Top 10 baby changing pads that all parents love

Keep baby comfortable in these top baby changing pads

By Aey
Top 10 baby changing pads that all parents love


Diaper changing pad is an essential piece of equipment for babies. It does not only help prevent the diaper from leakage but keeps the young ones comfortable and make them feel safe too. Changing diapers is a hassle especially in public places. The restrooms in most public places are not very clean especially for the infants hence a changing pad becomes essential. We will look into the best available options for baby changing pads in the upcoming paragraphs.

What is the correct size for changing


What is a good size for changing pad

A changing pad should neither be too big nor too small. The size of the changing pad also depends on the age of the baby. For example for infants, a relatively smaller changing pad could be used but for a baby who is 2 years old, the size should be comparatively larger. Furthermore, the changing pad should be handy as you cannot carry very large changing pads everywhere. The appropriate size is somewhere between dimensions 16 by 31.

The recommended changing pads

You need changing pads that are easy to use as well as easy to carry. Some other details a buyer will look while buying a changing pad would be if it is comfortable as well as safe enough for the baby and also if the changing pad is waterproof. There is no point of a changing pad if it cannot prevent leakage. Here are a few recommended changing pads:

  1. Maman portable changing pad station
  2. Crystal baby smile portable changing pad
  3. LA baby waterproof contour changing pad
  4. Munchkin secure grip waterproof changing pad

Baby changing pads covers

1. Ely's and Co changing pad cover set

Source: Changing Pad Cover Set , Cradle Sheet 2 Pack 100% Jersey Cotton Unisex Sheets for Baby Girl and Baby Boy Grey Chevron and Polka Dots by Ely's & Co.: Baby

This is a cover set which provides two cover sets in a single packing. The covers are washable as well as lightweight. The covers can be washed in a machine as well and ever hard poop stains can be easily removed. Furthermore, they are made of high-quality cotton which is extremely soft and gives the baby a cozy and comfortable feeling. These changing pad covers have a universal fit and can be easily used for a standard size changing pads. These covers are also elastic so you can wrap it around your changing pad easily. 

2. Burt's Bees Baby Organic Knit Terry

Source: Burt's Bees Baby - Changing Pad Cover, Super Absorbent Knit Terry, 100% Organic Cotton for Standard 16" x 32" Changing Pads (Cloud White): Baby

These baby organic covers are made of pure cotton jersey knit and are 100 percent organic. This changing pad cover has an inbuilt hypoallergenic characteristic hence it is one of the best covers for mothers and babies who have allergies. As the fabric is 100 percent organic and not treated with any of the synthetic chemicals or pesticides, it naturally makes this knit terry cover safer to use. Burt's Bees baby organic knit cover is also washable as well as durable elastic. This cover comes in four different soft color shades you can choose from however one drawback is that it does not have slits or belts for the changing pads and it can shrink a little in the dryer.

3. Circo wipeable cover

Source: : CircoTM Wipeable Changing Pad Cover - Navy Stripe : Baby

This is one of the best waterproof changing pad covers. If you are a busy mom who does not have enough time to wash the covers in a machine every time it is stained, you can easily wipe off the poop or pee from it and it will be as good as if it was new. The sides of the cover are soft however the middle part being the wipe-able part is tougher. You can also wash it in a machine if you feel the need to clean it thoroughly. This changing cover will fit the contoured changing pads perfectly and is extremely affordable as well. The Circo wipeable cover comes in a navy blue colored design.

Travel baby changing pads

4. Deluxe Flannel Changing Pad


Deluxe Flannel Changing Pad

This is a changing pad which is larger in size as compared to other normal changing pads. Its large size makes it easy to use as it protects leakage more than any other smaller sized changing pads. Despite its large size, it can be easily folded in a small packing, making it easy to fit in your diaper bag. It is made up of flannel fabric which gives it a soft texture making it comfortable for the babies. Furthermore, the pad has the ability to soak up just like towels. This changing pad can be washed easily in a machine and even dried in a dryer without fearing of shrinkage. It is available in over 15 different colors as well as patterns and designs. 

5. Skip*HopĀ® Pronto! Signature Changing Station


Skip*HopĀ® Pronto! Signature Changing Station

This is an extremely lightweight changing station which is not only portable but is stylish as well. It folds into a clutch purse and has various external as well as internal compartments to put wipes and all other additional items like diapers and rash cream etc. This portable changing pad also has a built-in pillow to support baby's head and keep the baby comfortable. In addition to that, it is wipe clean off and extremely easy to use. When unfolded, it can be fairly large as compared to other changing pads. The changing pad section can also be detached from the pod station to use it independently.

6. Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad


Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad

This is a lightweight, portable changing pad which is highly recommended when traveling. It is extremely lightweight but at the same time spacious enough as it has zippered pockets to keep the diapers, baby oil, wipes, and all other necessary changing products. It also has a detachable changing mat wide which is also waterproof. This handy changing pad is your go-to changing pad while traveling as it is one of the simplest changing pads to use especially if you are traveling and cannot carry extra baggage.

Waterproof baby changing pads

7. L.A baby waterproof contour changing pad

Source: LA Baby Waterproof Contour Changing Pad, 32" - Made in USA. Easy to Clean w/Non-Skid Bottom, Safety Strap, Fits All Standard Changing Tables/Dresser Tops for Best Infant Diaper Change: Baby

This is a right-sized waterproof changing pad which easily fits a changing table. It has high side walls which keep the baby safe. Furthermore, it has a non-skid bottom layering which prevents the pad from sliding and keeps the pad firm while changing. It also provides a safety harness to hold the baby. It has a vinyl cover which is not only waterproof but is also quilted and is extremely soft as well as non-allergic.

8. Munchkin secure grip waterproof changing pad

Source: : Munchkin Secure Grip Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad, 16" x 31" : Baby

This is a waterproof changing pad with extra grip strips given to keep the pad in place while changing. As the kid tends to move a lot while diaper changing, the strips will provide the pad support and prevents it from slipping. It has an easy wipe surface and is also of the perfect size; neither too big nor small. Moreover, its contoured sides keep the baby safe preventing him from falling sideways.

Best disposable baby changing pads

9. Munchkin Arm and hammer disposable changing pad

Source: : Munchkin Arm and Hammer Disposable Changing Pad, 10 Count : Diaper Changing Pad Covers : Baby

This changing pad is made up of paper and is an ideal changing pad for public restrooms as it is disposable. It is infused with baking soda which gives it effective odor protection. It also has extra absorbent layers which help in keeping moisture away from baby's skin. This Munchkin arm and hammer disposable changing pad is also a leakage-proof changing pad. You can easily dispose of after use.

10. Northshore premium changing pads

Source: : NorthShore Premium, 17 x 24, 8 oz., Changing Pads, Small, Pack/25 : Baby

If you are one of those people who hates to change sheets after changing diapers every time then this is the perfect choice for you. This is a fairly economical disposal changing pad which is easy to use and is also waterproof. It is also a skin-friendly changing pad and is even safe to use for babies who have extra sensitive skin.

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Changing pads is one of the most essential baby products. You are never too sure about your baby's timing and you cannot expect the baby to be patient enough to get home to clean him up. Hence if you are traveling or having a late night out, you should be prepared for a baby emergency situation and a changing pad is all you would need to clean your baby up. In the article above, we discussed a few changing pads which can cater to a large number of parents who are indecisive about which changing pad to buy. Happy shopping parents! J