10 different types of children vitamins to consider

Improves immunity and general health with these children vitamins

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10 different types of children vitamins to consider

We take utmost care of children physically and emotionally, as they are completely dependent upon us for all their needs. For overall growth and development of our kids, we ensure that our children get the best and the healthiest food. A healthy diet helps in strengthening children’s immune system, which thereby helps to fight against several infections and diseases.

Growing children need food which is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, iron, calcium, omega-3, zinc and vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin A etc. However, despite our utmost care, vitamin deficiencies occur in children. Such vitamin deficiencies can hamper the overall growth and development of children. If children lack a particular vitamin to great extent, it can also be fatal at times. Therefore, deficiency of vitamins should never be taken lightly.

Improve immunity and general health with vitamins

Today, the majority of children around the globe munch over too much of junk food rather than healthy food. In addition, several other causes such as pollution, sudden climate change, low physical activity, food allergies, strict vegan diet, etc., are responsible for lack of vitamins in children. Vitamins play a very important role in the overall immune system of the body. Children who lack certain vitamins are prone to have repetitive illness due to a low immune system. The reason for this is that disease-causing bacteria or virus affect low immunity children easily. They may also experience a delay in physical growth. Hence, it is very important that children should be given adequate intake of necessary vitamins.

Medical practitioners suggest giving the best nutrition to children so that they get all the vitamins and minerals naturally. They recommend vitamin-rich food such as green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, animal or dairy products etc. Despite that deficiencies occur, which is why parents rely on vitamins supplements for better health. However, along with the supplements, doctors suggest adding more quantity of certain fruits or vegetables to child’s meal so that the body absorbs those deficient vitamins naturally too. 

Children vitamins: What age should I give my child?

Today, there are many healthy and organic supplements of all vitamins easily available in the market. Such supplements are to be given in the prescribed dosage of doctors for a suggested period. Over a period of time, vitamin supplements supplement and eradicate the vitamin deficiencies in the child. These supplements also help in better development of the body and contribute towards maintaining a healthy immune system.

Children can take vitamin supplements at any age provided those supplements are made for their age group only. Such information on appropriate age can be found within the packaging. At times, pediatricians may suggest vitamins supplements for toddlers or young babies depending upon their nutritional requirements. It is always advisable to consult a doctor/pediatrician before giving your child any vitamin supplements, especially newborns. Depending upon the child’s age, immune system, nutritional requirements and health conditions etc., doctors will suggest the exact quantity or dosage of the required vitamin supplements.

Children vitamins with folic acid

Folic acid is a type of vitamin B complex which is needed in order to grow and repair body cells. Folic acid is responsible for growth of your hair, teeth and nails etc. Vitamin B complex is gained from green leafy vegetables. Deficiency of folic acid may lead to poor hair growth among children. Children need folic acid in adequate quantity but in the rare case of your child being allergic to folic acid, kindly avoid giving such supplements to your child. Folic acid supplements are generally suggested for children of age 4 years and above.

Here are a few folic acid supplements recommendations you can give your child:

1. Mega food –Kids B complex

Amazon.com: MegaFood - Kid's B Complex, Promotes a Sense of Calm, Energy Production, and Nervous System Health with L-Theanine, Choline, and B Vitamins, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, 30 Tablets (FFP): Health & Personal Care

This supplement is a great gluten free vegan source of vitamin B complex and helps children to fight against several infections. They also improve the mental health of children by relaxing the anxiety-ridden nerves. This gives your child a sharp and focused learning experience. It also helps in producing energy in the body.

2. Superior source Children’s B complex vitamins

Amazon.com: Superior Source Children's B-Complex Vitamins, 60 Count: Health & Personal Care

These vitamin supplements help in the healthy functioning of the body. It helps to maintain a healthy metabolism of the body and can be easily consumed like regular tablets.

Children vitamins with biotin:

Biotin is a vitamin responsible for hair growth. Improper diet, DNA and some other hereditary causes can affect hair loss in children. Biotin supplements can help you child grow healthy hair and it can also contribute to overall healthy development of your child’s body. Following are some of the best supplements of biotin:

3. Natural bunch-Nourish me

Natural bunch-Nourish me

This supplement is made with an advanced formula which includes all natural incidents which improve hair growth in children and also helps in maintaining a healthy body. For best results, it is suggested to use “Treat Me Good Oil Treatment” along with this supplement as this oil provides proper nourishment to the follicles which are responsible for hair growth.

4. Mielle tinys & tots Children's Hair & Health Vitamin Gummies:

Amazon.com : Mielle Tinys & Tots Children's Hair & Health Vitamin with Biotin 60 Gummies "Pack of 2" : Beauty

This supplement is suggested for the age group above 3yrs. It contains coconut extracts and has all essential nutrients for hair growth such as elderberry and folic acid. The dosage is 1-2 for below five-year kids and 2-3 gummies for above five-year kids on daily basis.

Children vitamins with iron

Another important component, Iron is responsible for blood production, specifically hemoglobin. Hemoglobin in the RBC then carries oxygen to various part of our body. Moreover, Iron is the key vitamin responsible for the growth of cells, tissues and muscles of children hence iron deficiency should be treated with best iron supplements.

The below are a few:

5. Nova Ferrum pediatric drops

Amazon.com : NovaFerrum Pediatric Drops Liquid Iron Supplement for Infants and Toddlers 120 mL : Grocery & Gourmet Food

This iron supplement is in liquid form and contains natural sweetened by xanthan gum and monk fruit. It is gluten, alcohol, and sugar-free and is chocolate flavored. The drops are suitable below age 4 and also for newborns.

6. Maxi Health Chewable KiddieVite

Amazon.com: Maxi Health Chewable KiddieVite - Multivitamins & Minerals - Bubble Gum Flavor - 90 Chewies - Kosher: Health & Personal Care

Multivitamins & Minerals: the supplements are in the form of chewable tablets. It not only contains iron but other vital vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D and E. It does not contain any artificial flavors and is also suitable for adults apart from children. Good for a general supplement which cover all the essential vitamins.

7. Vitamin friends kids iron gummies

Amazon.com: Vitamin Friends Kids Iron Gummies - Vegan, Organic, Kosher, Allergen Free Iron Gummy. Supports Healthy Iron Levels without Nausea or Constipation: Health & Personal Care

This supplement is in the form of gummies that lead to the healthy functioning of children’s body. It is made with all natural supplements and is not harmful to children’s digestive system. It is organic and is made with natural pectin. It helps in strengthening the muscles and memory of children. 

Children vitamins for immune system

Apart from supplements for a specific type of vitamins, there are certain supplements in the market, which help to build a strong immune system. These supplements help in the overall development of your child’s body.

Some of the best immune system vitamins supplements are as follows:

8. My kind organics vitamin C spray:

Amazon.com: Garden of Life Vitamin C with Amla - mykind Organic C Vitamin Whole Food Supplement for Skin Health, Cherry Tangerine Spray, 2oz Liquid: Health & Personal Care

It is a supplement which contains nothing but organic whole food filled with nutrition. In addition, it does not contain any kind of artificial preservatives, which makes it healthier to consume. This supplement is in liquid form and mainly contains vitamin C with organic stevia. It supports the immune system by improving skin and tissue health.

9. Garden of life–my kind organics kid’s multi organic fruit vitamins gummies

Amazon.com: Garden of Life - mykind Organics Kids Gummy Vitamins - Fruit - Certified Organic, Non-GMO & Vegan Complete Children's Multi - B12, C & D3 - Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free - 120 Real Fruit Chew Gummies: Health & Personal Care

These gummies are completely organic and each bottle contains nine organic whole fruits. They provide essential nutrients and antioxidants to the body. These vitamin gummies are unprocessed and do not contain any synthetic, pig gelatin or artificial flavors. The best part about these gummies is that they are certified as non gelatin, non-GMO, vegan and also USDA organic. Therefore, no harmful elements are going into your child’s body through consumption of these vitamin gummies. 

10. Flint stones gummies-immunity support

Amazon.com: Flintstones Gummies plus Immunity Support, 150 Count: Health & Personal Care

These are chocolate like gummies and rich sources of vitamin E, vitamin A and Zinc. They also come with extra vitamin C for strengthening children’s immune system. Apart from all these vitamins, it also includes vitamin B that helps to produce fuel from the consumed food and is very beneficial for eyes.

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Vitamins supplements are really beneficial to provide your child with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients responsible for their growth. Most of the supplements do not have any side effects. However, before giving any supplements to your child, always take the doctor’s advice whenever possible. Always check the recommended age for the supplement and if possible, buy supplements that are organic, dairy-free, sugar-free and free from any types of preservatives or chemicals.