Be spoilt for all these luxury latest baby gear trending now

2018 top best baby gear brands for moms, for dads, for baby

By Harold Penn
Be spoilt for all these luxury latest baby gear trending now

With the development of technology, there are many innovation-driven devices or materials that help with the arduous task of taking care of a baby. Baby gears are a life-savers for many parents as it helps minimize the workload of a parent. However, many baby gear brands are been made every day and introduced into the market, thus making it difficult for most parents to know which are the best to buy. The aim of this guide is to enrich you with the knowledge to know which are considered the best luxurious baby gears for you, your partner and your baby.  

Luxury baby gears for Dads

Even dads are not left out as they have to also perform their fatherly roles in order to help to create a balanced environment where both parents are committed to doing everything possible to make him have a fun-filled baby experience. This is just why father too need some baby gears to help them keep a good eye of the baby.

1.Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB.

As of now, the best and trending convertible car seat to get for your baby is that made by Britax Advocate. This is because of the safety and quality that it maintains. This luxurious has  an array of features such as an anti-rebound bar (ARB) in rear-facing position, a large overall weight range (5-65 pounds), including a triple side impact protection, besides these this baby gear is everything a baby could dream of as it is comfortable, easy to use and has an exclusive EPP energy-absorbing foam, even its design is perfect work of art thanks to its steel-reinforced frame which makes it as rigid as possible. Never worry again about a baby gear made for air travel when you can buy Britax Advocate Click Tight ARB.

This car seat is just perfect for daddy as men naturally are absorbed into new tech discoveries. The specifications like weight, installation, usage, and operation are the kind of baby technology that daddy would be most attracted to. This daddy does not have to worry about his little tiger tugging at his cloth while he is driving or when the car hit a bump on the road with the Britax Click Tight Arb. The baby will be comfortable while he is on the go. No wonder the Britax Click Tight Arb car seat is priced around $350-450 and is truly deserving of this price tag as it provides all the luxury needed for comfortable day out with the baby.


Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

2.Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

In order to keep an eye on your baby in the bedroom when you are in the kitchen or elsewhere, it is important to monitor him or her which can be done only with an infant monitor. 

The best monitor to go for is that this one which is manufactured by Optic DXR. Never miss a minute again as you can spend all the time in the world with your little one with the Optics DXR-8 which comes with a high-quality video display which it complements with a rugged battery capacity that never lets you down.

This piece of luxury will help you love your baby and adore her even more as you would be marveled when you hear her breath in and out over the video monitor, coupled with the integrated two-way audio intercom system which can help you communicate on a deeper level with your baby. This would also help you take a breather from having to be all over her every time.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Review - Pros, Cons and Verdict

Luxury Baby Gear for Moms

As you can get baby gears with few dollars, you can also get those that are quite expensive. You should know that the more dollars you spend the more comforting features it is likely to provide.

The following are the luxurious baby gear you can get:

1.HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet.

Unlike the conventional beds, bassinets are designed like a small bed with a hood or cover over one end. And the best and trending bassinet to get for your baby is that made by HALO.

Bassinet’s design is a true testament to style and luxury this as it is nothing short of classy with it diverse modifications and adjustments that help you adjust your baby’s bed to any angle or shape you might desire.

This baby gear is a "jack-of-all and master-of-all" as it boasts several awesome features like the Nightlight and sleep sound feature as well as a feeding timer as which helps you to think less and relax while the bassinet does its job. The bassinet’s design has redefined “comfort” in all manners with its adjustable swivel features that helps to bring your baby closer to you effortlessly.


While stacked full with awesome features, the Halo Bassinet Sleeper is very reliable, durable and also very comfortable for both the baby and also parents.

HALO:registered: Bassinest™ swivel sleeper Premiere Series -

2.Baby Brezza Bottle Maker

Babies naturally are very selective and do not enjoy drinking cold milk, This is one of the coolest baby gears you should get.  It was designed to dispenses a bottle of formula heated to the perfect temperature in two seconds at the specified amount.

Most babies have gotten used to the warmth associated with feeding directly from the breast and want warm milk all the time. Newborn babies naturally feed almost every two to three hours, which continues all the way until the middle of the night, making it extremely hard for you to sleep. This is why Baby Brezza is the way to go as it comes in different versions such as the Baby Brezza Formula Pro and Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer, with this you would never have to warm a bottle in the microwave or in a boiling water as both methods are not safe for your baby.

All you need do is to grab an already prepared warm bottle that not only warms your baby’s bottle but also does the job of making the entire bottle for you from the formula that is stored on the top of this machine.

Baby Formula Maker - Hassle Free Formula Prep | Baby Brezza

3.Gucci Supreme Diaper Bag

Baby packs have always been popular over the years because of the importance it holds for both mommy and her baby. The Gucci Supreme Diaper Bag is truly heads and shoulder over its counterparts as it provides a place for mommy to store everything she needs for the little one, ranging from the obvious diapers, extra clothes for the baby, bottles and just about anything that the baby loves to keep close.

A luxury offer, the Gucci Supreme Diaper bag outmatches all other in this regard with a price tag of over $1000 makes it a diaper bag that is in a class of its own and a worthy buy for the price, so you might want to get the Gucci supreme diaper bag for your baby before your next travel!

GG Supreme diaper bag in Beige/ebony GG Supreme canvas, a material with low environmental impact | Gucci Newborn

4.Sheepskin Rug

Technically, they aren’t baby gear, but they make laying on the floor with a baby so much nicer.  In addition, they’re super pretty and add a cozy design element to a nursery. Their features supersede that of a conventional rug.

FIBRE by AUSKIN Sheepskin Rug Long Wool Straight Edge – Ultimate Sheepskin

Luxury Gear for baby

1.Fantasy Coach

The Fantasy Coach is an oval-shaped handcrafted crib made in England. Obviously inspired by the illustrations in the Cinderella fairy tale books (the ones after the pumpkin bubbled into a majestic royal carriage). Materials used are fiberglass and wood. To get one, you will spend up to $65,000  which covers only the construction

Fantasy Coach and Luxury Baby Cribs in Baby Furniture : Ultimate Posh at PoshTots

2.Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair

It is just very natural for children not to stay put when they are young, they are all over the place and you just can’t afford to take your eyes off them for a minute, so why not consider a high chair to keep your kid in one spot. Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair is just in a world of its own, with a price tag at  $750, don’t be surprised this chair is gold frame and is certainly worth a shot.

Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair - Gold Frame/Midnight Black Seat Pad (Leatherette)


In order to provide comfort to your baby, it is important for you to invest in comfort-providing, technology-driven baby gears that will add improvements to your already busy life and assist you to create a comfortable and safe surrounding for your baby. They really are worth the investment.