5 Unique Healing Spa Everyone Should Experience At Least Once!

Explore and go beyond the physical plane of healing spas

By Sameet
5 Unique Healing Spa Everyone Should Experience At Least Once!

A Good Healing Spa is Not Just A Massage

When you talk about healing, it means everything, your mind, body, and soul. So think, can a massage do everything? It's just the body getting all tension-free but what about the mind wandering here and there? What's the point if even after a spa day you still have your worries, constantly on your mind? A massage is no doubt a go-to therapy session that soothes your muscles and skin throughout but there is much more to bodily healing that you might not be aware of.

True Meaning of Healing

Healing is a whole process of everything that makes our personality. Not merely a physically active and healthy body. Each of the following component helps in its unique way to help a person heal entirely.

The Mind

Our brain controls all functions of our body and also itself. When the mind is not at peace, there is no way your body stays well. There are dreadful conditions like depression, anxiety, fears, etc that seem to be a part of our normal lives, but if not checked, they start affecting our overall health. Mental tensions lead to the tiredness of the eyes, headache, muscle fatigue and laziness. These aren't healthy at all. So instead of hesitating to visit your shrink, or consulting someone about these so-called minor issues, get that therapy and get healing.

The Soul

Some people don't even consider the soul being an actual influencing part of us. But it is, through spiritual well being, you can achieve a happy and peaceful soul that keeps a balance in everything either that's your health or general moods. People often find themselves confused about what they want or desire, so for that soul therapy works and helps you connect with your OWN self. Only then you can figure out the rest of the world.

The Body

Finally, our body that takes up all the tensions, either physical or mental ones, keeps on tolerating until there comes a time when it's done. There can be many physical manifestations of stress like pain, soreness, immobility, and tremors. to heal the body is the first priority. The best methods are the ones that offer direct contact, like a massage. But now other therapies like hydrotherapy and yoga have proven to be very effective to take your body up to the level of maximum healing and comfort. A relaxed body will open doors for you that you might not even be aware of.

Qualities of a good spa

a. Staff

Everyone prefers nice and soft-spoken people. If someone is rude to you when you've just arrived somewhere, no matter how exclusive or 5-star facilities they offer, they are futile. The point of Spas and therapies is to get away from bad vibes. So manners, etiquette, body language and the way of handling the customers, every single thing counts.

b. Therapists

The Spa people should have their facts straight and know definitely what they're doing. Just like a doctor knows what suits their patients, what medicine they require to heal, Spa therapists should know the depths of treatments and the science behind them. Only then they can provide the best care for their people.

c. Ambiance

A nice and clean environment helps fasten the healing process. Some Spas include aroma therapy as their environmental factor which immediately starts therapy without the person even knowing. People in fresh clothes and smiling faces soothes the heart. Simple yet beautiful decors with eye-pleasing colors of the interiors, all add up to the ambiance of the Spa place.

d. Location

The best Spas are always away from the stresses of the world, the traffic, the pollution, smoke and the terrible noise. It is best to keep such therapy institutes within nature or as close as possible to it. Destinations in islands, beaches and forests prove to be more effective than those in closed buildings. 

5 Unique Healing Spa Experience

Besides regular spas and massage therapies, try out some unique and exotic spa sessions that will turn your life around. Unique therapies sure sound a bit scary yet interesting but trust us, it's totally worth the while.

Hypnotherapy Spa

You got it right by the name, hypnotherapy targets your mind first which leads to the body's healing eventually. The main goal of hypnotherapy is to achieve a state of Trance which is only possible after intense concentration when everything else around just gets blocked. That is the point when your mind is no longer preoccupied and the therapist then guides you only towards the healing and blocking out the pain (both physical and mental), permanently.

Besides of being a healing spa, hypnotherapy has also been helpful in certain conditions like:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Phobias and Anxieties
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

1. Samkara Wellness Retreats & Holistic Spa, Koh Phangan

Source :@samkarawellness/Instagram

Samkara Wellness Retreats & Holistic Spa

Thailand holds its place for the extremely pure therapies and cultural serenities ever found. People from all over the world visit Thailand to attain peace and well-being. On a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand, you can find the Samkrana Wellness Retreats which have experts on hypnotherapy to guide your mind towards Trance and then the freedom of thought and pain.

Watsu Spa

Watsu heals from the core, your mind, and your body. Imagine the feeling of being cradled in warm waters along with stretching your body. The origin of Watsu therapy was back in 1980 by Harold Dull. This is a combination of 'water' and 'shiatsu (stretching)'. Initially, it gained popularity mainly due to its physical effects but now the healing has reached the depths of the human body and has become emotionally and energetically effective.

2. Watsu at The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows, Hawaii

Source: aubergeresorts.com/maunalani/

Mauna Lani - Hawaii Luxury Resort -

What is a better hydrotherapy location than a natural one? You can experience nature's warmth very closely with their Lava enhanced salt pools. The special trainers are well known for their abilities to understand their customers and provide only the best healing therapy they have to offer. The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel offers this therapy both indoors and outdoors for around 50 minutes or 80 minutes

Sand and Salt Spa

If you have ever been to the beach, you know the warmth and the cozy feeling the sand gives when it touches your skin. Now imagine your whole body covered (or more like buried) in the sand. Besides the warm and soothing effects of sand, salts and minerals added to it, do their thing in loosening up the muscle tension and detoxifying the body. 

3. Chan & Yupa Wellness Spa, Bangkok

Chan and Yupa Wellness Spa

No doubt Bangkok is saturated with great spas, but C&Y spa has done it to achieve a 10/10 review from their customers, from being the nicest staff to the best healing therapists one has to offer. They have a special Himalyan salt therapy chamber which wraps your body up in mineralized sand, having all those salts to boost circulation and take all of your worries away along with the bodily toxins.

Snow Spa

Snow helping you heal and relax? It seems like a big no-no but believe it or not, Snow Spas exist and are considered to be really effective healing destinations.

4. Snow Paradise at K West Hotel & Spa, London

Source: Oyster.com

K West Hotel & Spa Review

Experience a -5 degrees Fahrenheit chill room at K West Hotel & Spa. The cold plunge is to immune your body's immune system by improving circulation. This is done by a hot-cold therapy combined, you are switched from the cold hard temperature to a full heated sauna or steam room. Hydrotherapy is also a part of this treatment. This Adult-only facility can be availed along with its relaxation room by booking a spa treatment. 

Crystal Spa

As pretty as they look, you'll be shocked to know about the healing powers of crystals. They are known since ancient times, working their magic and being energy healers. Crystals work by keeping a balance between energies within and outside your body. Jade rollers are very common nowadays as face massagers. These precious stones can be sealed in water bottles to instill their powers to the water or even for skin care products and therapies.

5. Lumeria Maui, Hawaii

Source: lumeriamaui.com

Maui Couples Retreat

Here, traditional Hawaiian massages are combined with healing crystals or as a part of some other of their therapies like Ayurveda, mystic readings or medicine songs. Turn to this amazing retreat where you'll find healing and wellness beyond your imagination. 

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Everybody needs a retreat every once in a while, not just to get away from the wordly tensions, but also to get to know their body and their soul. The things that bring them peace, the body's way of telling us what it needs to heal and relax deeply. So pick a spot and your favourite therapy session, spas are there for your comfort, avail them to the fullest.