How to care for Mascara Brush In The Right Way After Using

Give your mascara brushes a longer life span with proper cleaning

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How to care for Mascara Brush In The Right Way After Using

How to clean mascara brush

Cleaning a mascara brush does not seem like a lot of work and in actuality its the exact same. We will take you through a step by step process on how to carry out this process.

Step 1: Take your mascara brush and first clean it with a paper towel ensuring to completely get rid of all clumps, dried mascara or whatever there might be. Fold the paper towel around it and gently wiggle the brush.

Step 2: Get some hot water in a glass and then dip the brush in the water for 5 minutes in order to get rid of all the dried product which might still be clamped on it.

Step 3: Get some rubbing alcohol and dip the wand into it in order for it to be sanitized.

Step 4: Use a cotton bud and clean the side of the mascara tube and then put the mascara brush back in as its good to go.

The top 5 best mascara brush

1. Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara

Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara

Finding the best mascara brush is key for you to get the ideal Bambi look and for that we might be able to provide you with some great examples. Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara is the ideal fit to give volume to the lashes as the mascara brush has long bristles that fans out lashes. This mascara brush tends to go a step ahead and provides the ideal dramatic look. If you’re looking for a natural look, this might not be the most suitable choice as it gives a high-end dramatic finish. Lead makeup artist for Libertines fall/winter show “Too Cool for School” Robert Green is also all praises for this mascara brush. However, he states that this shouldn’t be used for small and sparse lashes. Available for $20 at this mascara brush consists of nylon fiber bristols that are interlocked for it to provide more coverage. You can get this product by visiting the website above.

2. Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara


Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara

This mascara’s brush will provide you with the ideal full eyelash look. The mascara carries a twisted wand and the funky shape of the brush ensures full volume and full coverage. Leading makeup artist Robert Green says that this mascara brush combs through the lash line which leads to it pumping up the volume in your eyelashes. Moreover, he states that the end result is just ideal as it shows a natural yet full look. The mascara brush through its curvy look ensures to hug each and every, shortest and longest lash thus making it fuller and heavier.

Available at Sephora for a price as low as $19, this mascara wand can be used for natural as well as dramatic look.  get this product by visiting the website above.

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3. Eyeko Black Magic Mascara


Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Just as the name suggests, this mascara, due to its mascara brush does absolute magic! The ideal mascara look is the curled and healthy lash look and no surprise there that the perfect brush for this purpose is a curved brush. Eyeko brings forward the best-curled brush which don’t just curl your lashes but also goes a step ahead to shine them up. The co-founder of the company Eyeko “Nina Leykind” says that this product is to swear by when it comes to curled and lifted lashes and it would really lead to an opening up of the eyes. All you need to do at your end is to roll the brush upwards on your eyelashes whenever you’re applying this product.

This product is the ideal product to buy for your curled look and should be easily available. You can find this product at for a price of $25. Get this product by visiting the website above.

4. MILK Makeup Ubame Mascara

MILK MAKEUP - Ubame Mascara Inked 0.37 oz/ 10.9 mL

MILK Makeup Ubame Mascara

Having a ball-tip brush, this mascara brush might look funny and goofy at first but in reality, can change the very outlook of your eye makeup look. So, take this mascara brush seriously as it goes vertically to ensure that you get the best-lifted mascara look possible. Lead makeup artist Robert Greene tells us that ball tip brushes are perfect as they are great at lifting the eyelashes. The ball on the end of the mascara brush leads the wand to push lashes upwards towards roots of the lashes thus lifting them up. By using the brush in an up and down motion, you can ensure that every lash has a coating of the mascara and has been lifted by the bristles. 

Available at Sephora for a price of $24, this mascara brush carries three ball shapes on the tip of the wand to ensure maximum lift and coverage. Get this product by visiting the website above.

5. Cargo Boundless Lashes Mascara

Boundless Lashes Mascara

Cargo Boundless Lashes Mascara

If you’re tired and done by the dramatic Bambi look and just want a natural every day look then this mascara brush is perfect for your need. This mascara has a comb type wand that glides through every little lash thus not just coating all your eyelashes but also giving a very natural finish. Co-founder of Eyeoko, Leykind tells that comb brushes are best for a natural finish as they refuse to grip onto lashes and just slide through each and every one of the lash. 

For a price of $20, this mascara brush is available online and further comes ahead with three sides, so that you can play around to experience new looks for a change.

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Should I use a disposable mascara brush instead?

Most people tend to go for disposable mascara brushes instead of using mascara brushes that come with their products. Whilst it might seem like a hassle to buy a new mascara brush every now and then the fact is that these can, in fact, come in handy most of the times. Not only can you bend the mascara brush to make it into the kind of brush you want it to be (curvy, vertical, etc) you can also easily separate your eyelashes without having to use the clumsy brush already in your mascara. There is no harm in using this product but the choice, however, lays completely with you and what you prefer because in make-up what works for one might not work for the other and vice versa. 

How to make my own mascara brush?

Making your own mascara brush might seem like a difficult task at first but in reality it's really the simplest thing. All you need is an old mascara and some water and rubbing alcohol. Remember that it is unhealthy to use a mascara for more than six months so ideally throw the mascara away but keep the mascara brush. Proceed to clean the mascara brush as per the steps mentioned above and you have with you a brand new mascara brush which you can twist and turn to your liking.

Does vibrating mascara really work?

Whilst the name might sound weird, the purpose of a vibrating mascara is to help you in the process of separating your eyelashes and get between all of them for you to have each lash perfectly coated and covered. Having scouted for different opinions, unfortunately, the answers are not really in affirmative. A few people who used the glam vibrating mascara argued that it does not make a difference which a normal mascara in its course of action would. Mascara is all about technique and more importantly all about brush and as long as you have got that right, you don’t need to worry about buying any vibrating mascara.


Mascaras are the key to unlocking the magic of eye makeup and therefore it becomes necessary to find not only the perfect colored mascara but more importantly the perfect mascara brush. So, depending on what the occasion is, what your mood is and what your overall look needs, just pick the right mascara brush from all that we’ve mentioned above and work the magic. If you’re in a hurry just twist your disposable mascara brush to the way you want it to be and finish your look. Macara is an imporatant part of your make-up bag and it’s always worth it to do your research before you invest your hard earned money somewhere. I’m confident that the product mentioned here would be worth each penny. Happy Shopping!



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