Romantic Love Notes for Him that Goes Straight to His Heart

The Types of Romantic Love Notes You Can Write for Your Partner

By Sarah Potter
Romantic Love Notes for Him that Goes Straight to His Heart

Love is by far one of the most beautiful feelings known. More so, to love and be loved in return. Women or ladies are not the only ones who love to be shown love and affection, men do too. A whole lot of people have really tight and busy schedules that take up the whole of their time. Which leaves them with no time for themselves or even their partner. In many cases, this eventually takes a toll on the relationship, as there’s barely any romance to keep the relationship healthy.

A lot of ladies tend to work and live by assumptions. Hey, we bet you are in a relationship with an awesome guy, but how often do you let him know and see how you feel about him and how much you appreciate him? Don’t assume he already knows that, he needs to hear it from you. It is not the cliché “I love you” text messages or talks.  It is those romantic and cute love notes that would make his heart flutter. The love notes don’t always have to be written in a paper, they could be sent through text messages and e-mails too, you could even write it down and read it out to him. The more you get to do this, the more your man loves and appreciates you. Love notes are not only necessary at the beginning of your relationship, or marriage.

They are necessary throughout your relationship, and it doesn’t have to come from your man only, send him love notes daily, after a fight, when he gets a promotion when he has had a bad day and so on. If you feel or think you are not romantic enough or you don’t know how to compose these kinds of messages, don't worry, we have the perfect ideas for you.

Cute Love Notes for Him

Love is everything, especially when required. A lot of people say that women are moved and turned on by what they hear and this is undoubtedly true. But this certainly doesn’t mean that the men do not like to hear lovey-dovey kinds of stuff or rather, loving words and reaffirmation of love. The words “I love you” are not always sufficient enough to express the depth and extent of love, you would have to be creative and pour more of that love into writing to be able to communicate your feelings efficiently. Here we have the cutest love notes that would make your man feel even more loved, special and appreciated.

•    I want to be the only one you kiss, the only one you touch, the only one you give your heart to; I want to be the only one that feels the warmth of your arms because that is where I belong.


•    I thought the movies were unreal when I saw lovers look at themselves and smile for no reason, I never knew I could do that too until I met you. You are the reason for my smile.


•    Telling you that I love you, is not just a habit, or a reminder that I do, but also a reminder that you complete me and that you are my life.


•    You know those feelings the novels talk about? You give me those kinds of feelings over and over again.


•    I drift off to sleep each day with the thought of you and wake with the thought of you every morning. You begin and end my day, I love you always.

•    I used to think dreams were all imaginations, but I knew they weren’t the moment I met you because you are my dream come true.


•    They say forever is quite too long, but my forever is you. I would spend my forever with you over and over again.

Romantic Love Notes That Go Straight To His Heart

Keeping the romance burning and alive in your relationship would definitely keep your relationship alive, active and exciting. Love notes have a way of igniting and strengthening the fire and love between you and your man. It is definitely a great and beautiful way to make him feel special, you could drop one under his pillow just before he wakes, in his pocket while leaving for work, you could surprise him with one, either with a gift or not. This would definitely communicate your love efficiently and also show that you think about him.

Here are some lovely romantic notes that would sweep your man and lover of his feet.

•    People say that this kind of love can only happen once in a lifetime, but that isn’t true. You know why? I fall in love with you at every glance over and over again.

•    I might not be able to say this too often, and I might not have the ideal words to express how I feel about you, but I love you more than words can ever say or show.


•    You are every bit of perfection, even in your imperfection and I love you that way and I always will.


•    I have heard a bunch of love stories that I have craved and envied, but this, this love story of ours is best so far.

•    Nothing else matters in the world when I am in your arms, you are my safe place.


•    I may have never told you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, but now I want you to know that you are the very best thing that has happened to my life, and I consider myself the luckiest woman ever.


•    I never knew what it was like to find your home in a person, till I met you. Home isn’t a place for me, it is instead a person, and that is you. You are my home.

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Daily Love Notes

Love is magical and making the man in your life feel loved daily is undoubtedly a magical way to make your love last forever. We have here some beautiful daily messages just for him.


•  I never planned it, it just happened! You are the best thing to ever happen to me, and I wouldn’t change any of it.

•  If there is any power I would want you to have, it would be the power to see yourself through my eyes. Then you will know how much I cherish you and how special you are to me.

•  We have come a long way, it hasn’t been all smooth, but it was bearable because I have you by my side. You are my strength, my heart, my love and I will always adore you now and forever.

•  Every morning I woke in your arms is like a goal accomplished, you make me feel safe, and I want you to know I belong to you alone now and every day of our lives.

•  Baby, I want to tell you thank you for making feel like the most beautiful person in the whole world. I know it is not an easy task, but you do one hell of a job daily. Love you so much.

Long Love Notes

A daily reminder of your love for your significant other is a great way to keep your love burning and intense. Here are some daily romantic love notes; you can give to your man.

•    You have loved me in so many ways, I can’t explain. You had listened when I needed you to, you are always able to read my thoughts, you look at me like I’m your most valued possession, and you know just when I need a hug and a reassurance that everything would be fine. You have affected my life in so many beautiful ways, and I love you for that.


•    I woke up this morning with a wonderful thought of you, the thought of your smile and your laughter. Funny how you are the only thing that fills my thoughts every single moment of my day. I have never thought I would love someone this much and also be loved back even more. I cherish the day we met and most of all, I adore and value you. I really like you, don’t you ever forget that.


•     Today’s my appreciation day for you. I want you to understand how grateful I am for you, for your unconditional love and acceptance. Thank you for your undivided attention, love and devotion to this love, to me. Thank you for your time spent your words of love and encouragement. I can’t say how lucky I am to have met you. Thank you for everything, I love you with everything in me.


•    They say it’s the little drops that make an ocean. The littlest things you do for me get to me in the most amazing ways. They make me smile and get me thinking about how lucky I got. Even after all this time we have been together, after the little fights, the big fights, you still make me smile for no reason. A glance and even just the thought of you always gives me butterflies, you make my heart flutter, I still get all stiff and the time still comes to a hold when we kiss. You are amazing! And I promise to love you for as long as I breathe.


Men also like to feel loved, just as women do. Making your man feel special is an excellent way to strengthen your relationship. We have given you some few lovely ideas for the perfect and romantic love notes for your lover. You could also create some of your own special love notes for your man, by thinking of special moments you’ve built together and put down what it felt like and what you still feel like. This would definitely be great for you and your significant other and strengthen your bond.


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