What is a Boyzilian? Self-Care For The Modern Man

The meaning of boyzilian, how it works and should you go for one?

By Fred S.
What is a Boyzilian? Self-Care For The Modern Man

Body hair was the main line of defense for our ancestors who lacked the luxury of transportation and self-care products and had to spend most part of their lives treading the world under very harsh weather conditions with their bare feet in search of land and food.  

However, several years later, the trends changed and the same hair became a sign of macho masculinity and the lack of it as perfect femininity. These, of course, were darker times when gender stereotyping had rigid rules of what the two biological sexes could and could not do. In the present era, we know better than that! Gender is a social construct and the beauty standards associated with conventional gender roles have been thoroughly destroyed, the aptest example of which is the advent of the Boyzilian- the analog of the Brazilian wax for those who identify as male. Body and facial hair are now a matter of choice and an issue of preference, unlike the past where these were considered rigid stereotyped standards of masculinity and femininity. If, as a man, you wish to attain a supple, hair-free and soft skin down there, the Boyzilian is exactly what you need.  

What is it?

Boyzilion denotes the removal of pubic hair and hair in and around the anal region. The areas targeted by this technique include: 

  1. The “bikini line” area 

  1. The shaft 

  1. The area around the scrotum 

  1. The anus 

  1. The buttocks 

How does the process work?

There are several ways to undertake this procedure, most of which are reliant on the type of wax that is used and the technique that suits you and the operator’s skill the best. You could go for the traditional waxing that involves a thin-layered application of preformed wax in sections in all of the aforementioned areas and peeling them off with the help of good quality wax strips. The second method does away with the wax strip and employs the use of a thicker, sugar-based wax instead, the one that can be applied in areas in relatively smaller sections and pulled away directly. The latest tactic is the use of bean wax. The hair requiring removal are covered properly with beans, which could be modified coffee beans or the exotic fruity beans, and the beans are then peeled off to give you the skin that is as clear as the one that you dream about.  

Should You Go for It?

Choosing a boyzilion is choosing for yourself the best genital health and attaining a hair-free area by means that ensure that the hair is removed from the roots, decreasing the chances of any future profuse growth. Getting rid of hair down there also means that you need to be less wary of impeccable sexual hygiene when it comes to under-the-sheet action. You would be effortlessly clean with the absence of hair that would have otherwise acted as a nidus for various microorganisms and even particles that could have potentially grossed your partner out! 

While these were all the 'pros' of going for it, a decision like this can't be taken based on just a few pointers. It may or may not suit some people based on their own preferences and their partner's preferences as well! We understand the gravity of this question, which is why it'll be answered in much deeper detail in the latter part of the prose - so keep reading! 

The Modern Man Grooming

Gone are the days when only women would take care of themselves to look good from head to toe. The contemporary man spends many hours at the salon to look and feel his best! For masculine hands, exfoliations, bleaching, and manicures are being done at incredulously low prices. Not only does a man entering a saloon now get a newer haircut, but he can opt for innumerable skin treatments to enhance his facial glow. Even if the hair on your chest feels like a bit too much, you can easily do away with them. In fact, waxing is now the treatment of choice for facial and bodily hair for men too as shaving has proven to do more harm than good. What could be better than having the perfect hygiene and a fantastic look minus all the nips and cuts that were incurred by conventional shaving?  

How Boyzilian Came About

The technique became a norm back in the late 1990s when male models decided to show off some more skin and it was realized that the removal of hair from these areas might enhance looks and better hygiene. Nude photoshoots showed more and more male models to have a pubic area that was well-kept and clean, too clear for a man as many would quote. Soon, the normal male started to opt for the same procedure as well, especially as it offered a greater safety margin than traditional razors, which had more potential of causing grave harm.  

Celebrities who do Boyzilian

Many well-known personalities, including soccer players and actors, choose to get their pubic and anal areas waxed for many reasons, the main reason cited by many has, however, been the boost it adds to their sexual lives. 

1. David Beckham

His skin is all ready to die for and the fact that he maintains proper hygiene down thereby opting for a boyzilian only makes him sexier. 

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

No one has ever been able to find even a single strand of hair on his extremely flawless body. We bet it is as good down there as it is up, thanks to the boyzilian for existing.  

3. Luis Payne

Hear it from the most prestigious Hollywood stylist himself; if you could get a boyzilian done, you shouldn’t even think twice about getting it.  

4. Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston vouches for Theroux’s strict grooming routine, which most certainly includes waxing 'down there' for extra perfection. 

5. Nick Jonas

Only muscle and no hair! The star swears to leave his chest as natural as possible, the genital area? That gets the boyzilian! 

Should you go for a Boyzilian?

Here we are, and let's start by saying this decision is definitely a tough one. While the most obvious answer to this question is yes, the choice really depends on your ability to withstand the initial discomfort of the hair being pulled out of their shafts, especially if you have little to no experience with waxing in the past. But, it should always be remembered that the pain can be a bit too much only for the first or second time. After that, the technique gets easier in itself and also because you are now more ready to receive the treatment. 

You should definitely book for yourself a Boyzilian if you care about your personal hygiene and wish to spice things up in bed. Besides that, the following benefits of the grooming procedure will make the decision easier for you: 

  1. Regular waxing would overtime decrease the amount of hair in that area, which means that you have to go through it lesser times in the few months of getting it. 

  1. The hair is removed from the root, leaving a softer, healthier-looking skin than normal shaving. 

  1. Since it has no stinging chemicals involved, the process is chemically safe and does not cause major irritation as with other means of hair removal.  

  1. It takes no time; just 45 minutes every two weeks or so, depending upon the regrowth. 

  1. Regular boyzilian decreases not only the amount but also the growth rate of hair.  

  1. Savings on the money. 

  1. Lesser skin and genital problems in the targeted areas because of a lack of hair.  

  1. A better sex life, as hygiene and appearance are maintained optimally with this procedure. 

  1. As opposed to depilatory cream, the boyzilian makes sure that your skin does not lose its vitality and is not discolored. 

  1. The hair that grows back is considerably softer than the ones that come back after other means of removal, making the process only easier with each passing session. 

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Keeping or removing hair in and from any part of the body is now a matter of choice and not something the norms can dictate. Irrespective of it being labeled as feminine, bodily hair removal for men forms an instrumental part of the famous man-grooming, the importance of which is only growing as time passes and more information is made available on personal hygiene.  

When choosing to remove hair, the boyzilian is considered an almost permanent means of getting unwanted hair eliminated from the pubic area and in the area pertinent to the hips. It is considered a sign of beauty and is also a representation of your unwavering dedication to the maintenance of optimum sexual hygiene. Given that you can tolerate the pain almost every boyzilian first-timer has to go through, there is nothing better than this waxing procedure for you in the long-run. Plus, anything that improves your health while also upping your game in bed, through just a means of masculine grooming, is probably a no-brainer deal. All the best!