10 Best Pregnancy Belts that Gives You Perfect Bump Support

Popular pregnancy belts that support your baby bump weight well

By Evelyn
10 Best Pregnancy Belts that Gives You Perfect Bump Support

Best Pregnancy Belts with reviews

As your baby starts to grow in size and weight, so will your belly.  Are you starting to feel the weight of your bump? Is it manageable? Do you feel some kind of discomfort? If you're feeling every pull and twinge from the weight of your bump, maybe you're in need of some extra support. Otherwise, you're going to struggle a lot to get things done.

If the discomfort is too much, you should consider investing in a pregnancy belt. This product could be the answer to helping you feel more comfortable and secure. What exactly is a pregnancy belt? It's a specially designed band that wraps around and under your baby bump. It can help you relieve some of the strain on your back and pelvis by giving you better support.

A pregnancy belt can also help you to get a better fit from your clothes. Wearing a pregnancy belt under your clothes will give you coverage and a slightly smoother shape. That'll help your clothing to fit a little better..

Before you go and buy yourself a pregnancy belt, there are some things you need to know so you can choose the one that's right for you. Be sure to choose a pregnancy belt that:

  • Helps you manage your discomfort. The level of support should match your level of strain and discomfort.
  • Provides support in those areas with more needed support. Locate the source and cause of your pain and discomfort and get a belt that supports those areas.
  • That fits your baby bump correctly, not too loose but not too tight either.
  • Choose a pregnancy belt of good quality. You may need to wear it daily and for your entire pregnancy, so it has to be made of good material and have a good design.

Now that you know what to look for in a pregnancy belt, let's take a look at some of the best ones.

1. AZMED Maternity Belt

AZMED Maternity Belt for Back Support

This pregnancy belt is a great choice because the fabric it's made of is breathable material so you won't feel like you're roasting under your clothes. Your main goal here is to feel as comfortable as possible and this belt offers that. It will help you with your back pain because you'll experience less pressure on your spine.

Your pelvic region and your hip will also benefit because the belt will lift your belly a little relieving the discomfort in your back. This size will fit your belly up to 46 inches.

2. Amymami Maternity Support Belt

Amymami Maternity Support Belt

This pregnancy belt is easy to use, it's affordable (if your wallet is a little tight right now) and it's comfortable. It will help you relieve back and pelvic pain due to your growing belly. You'll be comfortable moving around with this belt because it's weightless and soft and breathable.

It features elastic back panel support, support straps around the back and a large designed panel to support your bump. You can get in pink.

3. NEOtech Maternity Belt

NEOtech Maternity Belt

This pregnancy belt is designed to wear over your clothes, it fits very comfortable over them because of its streamlined design and because it offers the support that you need. It has an easy-to-use adjustment system so, as your belly grows, you can resize the entire belt to fit your bump.

If you're experiencing lower back due to your growing belly, this belt is made for you because it redistributes pressure evenly across the back while also lessening the burden of your pregnancy weight by wrapping around your belly and waist. 

The standout feature of this belt is the two-sided velcro. You can move the velcro attachments to fit your growing belly and then cut off the excesses. The reason you have to wear it over your clothes is that the velcro can be quite heavy and it can tug any fabric. If you're self-conscious about wearing it over your clothes, you can wear clothes in similar colors as the belt so they can blend. 

4. Flexguard Support 3XL Plus-Size Belt

Flexguard Support 3XL Belt

This pregnancy belt is for big bumps, is capable of supporting a 54 to 62-inch belly. It's completely adjustable, it keeps expanding as your belly grow during your pregnancy. Because of its design, it offers great support and relief from hip, pelvic and back pain. It will help you correct any poor posture you might have that could be contributing to your back pain.

These pregnancy belts come with a lifetime warranty, so if the one you buy doesn't live up to your expectations you can return it and they will give you a full refund.

5. PRETTY SEE Maternity Belt

PRETTY SEE Maternity Belt

This pregnancy belt is breathable and lightweight too because it's made of cotton and spandex. The front part is narrower and it sits right under your belly and it's wider on the back strap to cover your lower back too. With this belt, you'll get a heavy-duty one but the best part is, it won't feel like it. It has an inner steel frame that helps take the pressure off of you.

It has a velcro strap that is easy to adjust and some wiggle room as your bump gets bigger and bigger.

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Best Post pregnancy belts with reviews

A lot of women, after giving birth, wants to get back into their pre-pregnancy body, are you one of them? Sometimes it's not that easy and you have to be patient because your priority now is your baby. But if you want to start early with the getting in shape issue, there's something you could do. You could get a post-pregnancy belt, women use it to target the loose skin and fat around their bellies.

This "belly binding" or tying the stomach after delivery has been around for quite some time now, actually it dates back centuries. The technical term for the actual post-pregnancy belt is abdominal binders because that's what they do. A post-pregnancy belt offers compression and support for the abdomen and lower back, while also improving circulation and breathing.

A post-pregnancy belt won't' magically shrink your waist to its pre-pregnancy size, you'll have to work hard for that to happen (healthy eating and exercise). but it can help you in providing a smoother appearance. If your doctor gives you the OK, you can wear it immediately after giving birth. 

Now let's take a look at some post-pregnancy belts, make your pick among them.

6. Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Support Belly Band

Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Support Belly Band

This post-pregnancy belt is very comfortable thanks to its super-stretchy, moisture-wicking. breathable bamboo charcoal material. It offers customizable support and compression thanks to the velcro enclosure, it can be pulled as gently or as tightly as you'd like, plus it has two bands that you can place in the areas you deem necessary to target. 

It'll give your waistline a smooth silhouette under your clothes. You can machine wash it too.

7. Bellefit Dual-Closure Corset with Hooks and Side Ziper

Bellefit Dual-Closure Corset with Hooks and Side Ziper

This post-pregnancy belt is high-quality and is doctor recommended, especially if you delivered through C-section. It can help you reduce pain from pelvic pressure and post-partum cramps. The Bellefit will support and tighten your lower belly, helping you to recover rapidly.

In the front, it has a hook and eye and on the side a zipper, it also has a groin flap so you don't have to take it away each time you go to the bathroom or when you have to change your pads.

8. UpSpring Shrinkx Postpartum Belly Wrap

UpSpring Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Wrap

This post-pregnancy belt meets most of the requirements: It offers a triple compression with its customizable belly band fit. It's breathable, lightweight and comfortable. It also has a built-in boning to support your posture and you can conceal easily under your clothes. That is why it's a favorite among moms.

9. Chongerfei 3-in-1 Postpartum Support Belly Wrap

Chongerfei 3-in-1 Postpartum Support Belly Wrap

The Chongerfei post-pregnancy belt offers support for your pelvis, abdominal muscles and low to mid back because it goes from low on your hip all the way up to your ribs (no muffin top!!). It's made of comfortable and breathable material, it's easy to use (you can put it on yourself). Another favorite among moms.

10. Mama Strut Postpartum Support Care System

Mama Strut Postpartum Support Care System

This post-pregnancy belt was designed for moms by a mom. It has a velcro strapped band that will provide with support for your belly and back, while also managing swelling. What stands out from this belt is that it comes with pull-on shorts that can hold removable ice or heat packs which can aid the postpartum discomfort and healing. Genius right? And you know what? you can totally wear it under your clothes and be very comfortable.

How to wear a pregnancy belt for support

The main goal of a pregnancy belt is to support your round ligaments (the ones that support your uterus). Here are some tips on how to wear it so you'll get the benefit.


  • The first thing you need to do is check with your doctor if it's OK to wear the pregnancy belt.
  • Based on your pre-pregnancy size, choose the right size belt for you. Some brands offer charts so you can correlate with your pants size, that way you'll choose one that really fits.
  • For tube belts (with no extra straps), slide the belt over your head, position it over your belly and then slide it down until you cover your pants line.
  • If your belt has velcro snaps, the widest point should be placed under your belly to support it and the velcro straps should fasten on your back. Check the instructions if it fastens differently.
  • Don't fasten your belt to tight, you want to feel a gentle compression. 
  • Don't wear your belt all day, just 2 to 3 hours should be enough


If you want to feel more comfortable and deal better with back pain, and at the same time achieve better bump support, then get yourself a pregnancy belt. We talked about different options here, check them out and find one that fits your belly right. Just be sure to check with your doctor before getting one.

Getting in shape after giving birth is tough and you should do it little by little. A post-pregnancy belt could help you, not by magically trimming your waist to your pre-pregnancy size but by offering support and relief in your healing process. 

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