12 Fun Pregnancy Gender Test to See if Its a Boy or Girl

Fun and interesting pregnancy test to try for baby gender

By Lisa Lee
12 Fun Pregnancy Gender Test to See if Its a Boy or Girl

Pregnancy Gender Test

We’ve come a long way in serving moms-to-be. Back in the dark ages, expecting parents had no means of gauging the health or appearance of their babies, and so had no choice but to wing it. Now, parents have access to technology like 3D—or even 4D—ultrasounds, that can show you your baby’s face in high definition before it’s born. 

One of the joys of modern prenatal testing is that parents no longer have to wait for the big day to discover their baby’s gender. Knowing this can help you pick a suitable name, or even make your preparations easier. So, which pregnancy gender tests are the most simple, affordable and safe?

We’ve handpicked 12 methods that anyone can try, even if it’s only for the fun of it. 

At Home

If you’re looking for effortless (and free) ways to predict your baby’s gender, there might be some truth to the old wive’s tales. Sure, they’re not backed by science, but we must remember that there was a time when these superstitions were all people had to go on, and so were deemed fail-safe. There’s no harm in paying attention to these tricks to see if they work for you. 

1. Look at your body

Rumour has it that your body can tell you if you’re having a boy or a girl. According to legend, girls will steal your beauty, so acne breakouts are a sure sign that a little girl is on the way. If that’s the case, you’ll also carry her high. On the other hand, if you’re pregnant with a boy, you’ll carry low and your skin will shine with that beautiful, pregnancy glow.

Boys are also said to be troublesome for your feet. If your toes or ankles swell or you’ve inexplicably gone up a shoe size, expect a son. We know of a few ladies who are proof of this!

2. Are You Hot Or Cold?

If you conceived deliberately, you may know that a woman’s basal temperature can influence how easily she falls pregnant. You can also make yourself pregnant with your preferred gender if you play your cards right. Science shows that “girl” sperm is more resilient in acidic, warmer conditions, while “boy” sperm needs milder environments to thrive in.

Did you know that body temperature might also be a giveaway when it comes to your baby’s gender? If you’re hot, sweaty or flushed throughout your pregnancy, you’re likely having a girl. If you feel chilly, it’s very possibly a boy. 

3. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of those things that seemingly solves everything. You can use it to clean stains, wash your hair, make volcanos for your kid’s science project, or even whiten your teeth. It can also play a role in getting an inside look at your baby’s gender. You’ll need two clean containers: one for the experiment and one to collect your urine. It’s best to do this in the morning when your urine is most concentrated.

Add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda to your container, and then all you have to do is pour your urine onto it. If it fizzles, you’re more likely pregnant with a girl, and if it stays flat, you’re more likely having a boy. There is some science to back this up. The reaction has to do with acidity. As we mentioned, girls are more likely to survive the acid in your reproductive system, so if your urine is high in acidity, it’s likely that a girl won the race.

4. Red Cabbage Reveals Secrets

It sounds silly, but much like the baking soda test, this red cabbage experiment could be a matter of your body’s chemical or hormonal state. You’ll need clear containers that you don’t mind adding your urine to as well. Here’s what you should do:

Boil half a head of red cabbage in about 16 ounces of water, stirring every now and then to get the juices out. Once the water has turned a deep purple color, take it off the heat and strain the water into one of your containers. Add an equal amount of your urine to the water and wait for it to change color. 
If it’s red, it's more likely a boy; if it’s pink you’re more likely to have a girl.

5. Try the Mayan Method

It’s believed that both the Mayans and the ancient Chinese used a simple trick to determine the sex of a baby on the way. While it's origins are unclear, the Mayans are largely credited for coming up with it. They may have failed us in predicting the end of the world, but many new moms swear by this method:

If both your age when you conceived, and the month you conceived in are odd numbers, or if both are even, the Mayans predicted a girl. If your age and conception month are a mix of an odd and even number, their charts say you’ll have a boy. 

6. What Are You Craving?

In a more traditional Old Wive’s tale, the food you eat before you fall pregnant can decide the gender you’ll give birth to. Other renditions say that the food you want to eat when you’re already pregnant foretell whether you’ll give birth to a son or daughter. According to this theory, if you crave sweet treats, your bundle of joy is a girl, but if you crave salty or spicy foods, it’s a boy.  

7. Go to Sleep!

Do you believe in prophetic dreams? In the old days, moms-to-be had many superstitions regarding their subconscious when it came to pregnancy. Dreaming of your baby in the flesh was one way to predict its gender, but the catch is that your dreams will tell you the opposite. If your dream of a girl you should expect a boy and vice versa. 

Early Pregnancy Gender Test

Our simple tricks are, of course, hit and miss but we’re recommending them because they’re fun and are more accurate than you may realize. Still, we live in the information age so if you’re looking for something a bit more reliable, turn to technology.

8. Home Kits for Early Testing

Home pregnancy tests were patented in 1969 but were only made commercially available in 1977. If you’re  Gen X or Millenial, your mom probably didn’t have access to them. They’re a staple now and are probably the first things we reach for when we suspect pregnancy. Home gender testing kits function in a similar way and can be found in drugstores or even ordered online. The most prominent and reliable of these is called the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA test. Be warned that you’ll have to prick your finger to draw a tiny blood sample, so if you’re afraid of needles or blood, this may not be for you. They’re almost 100 percent accurate though, and you can use them as early as 8 weeks. 

9. Ask Science

Your doctor knows best, so if you want to do things the modern way, speaking to your OB/GYN is still the most reliable way to discover your baby’s gender. A funny fact that we learned is that obstetricians don’t use scientific methods to test for gender. It all comes down to whether or not your baby’s parts are visible in the ultrasound. Think about it. Doctors can only tell your baby’s gender because it’s flashed at them! 

10. With a Needle

If you’re not afraid of a little practical magic, we’ve found a trick that will make you feel like a fortune teller. What’s great about it is that you can use this as a gender reveal party game at your baby shower. Get your guests to place bets, and reward those who guess correctly.

You’ll want to use a needle that is big enough to see and easily thread cotton through. Ask for a volunteer—or nominate your man—to dangle the needle about an inch or so above your belly. Keep it as still as possible, and wait for it to swing. Note that whoever is holding it must not influence it, and should stay as still as possible.

Give it a few seconds and the needle will swing on its own. Legend says that if it swings back and forth, you're pregnant with a boy, but if it spins you can expect a baby girl. 

11. Wedding Ring on a string

If dangling a needle above your pregnant belly seems like a bad idea; or if you couldn’t be bothered to find and thread the needle in the first place, we know of an easier alternative. Instead of using a needle, use your wedding ring instead. The method and results are exactly the same, but it’s safer and more personal. You could also try this as an intimate exercise with your hubby, rather than performing it in front of guests for entertainment. 

12. Look at dad

One last superstition won’t have anything to do with you. It’s true that some fathers experience morning sickness or sympathy pains. If so, it could signify your baby’s gender. If your man gains weight throughout your pregnancy, history says you should prepare for a girl. 

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Learning your baby’s gender is one of the most exciting and emotional parts of pregnancy, so we understand if you’re too eager to wait until you get the news. Some of these methods might not be reliable, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work. If you’re open-minded, give them a try.

You can also give all of them a go and compare your results to see how consistent they are. Don’t forget that you’re not obligated to know your baby’s gender beforehand. There’s a special thrill in waiting it out until you can meet your baby in person. We don't blame you for being impatient though, so go ahead and give these tests a try. 



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