jokes or unrealistic topics. Always keep it simple and short, give your partner an equal opportunity to respond and contribute to the conversation. Setting a good ambience for your date, be it a guy or a lady is necessary, because doing so will let them know how much you care and enjoy being in their company. Always ensure you are putting the comfort and happiness of your date at heart.

Tips for Going On a First Date

If you are taking a person on a date, especially if it’s a first one, it’s incredibly important to make sure the other person feels relaxed and at home by being yourself and encouraging the other partner to also do the same.

Studies have shown that the location and ambiance of a date plays a significant role in how well your date goes. It’s not all about taking him or her to an expensive restaurant or the cheapest one regardless of their taste in foods. Its all about ensuring the atmosphere feels good and right for whatever you believe might make the other person feel important and loved.

Do not go or act beyond your means to impress, always be true to your self, and remember you are here to get your date interested in you as a whole, not your bank account or worldly possessions. You can be rich and also suck at date, it’s all about finding balance in what you are offering.

Ideas on What to Talk About and the Right Questions to Ask during the Date

What to talk about during a date? Well, I just want to let you know that there are a lot of things to talk about while on a first date. Do you know that most people love to dive into the obvious questions like what a person does for a living, your long and short time goals, family background and all those personal information that you will love to share but only when you feel and are comfortable enough to share with your date.

In this modern world, it’s important to ditch the obvious and talk about topics that are less interrogative but more entertaining, like talking about favorite tv shows, food preference, favorite music/artist and so much more. Avoid talking about politics, religion or sports, these are things that tend to be very heated and close to a person’s heart, therefore more time and subsequent dates are required to touch on such subject.

The trick to asking questions on a date, is watching the individual facial expression and body language, once you begin to discuss or touch on a topic and you realize the person’s facial expression or body language changes or is off, then you can politely avoid or change the topic to a different one. Most times, dates that require activities instead of dinner, always helps a lot in allowing the conversation to naturally flow.

The Perfect Outfit for a First Date (for both Men and Women)

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Believe it or not, dressing up help a lot in expressing who you really are. It is not about the materialistic things define us, but our preference in life is guided by what we wear and eat. Dressing appropriately to the date is all about knowing not to dress up or down, and dressing in accordance to the occasion and environment.

Do not wear clothing that is very revealing or can make you look desperate or in need of attention. Always dress elegant and ladylike to express your inner creative self. If you are a strong girl who enjoys a little rustic or edgy look, then do that, but wear it in a minimal manner where it doesn’t take the attention from your face or personality to your body.

It’s always okay to enquire about where the actual date is taking place so as to prepare and plan ahead of time, and if it’s a surprise location, then dress in a manner you feel most comfortable. If you have friends or relatives around or close by, ask their opinion on your dressing. For a date that occurs at night, the weather can be a little cool and breezy, especially if it's an outdoor event, so make sure you have a jacket or a coat that can keep you warm and cozy. Avoid wearing dark colors, always keep it around neutral and warm, cause those colors are flattering to most skin tones.


Going on a date is a significant phase in every individual, it’s not about how many dates you’ve been on, it’s about the quality of date you’ve had. When going on a date, especially if it’s your first, be optimistic and willing to accept that at times, not everything works according to your plan and expectations, and when that happens, it has nothing to do with you or doesn’t mean you are not good enough.

It just simply means that this particular person isn’t right and ideal for you at that exact moment. Remember that it takes kissing a lot of frogs before finding your Prince Charming, Don't give up or feel defeated when you don't get asked on a second date. See every date as a learning and growing process towards becoming a better version of yourself. Always keep the conversation interactive and engaging, give your partner an equal opportunity to chip in and share thoughts. Don't be too overbearing or even loud, you don't want your date wishing the date is over even before it began.

If you are the initiator or the person who invited the other on the date, then it becomes your responsibility to fully pay and ensure the other party is well taken care of and having a good time. Don't be rude by constantly checking your watch or taking phone calls. Be mature enough to put your phone on silent and dedicate your full attention to your beautiful and wonderful date.

Finally, best of luck and do enjoy yourself for your first date!