20 Good Date Restaurants To Wine And Dine In 2019/2020

Do up your duty by reserving these good date restaurants for her

By Hana O.
20 Good Date Restaurants To Wine And Dine In 2019/2020

Date night can mean many things. It can be for obvious reasons like getting to know someone or heading out every weekend to keep the relationship alive and exciting. Then, there's that special occasion like the anniversary of the time you first saw each other across a crowded bar 10 years ago. No matter the stage you're in, you still have to eat somewhere.

Good Date Restaurants in Los Angeles

1. Petty Cash Taqueria


This Spanish-Mexican inspired restaurant is a margarita-fueled mecca that keeps things casual and fun. Petty Cash boasts its creative and exciting combinations for their tacos, excellent margaritas, and massive Corona jugs. 


Make sure to have a reservation because the place is often busy even reasonably late in the evening, but if you are looking for a hip date place, it would be a good option.

Petty Cash Taqueria is located at 7360 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles. For reservations, call (323) 933-5300 or visit their website.

2. Faith & Flower

Faith And Flowers

Faith & Flower has become a go-to date night spot in LA. Its interior is jaw-dropping and shouts "I want to impress my girl" kind of atmosphere. The place has a touch of rich woods, well-chosen fabrics, and beautifully picked leather. The vintage feel and the whimsical menu pulls everything together. The food menu is unique, but with familiar flavors, so you dare to try something new and delicious, like the egg Benedict pizza, -it's excellent and to die for!

Faith & Flower is located at 705 W 9th Street, Los Angeles, California. For reservations, call (213) 239-0642 or visit their website.

3. Cliff's Edge

Cliff's Edge

Located in the heart of Silver Lake on Sunset Blvd. close to Sunset Junction, Cliff's Edge has been a favorite of Eastside diners since 2004, and with its ethereal lit with bistro, lighting creates romantic vibes that make for the perfect date night restaurant.


 The restaurant has crafted a menu of rustic, sophisticated food, with the emphasis on fresh, local produce, and simple preparation that enhances the fantastic flavors of each ingredient. The menu changes regularly, and with the seasons, while 'specials' reflect the best of the market. 


The patio at Cliff's is the most inviting in Los Angeles, anchored by the spreading arms of a huge ancient tree, sheltered from the street by abundant greenery, under which the guests can enjoy the exceptional cuisine, and extensive, accessible wine list.


Cliff's Edge is located at 3626 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California. For reservations, call (323) 666-6116 or visit their website.

4. n/naka


The level of thought that goes into each of n/Naka's dish is unparalleled. It is all incredibly tasty, but the detailed presentation is where food meets art and turns this great meal into an experience that stays with you. Be prepared, it is not cheap, but when you see the incredible and thoughtful attention to detail that goes into each dish, you will see why it's worth the price and the wait.

Yup, you read that right. It takes months to score a table. So, if you really want to impress your girl, pick up the phone and make a reservation now. Who knows? This place might seal the deal. 


n/Naka is located at 3455 S. Overland Avenue, Los Angeles, California. For reservation, call (310) 836-6252. Good luck!

Good Date Restaurants in NYC

5. L'Artusi


This Italian inspired resto is definitely fool-proof when it comes to a date night spot in NYC. Opened in December 2008, this 110 seat restaurant features two floors of comfortable banquette seating overlooking the open kitchen. L'Artusi presents a modern take on traditional Italian cuisine with a wine program that features mostly Italian wines presented in a very talented way to help demystify Italy.

So, get a bar seat and order pasta alone with some excellent, well-priced wine, sit back and let the service and atmosphere carry the evening.

L'Artusi is located at West 10th Street, New York, NY. For reservations, call (212) 255-5757.

6. Mimi


Mimi is the place to be for a last-minute date night. It typically isn't too hard to get a reservation here. You and your girl will enjoy its dark, rustic, and intimate interior where you can enjoy amazing and unpretentious French food. Yes, it's on the expensive side, but it's worth it.

Mimi is located at 185 Sullivan Street, New York, NY. For reservations, call (212) 418-1260 or visit their website

7. Virginia's


If you prefer a date night that involves a relatively quiet room where you can look at her in the eye, then Virginia's is your place. This place is perfect as it doesn't get as packed as some other East Village spots. Also, you know what's more amazing? All bottles of wine are half off at brunch! 

The restaurant is located at 647 E 11th Street, New York, NY. For reservations, you can call (212) 658-0182 or visit their website.

8. Manhatta


Located on the 60th floor of a building in FiDi, with its grand floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the New York City skyline and French-inspired menu like foie gras, Manhatta offers you luxury, fit for special occasions, without breaking the bank. The menu is a three-course meal (unless you sit at the bar) at less than $100, it's one of the more reasonably priced special occasion spots in the city.

Good Date Restaurants in Chicago

9. Vincent


Vincent is known for their mussels but if you're not into them, don't fret, they have plenty of things on the menu for everyone to eat. The rustic ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for a chilly date night. It's romantic and reasonably quiet for a good conversation.

For reservations, please call (773) 334-7168 or fill out their reservation form.

10. Ada Street

Ada Street

If you want to impress your girl with new American-Mediterranean meals and craft cocktails served in a chic candlelit space with patio, Ada Street isn't going to disappoint you. Sitting outside and sharing small plates in a little courtyard while enjoying the twinkly nights are pretty much a slam dunk for any successful date night.

For reservation, call (773) 697-7069 and located at 1664 N Ada Street, Chicago.

11. La Scarola

Italian Restaurant In Chicago

Sometimes, dates don't have to be flashy and super expensive. It's always best to put yourself, and your date in a relaxing mood and La Scarola can do just that. It's all classic Italian food where you can settle for pasta and wine and if those are still not enough, feel free to order anything on the menu. 

La Scarola is a great date spot as it feels like you're not trying too hard. You know what they say - the keys to any successful relationship are more wine and not trying too hard at anything in life!

The restaurant is located at 721 W Grand Ave, Chicago. For reservations, please call (312) 243-1740

12. Celeste


How about hitting three birds with one stone? Yup, you read that right. Celeste has three floors, and each level offers a different menu from the other. It's almost too perfect! The downstairs provides a loud and pretty upbeat vibe with excellent music, especially on the weekends. Next is the Deco Area.

If your girl is into 1920s style and glamour, then this area is definitely for her. The third floor is on the rooftop with a luxurious garden set up, offering a wide selection of drinks. Maybe have a date on each level?

Good Date Restaurants in Boston

13. B&G Oysters

B&G Oysters

This high-end raw bar and seafood restaurant with a cozy interior and patio seating are pretty well–known for their fried oysters. The back patio is perfect for a summer evening date, but their underground dining room works too for Boston weather is particularly Boston-y.

B&G accepts reservations up to thirty days in advance, and all reservations are for the interior of the restaurant. The patio, on the other hand, is available solely for walk-ins. For questions regarding patio seating, call (617) 423-0550 or visit their website.

14. Boston Sail Loft

The Boston Sail Loft

Garnering one of the best chowder places in Boston, the Boston Sail Loft has undeniably established itself as a Boston institution for the past 35 years. Their menu is a mix of fresh seafood, American classics, and a daily selection of specials from their chef. This place is date night ideal for its fantastic harbor views and waterfront display, an authentic Boston experience!

15. Anthem

Anthem Kitchen & Bar - Casual Dining in Boston’s Faneuil Hall

Anthem Kitchen & Bar is a comfortable neighborhood restaurant tucked in the heart of Boston's historic Faneuil Hall. It elevates your dining experience by offering fresh all-time favorites like local oysters on the half shell, lobster and flatbread pizzas. They have an impressive bar that is perfect for an extended date night "getting to know each other" moment.

Please call (617) 720-5570 for reservations.

16. The Red House Restaurant

The Red House Restaurant

The refined, diverse farm-to-table menu offered in warm, wood-lined dining rooms or the seasonal patio. The Red House is perfect for an elegant date night completely furnished with antique furniture, a fireplace, and a candlelit tent. If this place isn't charming enough, then what is?

The Red House is located at 98 Winthrop St, Cambridge, MA.

Good Date Restaurants in DC

17. The Red Hen

The Red Hen

This cabin looking space with stacked firewood overlooking its open kitchen are just a few reasons to take your date at The Red Hen. They offer Italian food, cheese and meats and perfect for sharing. Make sure to reserve a table early, but if you're stuck waiting, grab a drink from the bar and think how many pastas you should order.

18. Rasika

Rasika Flavours of India

Located in Penn Quarter, Rasika is an Indian fine-dining restaurant offering vegetarian meals, and if you're a full-blooded carnivore, there's something for you too. There's something for everyone on the menu.

Rasika is located at 633 D St NW, Washington, DC. For reservations, call (202) 637-1222.

19. Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate

If you haven't been to France and your date complains that you haven't traveled much, then it's time to ease her into visiting Le Diplomate, which is about as close to Paris as you can get without leaving DC. The best part is, everything on the menu is consistently good!

Advance planning is required though as reservations are usually booked a couple of weeks in advance, but that just means you'll get credit for thinking ahead. One point for you, wink!

Le Diplomate is located at 1601 14th St NW, Washington, DC. 

20. Compass Rose

Compass Rose

Compass Rose is inspired by street foods all over the world from Tiradito of Peru, Sambal Udang of Malaysia and Chicken Skewers of Tunisia. Its thick bricked walls, bright and colorful prints interior and casual hip vibe are perfect for an awesome date night.

The restaurant is located at 1346 T St NW, Washington, DC. For reservations, call (202) 506-4765.

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Dating or date nights should be fun and memorable. Unfortunately, it's no doubt that picking the right place at the right time can be pretty challenging at times. This list should make things a bit easier for you and your bae. So, have a good time, and may the universe be on your side!