15 poems on crushes for both guys and girls to send a hint

Inspiring poems to subtly tell your crush your feelings

By Evelyn
15 poems on crushes for both guys and girls to send a hint

Secretly crazy about someone? Write a poem

There he is, your secret crush! Whenever you cross paths with him, your heart starts pounding and you've got butterflies on your stomach and you are rendered speechless. At some point you know that has to end... you need to do something to let him know how you feel. Are you terribly romantic? Do you fancy yourself a writer?
How about poems? Love has inspired a lot of authors to write the most amazing love poems. Love is one of the best inspirations to sit down and write something from the heart.

So, how about it? Would you like to write him a poem? It may seem like a challenge since you're not a writer, much less an expert at it, but with the right inspiration (him) and with some tips, you could write a beautiful poem for your secret crush. 

Thinking of him, do some brainstorm

Fill up a sheet of paper or a Word document with thoughts and feelings about your secret crush. Think about all the things you feel when you look at him or all the times you've shared a laugh or coffee or what it was like when you first met him. Do like a list of descriptive words that remind you of these memories, for example precious, formidable, luminous, radiant. Do another list of strong verbs related to the list of feelings like:  enjoy, compel, remember, rejoice, dream.

Create comparisons

Shakespeare compared his love to a summer's day... think you can do something like that? Think about what comparisons you can use with your secret crush... is your love as bright as a diamond or as beautiful as a sunset? That could be the theme of your poem.

Don't be afraid to rhyme

When poetry flow it's beautiful, so don't be afraid of writing a poem that rhymes. Poetry is like writing song lyrics with a specific rhythm. If you need help with rhymes, you can go to Rhymer.com.

Write from the heart

Don't concern yourself with technicalities concentrate on expressing your feelings Instead of using pronouns, use his name. Make it more personal, the poem is for him, so include memories of the two of you.

Be concise

Use the strong verbs you listed and fewer words. The goal of your poem is to create word pictures and express your feelings. Avoid overuse or general words, be very specific when choosing your words.

15 poems with rhymes on crushes for your inspiration

You know what you can do to write a poem. Your secret crush provides a great source of inspiration, if you need more inspiration, stick around because we've got a list of love poems you'll enjoy and want to share. Poetry is made for sharing. Through a poem, you can share a piece of yourself with the one you love. it's like a window to your soul, Your crush can glimpse pieces of you through that window.

What happens inside you when you read one of your favorite poems? Do you feel warm inside, do you enjoy the cadence of the words, do they make your heart beat faster? Then it's important to share them with your crush, you'll be revealing something about you that maybe he or she didn't know.

We have compiled a list of poems, check them out and if they speak to you, share them with your crush. You don't know, maybe between rhymes, your crush will discover some other secrets too..wink

Inspirational poems for a guy

1. My Sweetheart by Caroline Pulsifer

You are my sweetheart, 
From you I will never depart.

I will love you forever, on that you can count
You make me feel special in ways I can recount

The kiss on the forehead, your hand in my hand
When I am with you I feel so grand

The look in your eyes express your love
Together we are like two leather gloves.

So as the years pass by may we never forget
May we never look back with a regret

Once in a lifetime, a love like ours occur
We should be thankful and never deter

The love that we have been blessed with
May we love and celebrate our fifth,

2. Lovin you by Kate Summers

This world is filled with so many
Things people love to love.
From objects to places to people, 
Things below and things far above.

What you love is very personal,
But funny how easy to say,
When the world love is so powerful,
Sometimes becoming cliché.

When it comes to loving a person,
It may come slow or maybe too fast.
People can be a little bit complicated,
You never know what's in the forecast.

But the love I feel for you 
Makes my heart overflow.
It really is quite amazing, 
With you my life is aglow.

3. Someone like you by Jessica Sings

I used to dream of someone like you,
To hold me tight and see me through, 
To love my eyes and love my smile,
And when I'm scared stay with me awhile, 
But now I've got you I don't know what to do,
It's amazing this feeling I have for you,
When I look at you my heart melts to the floor, 
Every day I love you more and more,
When life gets me down you're always there,
A good heart like yours is very rare,
You're my world, my universe my star,
I would never change a thing that you are, 
All my worries and problems disappear,
When you hold me in your arms I have no fear,
The only fear I have that's true,
Is living my life without someone like you.

4. You're The Only One by Lairra Shane Dongon

You are the star that lights up the night, 
You are the sun that brightens up my life,
You are my knight and shinning armor,
My one and only protector,
You are the best supporter,
My first and only lover,
You are the reason behind my smile.
And you're the reason why I cry,
You're the clown when I'm sad,
The medicine when I feel bad,
I love you from the earth to galaxy,
And I'm always here when you need me,
You are like a soldier, that makes me feel you're always there,
And when you disappear my heart is full of fear.

5. Like a Fairytale by Kate Summers

When I met you my heart you took
It was like a fairytale from a book.
Our eyes they met and we knew it to be true
I felt it from the beginning that I love you.
I didn't know love could be this way
It makes me want to see you each day
Your smile, your charm, your thoughtful ways
You always seem to amaze,
I feel so blessed to have met you that
I love the way you are so affectionate.
So like in a fairy tale of old
I now think very bold
Together we will live very happily
And no one will come between us, never!

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Inspirational poems for a girl

6. Worthwhile

You came into my life like a star
And fill my heart with joy
You took my pain as if it was yours
And gave me love that no one could.
You gave me a shoulder to cry on
You were my pillar when I was falling
You were my strength when I felt low
With your smile, you make my life on earth... worthwhile. 

7. Queen of my heart

I'll be the warrior to fight for our love; 
We'll fly together, fly higher than the dove.
I'll be your wall and shield you from danger;
I'll take all the pains, for me they are no stranger.
You'll be the queen in the kingdom of my heart;
And then I'll be the king, so we'll never be apart.
You'll be my majesty-- I will serve you forever;
And for all of the times, I will leave you never.

8. Our Love by John P. Read

L is for "laughter" we had along the way.
O is for "optimism" you gave me every day.
V is for "value" of being my best friend.
E is for "eternity", a love that has no end.

9. The Beauty in You

No man will not notice the beauty in you
It's like you are an angel out of the blue
Your face may not launch a thousand ships
But it's your heart and soul that are for keeps.

You mesmerize me with your innocent smile
But it's your eyes that had me there for a while
How I wish everyone appreciate
The beauty in you which is never to hate.

10. Luckiest

I never thought that this day would be so wonderful
Seeing your face that's absolutely beautiful
Every smile of you gives my life a reason to be bountiful
The beauty that you possess can make a boy a fool.

Every time I hear the echo of your angelic voice
All other sounds vanished even the smallest voice.
You always show the perfectly crave poise
If ever your love would be mine,
I'm the luckiest among all boys.

Funny poems for your crush

Make your crush smile and laugh with this next funny poems. laugh

11. Beauty and the Beast

You must hear the shock and awe
when we walk down the street
as people, loudly say,
"Why that's Beauty and the Beast!"
What a strange pair,
what a weird sight,
A lovely white flower
and a creature from the night,
I know you hear them
'cause I do, too,
I don't understand
how they can say that about you!

12. Kiss Me Senseless by KYB

Kiss me senseless
Blow me away
Not tomorrow 
But today

I need to know 
If we have that spark
do we have potential
or is this a lark.

If you don't
do it for me
I gotta move on
and find chemistry.

With that one person
who can rock my world
and make me see stars
and give me my fill

of lovely days 
and glorious nights
of magic moments
that feels just right
So kiss me senseless
I have to know
are you for real
or simply all show.

13. Your Clumsy Valentine

You've seen me take a fall,
You've seen me make mistakes
I'm sure you've often said.
"This is all I can take!"
I am your clumsy Valentine
that much is true,
But as ungraceful as I am
I truly love you,
I'll never be president
or a romantic book cover,
But one thing you can bet on
I'm gonna love you forever!

14. We Are Imperfect for Each Other by KYB

You're not perfect
and neither am I
we both have flaws
we'd like to hide

But here's the good part
I'll have you know
We can be real together
and build something that grows

What we share
doesn't mirror love stories
Some of the stuff
is pretty gory

Like morning breath 
In your face
Like farts out loud
stinky, hardly mild

But here we are 
in our imperfect glory
forming our own 
special love story

Two imperfect parts
it seems
perfect together 
for all to see

15. My Lips Are Full of Kisses

My lips are full of kisses
they pucker and plump when you are near,
This pair isn't happy until your lipstick we smear,
My lips are full of kisses
even now they move your way,
for the promise of heave is just a kiss away!


Poems are a great way to let your secret crush know someone digs him.wink Write your own poem or share a couple from the list above, Let your crush discover you in a very special way. 

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