Should I Continue Dating For The Sake Of Love?

Should you continue dating because of the feeling of love?

By Michele
Should I Continue Dating For The Sake Of Love?

Life can sometimes get complicated and that can lead to frustration, especially when you are putting effort into some person by investing your time and in return get little or nothing. Here, I am going to discuss how to date someone you love and when to quit altogether and move on.

It is very important to learn how to respect yourself and have some boundaries that define your existence. Even if you love someone there is no need to be all over him. This will make you appear weak and that someone will for sure take you for granted.

Dating just for the sake of love isn’t a bad idea at all. But we have to explore different dimensions of this sort of dating scenario. Discussion done in this article will answer your question: should I continue dating for the sake of love?

When Love is the Only Thing Keeping You In…

Love is the fundamental reason why both of you got together. Love is blind which is why it may be keeping you in an underserving relationship and you are keeping it up because you love him/ her. 

As the topic suggests the discussion will focus on the concept of dating someone whom you love.

Okay so you have spent some time with a guy and have developed feelings for him, but notice that he is not responding properly. By proper manner here, I mean that he isn’t putting any sort of considerable effort to spend time with you or make you feel special.

If you are dating someone of that sort, it will certainly lead to several questions like:

1. Should I spend time with this person or not?
2. Am I pressing him/her too much?
3. Does he/she even have feelings for me?

4. Am I wasting my time?
5. Does he/she like someone else?
6. Is he willing to date me for a long time and get into a relationship?

Above are the few questions that will bug you. It is a sort of situation when others don’t clap for you and make you feel alone. It is not a good feeling at all trust me! Getting no appreciation in return will certainly lower your morale and even lead to trust and confidence issues. Here, I have created two definite topics for discussion that will help you with your dating scenario. Follow them and then make a decision.

1. Why You Should Continue Dating

There are several aspects of dating someone you love. Here, I will put forward a few realistic ones that will make the situation clear for you.

2. Does He/She Texts or Calls You First?

Staying in contact is one of the basics when it comes to dating and moving together. If your partner texts you or calls you first it means that he/she is interested and thinks about you. Always remember that it takes a little effort to remember someone in this crazy and hectic lifestyle of ours. So appreciate this step.

3. Does He/She Make a Plan?

After being the first one to contact does your partner make a proper plan with you like going out for a movie you guys can take it along further., a dinner, a game or anything of that sort. If yes, then it means he/she is willing to spend time with you and loves your company. This also indicates that your partner wants to know you better so that

4. Does He/She Share His Life with You?

By life, I mean his/her routine, interests and anything of that sort. If someone shares his daily activities with you it means that he/she considers you a part of his/her life and wants you to reciprocate in the same manner. You need to listen to his/her activities and always remember the likes and dislikes. This will make you special in your partner's view.

5. Does He/She Discuss the Future?

Discussing how the future needs to be shaped, indicates that your partner wants to spend proper time with you and he/she is just not whiling away time. Isn’t that a great thing that your emotions and feelings of love are being respected and shaped in the best possible manner

6. Does He/She Make you Feel Special?

If your dating partner is interested in you he/she will make extra efforts to please you. Like it is your birthday he/she will plan a surprise and choose the best gift for you. In the same manner, he/she will be extremely happy with any sort of accomplishments that you make in your education or career.

7. Why You Should Not Continue Dating

Some indicators reveal if a person is interested in you or not. You need to be extremely careful with the time wasters and manipulators. They drain you out physically, mentally and emotionally. Let us have a look at different factors that determine that you must quit dating that person at once.

8. It’s You Who Contacts First

So it is you, who always calls or texts first and makes a plan of any sort. If that is the case, it means that he/she is not interested at all and just doesn’t want you around. Not answering the call or replying to a text after hours or delaying a plan indicates that he has his focus somewhere else. These are some obvious elements that tell you about his/her intentions towards you. Be very considerate.

9. Doesn’t Put Any Sort of Effort

If your partner doesn't even remember your favorite color or your birthday or your favorite dish or doesn't worry about your feelings is he/she worth all your time? Well, certainly not! Getting nothing in return for your dedication is certainly heartbreaking. Consider your worth and make a decision that will make you happy.

10. Doesn’t Share Much

One of the major signs of a potential partner is that he/she will work hard to make you a part of their life. It is only possible by sharing everything relevant and caring about each other. If he/she doesn't care or respect your feelings and doesn't share anything important for your relationship then it means you are headed in the wrong direction. Then It is only you, who are struggling. 

11. Avoids Interaction

Apart from being a lazy partner if he/she is actually free and still skips the plan to meet or contact you it certainly means that there is a lack of interest. A person will avoid someone whom he/she is not interested in. Sorry, but you are quite naive if you do not understand what’s thrown at you. 

12. Doesn’t Makes You a Part of His/Her Life

A person who is not interested in you will never want you to get close to his family or friends or even know about his work and interests. These elements are an integral part of anyone’s life. If your dating partner tries to isolate you then it is a clear indicator that he isn’t involved and has no consideration for your feelings.

What is Your Decision?

Now your decision must rest on the points that, I have shared in the above two headings. I have discussed carefully all of the points that are relevant to the couples who are dating. If you see that in spite of every effort from your side, there is no positive development then it is about time that you make a decision. Your decision must be based on what you are investing and what you expect in return.

There is some sort of compromise in every relationship, but it doesn't mean that you continue to suffer at the cost of love. Your mental health must be your priority. What is the use of burning your emotions and feelings for a simply careless person?


I hope you have found the answer to your questions and uncertainties.

And I also hope that I have made things easier for you. The points that I have discussed in this reading have been put forward in a very simple manner so that you do not get further confused.

Just keep your priorities straight forward and never compromise on your mental and emotional health. I wish you all the best with your love life. And yes I would also like to add that patience and commitment is the key to upholding any trustworthy relationship.