8 Ways to Check if This House is Haunted or Not

Level up your 6th sense to avoid haunted houses on sale!

By Kimmy
8 Ways to Check if This House is Haunted or Not

Been in a Place and Feel like Something is Amissed?

The tingling feeling in your guts, the breeze that makes your hair stand, the energy that runs through your body, the dizziness, the lost of breath, the blurry visions, all these could be signs when you feel something isn't right about a place, or more precisely when there's a demonic presence.

Is this sound familiar to you? Going to a somewhat worn-out place with flickering lights dangling down from the ceiling. The walls are infested with moles and insects. There's just an eerie feeling about places like those, even though they seem to be legitimate from the outside.

You don't need to be gifted to feel the demonic presence. Everyone has the ability to sense danger, that sense is more prominent when you're in a spooky setting, usually of dim lights and cold environment. You walk down the house thinking it's the best deal ever, this house just needs some work, but at the same time, you have a gut feeling telling you that there's a reason why this property is so cheap, other than the kindness of the owners.

Are you being crazy or this house may be the playground of some unwanted beings? Here are the 8 ways to check if you have found a gem in the property market or troubles waiting to happen!

8 Ways to Check The House is Haunted or Not

1. Sudden change in temperature

Rule number 1 in all ghost huntings and evidence of a demonic presence. People always report feeling a sudden drop in temperature in a particular room or hallway. It may last for a few seconds or minutes or even until you leave a certain area of the house that it will return to normal again.

Assuming everything else is constant, there's really no reason for a specific part of the house to have a noticeable temperature difference. And it's more than just feeling chilly, you feel it in your bones too. It's not just cold, it's more like an ice cube on your heart. It makes you shiver. That's the first strong piece of evidence that something is wrong.

Walk around the house a few times and don't miss any corners like the attic and basement. It may not happen every time but just that one thing is enough to raise your alert.

2. Electronic failures (items belonging to the house)

Any flickering lights and radio turning on itself are considered electronic failures as it could be caused by malfunctioning or something more ominous. Coincidence doesn't happen three times. The first time it happens it can be just pure luck, the second time is a coincidence and third time, either something is really bad with wiring or something is telling you to get out.

Rarely would any electronic malfunction to cause an electronic item to switch on and off itself. You might have a higher chance of winning the lottery. If it happens, you might want to leave ASAP.

3. Electronic failures (items belonging to you)

If electronic malfunctioning can be explained by faulty wiring and old age in the house, electronic malfunctioning can't explain why it's happening to you. Your phone may shut down and start dialing to people without you noticing, your car refuses to start and your watch stops.

These signs are way more compelling than anything you could find in the house because it happens on your belongings. No logic can explain why all your items fail at the same time. There has to be a not-so-friendly figure in the house. That should be the sign that you don't want to live in this house. Bring a compass or a few other small items with you to see if they malfunction on the ground. Ghosts emits some types of waves that affect magnets and communication systems according to experts, thus causing the malfunctions.

4. Unidentifiable sounds

Some unidentifiable sounds come from piping but most are just...unidentifiable. You thought someone drop their pen in the bedroom just to find an empty room with dust. These sounds might be the spirits playing games with you. They like to trick your mind to tip you over the edge so you go insane. All those unidentifiable sounds could be something more sinister than just an old building being sold.

5. Misplaced items

Put your phone on the bed just to find it again on the kitchen counter? Misplaced items are common in haunted houses. If the ghosts can't get to you, they can at least play with your things to weaken your mental state. Misplaced items can follow a pattern or it can be random.

You may always find the misplaced items on the same spot or just randomly around the house. Nonetheless, no one mistakes where they put their belongings so many times. It's probably not you being careless, it's probably something playing with you.

6. Pets' unusual behaviors

Are your dogs barking at the door even though no one is outside? Is your cat trying to dig her way out of the house desperately? Animals have a stronger perception of spirits. They may treat the unwelcome being as a threat to the household, hence the constant barking reported by many who have previously stayed in a haunted house.

Animals are also the first to suffer when the spirits want to do you harm due to their extra sensory perception, they are more perceptible towards the evilness and get hurt more easily.

7. Holy items get destroyed

For most of the religious people, a bible and a cross are must-have household items. These holy items may not fulfill their duties as the evil present can usually turn against these items and destroy them. Your cross constantly falling down from the wall and your bible ending up in the furnace are signs that there's an evil presence in the house.

Holy items are seen as untouchables and a sign of peace. Wrecking your holy items shows how aggressive the ghost is and it's definitely not your lost loved ones.

8. Check if there's unusual smell

Demons and ghosts usually leave behind a scent, mostly described as the smell of sulphur or rotten eggs. Your house may be the haunting ground if it smells like that. The small would come suddenly and leave without a trace. It doesn't smell like it's originating from somewhere, but more like it's all around you.

Top 3 FAQs

What to do if the house is haunted?

Get a priest to "ask the spirits out". That would be the first thing anyone should do. Do not attempt to communicate to the spirits yourself as you don't know if they mean harm or not. Talking to spirits on your own may bring catastrophic results. Get a expert to examin it for you to see if it's actually haunted.

If you're currently residing in the house, leave the house as soon as you can and settle down somewhere else first if it shows signs of aggression. In some cases, if you are a total non-believer, you can actually just live your life normally. Some say spirits feed on your fear so if you truly don't believe it then you shouldn't be scared of it and nothing will do you harm.

What if we are still insistent on buying the place?

Again, go to a priest to get the place "cleansed" before moving in. Make sure you have some blessed items in the house, as instructed by the priest. If you have a higher budget, do consider to tear down the house and rebuild it from scratch. Sometimes spirits linger on in their old residence and once the residence is gone they will go too.

Do buy it under your own consideration. Try to negotiate even a better deal, after all, not a lot of people are willing to buy a haunted house.

Will the ghost follow me out of the house?

It depends.

It really depends on how strong the spirits are and if it can leave its host. Most of the time the house acts as a host to the spirits and they can't leave the boundaries as they will lose their host. That's why for most the hauntings stopped right after moving out. But for some stronger spirits or even more demonic presence, they can leave the host freely and find a new host, very possibly to be you.

If you encounter stronger spirits, there is a chance that the ghost can follow you out of the house and mess up your life inside and out, but the chance of encountering such spirits is low.

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Are you convinced you have a ghost living with you or you are being paranoid? Either way, all these 8 ways should've cleared some clouds up! Ghosts aren't always evil, maybe some have unfinished business that they want some help. Whatever the cause is, do not attempt to communicate with them on your own, you never know what you've invited into the house. Go to the local church and get some help from the priest if you're still unsure and afraid!