Your Go-To Guide for All Pregnancy Symptoms of Pregnant Moms

The answers to all pregnancy symptoms faced by pregnant moms

By Evelyn
Your Go-To Guide for All Pregnancy Symptoms of Pregnant Moms

A List of Pregnancy Symptoms faced by Pregnant Moms

You've been trying for some months or years to get pregnant and finally that pregnancy test shows a double line or it reads "pregnant". Congratulations! You're in for a great adventure. There's a new little life growing inside of you, it can feel weird and wonderful at the same time. 

Apart from the miracle growing inside of you, you'll have some good things going on for you, We're talking about the elusive glow most pregnant women seem to have and no period! But we should warn you, being pregnant comes with some annoying symptoms too.

Pregnancy can be amazing but your body is experiencing many strange things, there's a little human growing inside of you! Not to mention that your hormones are all over the place. The annoying symptoms you're going to experience during your pregnancy are due to all the hormonal changes. Here is a list of some of them.

1. Fatigue or lack of energy

This is a very common symptom of pregnancy, you feel very tired (especially during your first and third trimester). Approximately more than 50% of moms-to-be feel like finding a spot where they can take a nap. There's an explanation for all this fatigue, a lot is going on inside your body.

Your body is producing new hormones and making a lot of changes to accommodate your baby. In addition to that, you're producing more blood to carry the nutrients your baby will need, so your heart and other organs are working overtime too. That sounds like a lot of work! No wonder why your levels of energy are low. 

So take a nap whenever you can and try to exercise (unless your doctor says differently), a 30 minute walk could help improve you energy level and mood.

2. Morning sickness

What a joy this must be sad More than 60% of women suffer this symptom during pregnancy. All women are different, so for some of you it'll be just nausea but for others, it'll be vomit. There's been a lot of research on the topic but no one has been able to pinpoint the causes of morning sickness.

The lucky ones only experience morning sickness during the first trimester but sadly for some women, this annoying symptom could last the entire pregnancy (fingers crossed that's not you). What can help you navigate morning sickness? Eat food rich in protein (it helps ease morning sickness), drink lots of fluids (you need to stay hydrated), take your daily dose of Vitamin B-6 (clinically proven to reduce nausea related to morning sickness).

3. Constipation

At some point in your pregnancy, you're going to experience this symptom. What causes constipation during pregnancy? Different things, one could be the hormones you're producing are helping your digestive tract to slow down (so you can better absorb all the vitamins that your little one needs). 

Also, your uterus is expanding and is putting pressure on your intestines. And finally, the extra iron that comes with your prenatal vitamins. All these causes discomfort. To reduce constipation during your pregnancy you can eat foods high in fiber, exercise and drink at least 8 glasses of water, this will keep things moving.wink 

4. Heartburn and/or Indigestion

You'll experience this symptom during your second and third trimester, also called acid reflux, it can be quite uncomfortable and painful. Gastric acid is being pushed up from your stomach to your esophagus causing a burning sensation behind your breastbone.

It's important to treat heartburn because as a consequence you may not eat properly and during pregnancy, you can't afford that.

Indigestion or an upset stomach is also a symptom that accompanies heartburn. You'll know you're suffering it because you'll feel full, gassy and bloated. What fun! To help you reduce these symptoms, eat 6 small meals throughout the day, avoid spicy food, don't eat to close to bedtime and ask your doctor about an antiacid you can take.

5. Headaches

Headaches during pregnancy could be the result of all the hormonal changes you're going through. It can also be the result of tension, congestion, constipation, lack of sleep, dehydration, low blood pressure, caffeine withdrawal. 

To avoid them you have to watch your posture, eat well, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest. And if you experience headaches that become worse or come on suddenly don't hesitate to call your doctor.

6. Insomnia

If during pregnancy you can't stay asleep no matter what you do, you're not alone. It's a common symptom with 78% of women during pregnancy. You have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. Again, hormonal change is one of the biggest reason you're not getting the sleep you need. 

You may have a lot of interruptions during the night, all the trips to the bathroom, or indigestion, or nausea are not conducive to peaceful sleep nights. There are some things you can do to treat insomnia during your pregnancy: Give priority to your sleep time, sleep on your left side and avoid lying on your back for extended periods of time, use a pillow to prop you up in comfortable positions and drink plenty of water. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: Are they the same with all Moms?

Pregnancy symptoms are not the same for all moms-to-be. Each pregnancy is different, it's not even the same for a mom with more one than one kid. She may have experienced very different symptoms with each pregnancy. It may be that the first one was a breeze, no morning sickness, no extra weight, just some discomfort on her back. Nothing changed much apart from the fact that there was no menstrual cycle and of course the bump.
Things could have been very different in her second pregnancy, the symptoms, and discomfort could have started very early on, four weeks into the pregnancy and she couldn't stand the smell of her favorite food, her breasts were very tendered, she may have felt like taking a nap every hour because she felt exhausted.

All pregnancies are different, you may know what to expect for your second one or even for your first one because you've seen how it was for your mom, or your sister or your best friend, but the truth is yours is going to be different, and that's totally OK.

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Early Signs Pregnancy Symptoms to take note of

You think you're pregnant but you're not absolutely sure? There are some very early symptoms that can give you a clue. If you've experienced a few then maybe it's time to take a home pregnancy test or book an appointment with your doctor.

Take note of these early pregnancy symptoms. 

1. Sore breasts

You may feel extra tenderness in your breast as early as a week or two after conception. In the early stages of pregnancy, you're producing a lot of estrogen and progesterone and causes your mammal glands to start growing. Because of this surge of hormones, your breasst are retaining more fluids and they feel heavy and sore and more tender.

2. Backache and cramps

You may confuse these symptoms with PMS, but in your case, the cramps and backache are caused by all the hormonal changes going on inside you and the growth of your uterus. The cramps are a symptom that's triggered by implantation, your fertilized egg is attaching to the uterine wall. Your uterus is stretching making room for your baby.

3. Bleeding implantation

About six to 12 days after conception, the fertilized egg implants in the plush lining of your uterus, this may cause some spotting (light vaginal bleeding). Don't worry, this is harmless but if you suspect you're pregnant you should tell your doctor, just to be on the safe side. 

4. Cravings

Your overtired body is going to demand more carbs, so you'll be craving doughnuts or bagels or cookies more than carrots or pickles or apples. The carbs are easy to metabolize and that helps to keep your energy up. 

5. Mood swings

Blame this early symptom on... what do you know? Hormones! Your levels of hCG hormones are increasing so your feeling a lot of fatigue and so you're more prone to moodiness. Plus, let's see, constipation, bloating, headaches, nausea, breast pain, you're totally entitled! So don't worry if you start weeping out of the blue, you're going through a lot, but in the end, is going to be worth it. smiley

How to deal with cramping during Pregnancy

If during your pregnancy you experience cramps, don't get so worried. This is not necessarily a concern, some abdominal pain, and cramping is very normal and it occurs for various reasons depending on the trimester you're in.

Throughout your pregnancy, you can experience cramps due to gastric distress (bloating, gas, constipation); cramps after orgasm (those are common and harmless), cramps because of more blood flow to the uterus, and sometimes because of a urinary tract infection. 

You can experience cramps due to implantation (this is very early on). What can you do to deal with all this cramping?

1. Increase the mobility of your body

For a normal abdominal discomfort try doing a little exercise, get your body moving with a walk or a swim. But always consult your doctor.

2. Apply a warm compress

Make sure it's hot, this relieves the pain considerably.

3. Drink enough fluids and have a healthy nutrition

Remember that cramps can occur due to dehydration, so drink enough fluids especially during hot days. To avoid poor digestion you need to eat healthily, avoid fermented products because they cause bloating or gas and in consequence abdominal pain.

4. Correct posture standing and exercising

It's the little things, but to stand in a correct posture will help you avoid cramps. This is also important while you exercise (if your doctor gave the OK). For example, during squats, keep your back straight, look for support when your doing exercises sitting down and place a pillow at your lower back so you avoid back pain.

5. Add supplements to your prenatal vitamin intake

Magnesium supplements can help you relieve your cramps in addition to your prenatal vitamins. Make sure your prenatal vitamin includes calcium, or also take a calcium supplement because sometimes cramps occur due to calcium deficiency. All this should be consulted with your doctor and OK'd by him or her.


What no one tells you about pregnancy is that "it's wonderful until it isn't" right? You have a miracle growing inside you and that's amazing, but because of that, there's a lot going on inside you that your body needs to complain somehow and that's how you get all the annoying symptoms we've talked about.

Remember to not take anything for granted as all pregnancies are different. If you think something is not right called your doctor immediately and just be patient, in a few months all the pains and discomfort are going to be worth it.  

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