Your Guide To Dating A Girl With Major Daddy Issues

This guide was created to help any guy understand the psychology behind a girl that he is dating that exhibits symptoms of having daddy issues.

By Candace Levine
Your Guide To Dating A Girl With Major Daddy Issues


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are dating a girl and she seems overly emotional about the smallest things? It may also seem like she is always feeling down a lot, is often unsure about herself, lacks confidence, and might not have the greatest relationship with her father. Sorry to say, but these symptoms may suggest that your girlfriend is suffering from a common case of daddy issues. When a girl has daddy issues, which is actually quite common for this generation, building a relationship with her can seem tough. It may also even seem impossible! She may suffer from symptoms of low self-esteem, have a really hard time trusting others, and can’t even begin to bear the pain that comes with being alone because she feels as if she is being abandoned. These types of issues are often due to an estranged relationships with females and their father figures. All of these types of problems that she has may make you consider leaving her. You may have no understanding of the psychology behind it and, you may even label her as “crazy” and just block her number and never talk to her again! However, if you are really a man at all and you love her, you will want to help her conquer all of her fears! You may want to begin to do research to understand the psychology at work here. And if you are this guy, then this guide is for you! The tips listed throughout this guide are for you guys out there who aren’t afraid of being with a girl who has daddy issues. This guide is to help you understand her, along with the psychology background of this topic, and to help build a better relationship with your special other!

Educate Yourself on the Psychology of Girls with Daddy Issues

It is important to learn more about the psychological background, the signs, and the symptoms of a girl who has daddy issues. Once you are aware of the symptoms associated with not having a good father figure around, you will first be able to decide if the girl you are dating has daddy issues. Then once you know that she definitely does, you will be able to understand what exactly has caused these problems within her psyche.

Psychology Based Symptoms Associated with Daddy-less Girls

This is a short list to determine if you are dealing with a girl that has daddy issues. - She needs constant reassurance that she is loved - She comes off as clingy and jealous - Constantly checks your phone and emails - She is insecure about your relationship - Exhibits symptoms of depression and anxiety - She has symptoms of low self-esteem There are various psychology books and psychology based websites that you could log on to find out more about the symptoms this topic. If you really care about the girl you are dating, do the research on these symptoms, to find more details. It is definitely necessary and can be quite beneficial when trying to turn things around!

Be Understanding of the Girl you are Dating with Daddy Issues

Once you have taken the time to do some research on the psychology of girls with daddy issues, you will then begin to understand her way more than before. By understanding the psychology behind her behavior, you will be able to correlate her behavior and symptoms with her past experiences. Nine times out of ten you will not even have to contemplate for very long. Using the symptoms listed above, it might be quite evident. It may be that you will see her behavior first-hand, using those symptoms as a reference. You might even witness poor communication between them while she is having a conversation with her father figure. It may even be that she does not even talk to her father at all, he may not even be in her life. Or perhaps you may not even see first-hand. What usually happens is that she may sit down and tell you her whole life story, leaving no information out. Girls that lack father figures always tend to get emotional about their upbringing and tend to have vent sessions with others that they trust about it. Either way, try your best to be understanding of her symptoms at all times. The more you practice the better you will get at it. The benefits that will come from just simply trying to see where she is coming from will be tremendous!

Be Patient with the Girl you are Dating that has Daddy Issues

How many times has someone told you that patience is key! Patience is the key to many things in life, and this definitely true for making a relationship work with someone who has daddy issues. Due to the many symptoms that girls without good father figures will go through, patience will come in handy. There may be days when your girlfriend is overly emotional. She may not even be able to get out of the bed and participate in her daily activities. She may suffer from mood swings and depression; which psychology backs up as being two of the main symptoms associated with a disrupted family life. Your girlfriend may also lash out on you and blame you for all of her problems. By being patient with her, it will help you from getting so upset and frustrated and, it will also give her time to calm down and actually think things through.

Find Out What Triggers Her Symptoms

There are indeed triggers that are associated with the symptoms of girls with daddy issues. Here is a short list of triggers that people who study psychology say may be associated with your girlfriend’s emotional outbursts. -When she feels rejected -When someone is unavailable to her -When someone is threatening her to leave or is actually leaving -When someone is trying to control her (Psychologically or physically) -Someone being judgmental or critical of her The list continues, but try to stay away from doing any of these things! A good way to find out what her triggers are is to write it down or, keep a mental journal of what is happening before she gets upset. You will begin to start to notice a pattern between her being emotional and what was said or done prior to her emotional reaction. To find more psychology lists on things that could trigger your girlfriend to become an emotion wreck, go to the library and find psychology books to read!

Don’t be Abusive (Mental, Emotionally or Physically) to Girls Without Good Father Figures

Now that you are aware of the Psychology aspect of this topic, you may begin to realize how vulnerable the girl that you are dating really is. By this point in your relationship I am pretty sure that she has opened up to you and told you pretty much all about her life, her daddy issues included! I am also sure that while you are reading this you have noticed that your girlfriend does have a few, if not all of these symptoms that were previously listed. In any relationship, knowing what triggers someone to behave in various ways may seem like a psychological advantage. However, DO NOT use this information to your advantage! You should not want to damage a flower that is already withering. In other words, you do not want to cause any kind of harm to someone (by increasing the severity level of their symptoms) who is already hurting deeply inside. As previously stated at the beginning of this article, this guide is only for guys who want to help the girl that they are dating with daddy issues, learn more about the psychology behind these issues and, to become a better person for their relationship, so that it can blossom. Psychology forums and books always say that abuse does not just come in just one form. These psychology documents also state that it is not only physical but can also be mental and emotional, but you shouldn't need a book to know never to abuse your significant other. By abusing a girl that has daddy issues you can reopen wounds that were already in the process of healing. This can cause her to take steps backwards and even make her symptoms worse than they were from the beginning. By protecting your girlfriend’s mental, physical, and emotional health, you are helping her to heal the wound. By assisting in the healing process from her daddy issues and not using the information you know against her, you will also be helping yourself to be a better you!

Keep her Daddy Issues Only Between You Two

With all of the interesting and drama filled stories your girlfriend may have told you about her life that revolves around her father figure, it may seem hard for you to keep your mouth shut. But trust me, this is something that you need to learn how to do. Do not exploit your girlfriend, do not tell your guy friends that she bugs out all of the time. Even if she never finds out, this is not a good look. She is already dealing with self-esteem issues and she does not need anyone giving her odd looks when she walks into a room. When in public, she may get emotional and start to display symptoms that make it obvious that she has daddy issues, and people may often ask you what is wrong with her. However, this is still not the time to blatantly say “oh she just has daddy issues”. Let her explain to people she feels comfortable with and when the time is right. Do not go around telling your family or even people who does not even know who she is. Word does get around and it may come back around to bite you in the butt.

Most Importantly, be Loving to the Girl you are Dating with Daddy Issues

The most important advice that I can give you is to be loving! When you are showering your girlfriend with constant love and affection, she will forget about her father figure and all that has happened between them, even if it is only just for one minute. Be the guy in your girl’s life that she feels a constant breath of fresh air with. Be the guy that helps her to escape away from the chaos in her mind. Be patient and let your love and light surround her through these tough daddy issues that she is dealing with. She will love you even more. Supporting her also goes hand in hand with loving her. Whether it be suggesting she sign up for different types of therapy to talk about her daddy issues, or taking her hand and supporting her while she gets professional help with someone who studies psychology. All of these actions will make it just a little bit more helpful to help her overcome her symptoms that are associated with her daddy issues.

The Wrap Up

This was just a short guide to help you understand what qualities that you need to develop to help you while dating a girl with daddy issues. Yes, I know that is sounds like a lot and it sounds tough because it is tough dealing with someone who is overly emotional. But doing this work can change the life of the person you are with. One last thing that was not mentioned: do not let the girl you are dating with daddy issues use you to her advantage. A lot of times these types of girls like to use their daddy issues to their advantage and play the victim. They can manipulate you by saying things like, “my dad always did the same things you are doing” to make you feel bad. Take stock: you might be unintentionally abusive. But if not, remember to be kind as you communicate that, though you acknowledge how she feels, you think it's possible she might be projecting. They may also use their daddy issues to get you to do whatever it is that they want. It is always okay to be firm and let them know that their behavior is not right and that it will not be tolerated. There are many resources available to you to help you learn about the psychology behind girls with daddy issues! Hang in there! I have faith that you will be able to work through these daddy issues with your girlfriend. Even if you can’t be the person to heal her completely from her daddy issues, you could certainly help aid in the process. Good Luck!