5 Ways to Be More Socially Involved In your Neighbourhood to Seek Love

How to find your true love who might just be around the corner!

By Evelyn
5 Ways to Be More Socially Involved In your Neighbourhood to Seek Love

Your Neighborhood: Great Place To Know A Potential Date

In this time and day, meeting someone nice to go out on a date is not easy, it's always something. We're too busy, there's not enough time, we're not completely comfortable using dating apps, just thinking about it makes us want to crawl back to bed and hide under the sheets... shall we go on? As hard as it is to find potential dates (not just hookups), it's not impossible, you just have to put some effort into it and maybe think outside the box.

Where can you meet someone to go on a date and potentially the love of your life? Your workplace? Yes, that's a good place to start, the chances of finding someone there with things in common with you and who has the same crazy schedule... it has possibilities but have you thought to look a little bit closer to home? How about in your neighborhood? There are many possibilities there too. you just need a plan.

Have you taken the time to look around your neighborhood? There are places there where you can go and try to find a date. You can use a location-based dating app sure, but if you're one of those people that's not comfortable using dating apps or you have used them and nothing happened, then it's time to go outside and maybe take a walk around the block? You'll notice that there are nice coffee shops nearby or maybe a nice little park or a community center or a couple of bars or a gym or a crafts center? All those are places where you can find your potential true love, and they're just around the corner!

Maybe you have been walking around in your neighborhood but so far nothing has happened. Then it's time to change your routine. If you haven't met anyone hanging out at your gym or at the coffee shop look around and find someplace else to hang. We know, it's easy to get comfortable and rather easy to become creatures of habit but there's nothing wrong in mixing it up a little. You can still go to your favorite coffee shop but how about once in while you go to the book store or go take a walk in the park? You'll maybe feel weird at first but eventually, you'll see that those other places have lots of potential regarding dates. And well, even if you don't meet someone there is a nice change of scene and you'll discover new things about your neighborhood.

5 Ways to Be More Socially Integrated into Your Neighborhood

Your chances of finding dates and potentially the love of your life in your neighborhood go up if people within your community know who you are and have seen you around. But there are lots of advantages to getting involved or being more socially integrated into your neighborhood. That sense of belonging and doing something to try to make things better is something that we all should aim to do. 

There are some things you can do that can help you be more in tune with what's happening in your neighborhood. Connections are what make us humans thrive, right? We connect with family and friends and yes, we can connect with neighbors too. Even if you don't find the love of your life there, creating a friendly network with your neighbors will give you a sense of belonging and it'll make you feel good. When you work together with your neighbors to make a tighter community it makes you feel like you're part of something bigger than yourself and that's a goal we should all aim to achieve.

Here are 5 ways to be more socially integrated into your community or neighborhood to help build a strong one.

1. Open the door and step outside

If you want to make things happen you have to get up the couch and step outside but you don't have to go very far, the front of your house could be enough. Some of the best encounters are the ones that happen casually. You can meet people just by getting your mail or by doing some gardening in your front yard or by tinkering in your garage with the doors open or by just hanging out in your porch sipping some lemonade or coffee. You can also venture further by walking instead of driving to go somewhere near. 

2. Host a party or a potluck and invite your neighbors

Check out your calendar and pick up a date and time to host a neighborhood party or a potluck (those are always fun), then printout some fliers and distribute them around the block. It can also be a cookout where everyone can pitch in. You can do it in a common area (maybe the neighborhood park has a space design for that) or you can do it in your front yard. This kind of shindig is always a nice way to meet your neighbors, it's a relaxed environment where everyone can have a good time while getting to know each other.

3. Create and manage a neighborhood page in social media

Take advantage of social media and bring together your neighborhood by creating a private neighborhood page on Facebook. You can use this tool as a collaborative bulletin board where everyone can post news about the neighborhood or share ideas and recommendations (preschools, new businesses, lost pets, garage sales). Or you can volunteer or help facilitate to launch your own neighborhood website.

4. Establish a book-lending or a tool lending library

This is a great way to get everyone involved and encourage the young ones to read a little bit more (it's a little old school considering the e-readers devices but some people still prefer to actually hold a book and turn the pages). You can establish some kind of cupboard library in the neighborhood park, typically this kind of libraries look like a big mailbox with a clear glass door. Inside there are all kinds of books and the dynamic is to leave a book if you take a book. It could be a great place to meet like-minded people.

Another idea could be to establish a tool-lending library (see if your community center can donate a space where you can establish it), It'll be like a tool sharing center where neighbors can donate tools (you can try and see if some local hardware store can donate some tools too). It could be a lifesaver for some of your neighbors because they'll know where to go if they need a tiller or a chainsaw or a ladder. This is a resource that can be shared by the whole community and it could also be a place where you can stop and chat a little with your neighbors.

5. Plant a community garden

Want to create a beautiful thing together? How about creating a community garden where everyone can put their hands-on. If you have a grassy space in your property, you can use is to create the garden or you can see if some other neighbor has some space in his property he's willing to donate. Once you have the space, invite your neighbors to collaborate so that you can make it beautiful with flowers and plants. Also, ask if, within the community, there is someone with gardening knowledge that can lend his or her expertise to make the community garden better. This can spark the idea of a gardening club in the neighborhood and voila, you'll have yet another place to meet someone.

How to Approach The Girl or Guy that You Have Chemistry With

It finally happened, you met someone and you heard the "click". You think there's chemistry between you two, so now what? Well, you need to explore that possibility to make sure the chemistry is both ways and real so you need to further your acquaintance by spending more quality time knowing each other. Here are a few tips on how you can approach him or her.

Be casual about it

Don't force things, it's better to approach him or her casually. Maybe you see him (while taking a walk around the block) getting his mail or doing a workout in his front yard or she's puttering in the garden, then stop and say hi, and have a little chat. Usually, that's a good way to notice if there are sparks flying around between you two. 

Ask him or her on a date

If you're receiving signals that he or she is interested too, then maybe it's time to ask for a date or make things happen to get asked on a date. It's doesn't have to be a dinner date it can be just coffee or a picknick at the park. Just find the right environment to keep exploring the chemistry to see if you can be more than friends.

Be clear and honest about what you want

Things are looking great, your date or dates with your neighborhood crush are going in the right direction and you feel that it can turn into something else. Maybe it's time to test the waters and tell him or her that and ask if they're on the same page. If they are, then keep working to make the budding relationship work. If they are not, then (to avoid heartbreaks and all the drama) it's better to end things and just be neighbors.

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Being an active member of a community is a win-win situation. You get to be part of something bigger than you and your community or neighborhood gets stronger and tighter. Getting more socially involved in your neighborhood can also benefit your love life, so don't isolate yourself within your home, go outside and get involved, you'll not regret it.



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