6 Tips On How To Practice Mindful Dating With Your Partner

Understand what is mindful dating and the dos and don'ts of it

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6 Tips On How To Practice Mindful Dating With Your Partner

What is Mindful Dating Exactly?

We're constantly asking ourselves how we should act or what we should when we're dating someone. We're actively searching for answers. Mindful dating isn't a new concept or a rare one. It's something we all stive for, even if you don't know it's called mindful dating.

Being mindful to your body and soul basically means having full awareness of yourself and your surroundings, having a full understanding of everything that's going on and fully accepts it. Mindful dating is essentially the same concept, only it extends to you being mindful towards your partner's body and soul as well.

Practising mindful dating is crucial to build a healthy relationship. It allows you to have full awareness of everything around. Don't worry if you don't know how to start, follow our tips and learn!

Tips and Advices for the Dos and Don'ts of Mindful Dating

1. Listen and share

Being a good listener is just as important as being good at sharing your life. You can't just sit and talk about you, your life and your passion to your date, without having an interest in knowing more about her as well. In that case, you're only interested in yourself, not dating someone else.

Getting to know someone is the key to establishing a strong relationship. However, you can't just listen and feel good about knowing everything about her. You need to learn how to share as well.

Balance is the oldest cliche but it's true. You need to find a balance between listening and sharing. Don't overshare when you feel you aren't listening enough, and vice versa.

2. Be happy for them

It shouldn't take your partner 'getting promoted to the manager' for you to be happy for them. Be happy for them even when it's just a small thing. She may be grabbing a dinner with an old friend that she hasn't met in a year, or she might be trying out a new sport this weekend. 'That's wonderful! I'm happy for you!' Doesn't look that difficult, does it?

Being supportive and happy for things they do show that you care and want what's best for them. It's also an act of selfless, because what makes them happy could, often enough, doesn't include you. You just need to look past that and be happy for them. They are happy around you, but they can also enjoy life without having you around for a while.

3. Stay positive

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It goes a long way. Your mind shapes your world. If you believe everything is bad and will only be worse, even if something positive shows up you will not think it would ever make a difference. On the contrary, if you stay positive, it's easier to see the silver lining in everything.

Encourage yourself to always put on a smile and believe things aren't as bad as they seem. You will be surprised how many more solutions you can come up when you have your positive thinking helmet on!

Don't drown yourself in depressing thoughts. Fill yourself with happy thoughts and lift everyone up around with the same smile you carry on your face!

4. Communicate, don't guess

People must have told you already that you should never guess what your partner is thinking. If you have a question or doubts, don't hesitate to ask. So many relationships got ruined because people were too busy guessing their partners' intention. All the misunderstandings happen because of the lack of communication.

People tend to believe the worst. Your partner may not be trying to hurt you. It could just be a simple misunderstanding. But you would lose the chance to find out the truth if you only guess. Actively communicate with your partner to fully understand what's going. It the key to a healthy relationship and mindful dating.

Don't just focus on catching up on what they're donig all day, especially when you don't get to see each other often. It's good to know what they're doing, but it's even more important to know how they're feeling. Would going to the cinema really help if they're struggling at work? How do they truly feel about it? Do they want to talk it out? Ask them directly how they're feeling in certain situations and make sure they aren't going bed bottling everything up.

5. Initiates interesting topics to discuss

Instead of simply talking about your life and passion, try discussing something new and interesting. Ask your partner what they think about climate change, if they believe pitbulls are truly dangerous or what would they do if they're given a chance to leave Earth in the future. If you want something funnier, ask them if they think cavemen 5000 years ago shared the same sense of humor and would find pranks funny.

These questions may seem somewhat silly, but it allows you to see how your partner thinks and how their mind works. It lets you see the different side of them, by asking questions that they probably don't have the answer to. It's a very interesting thing to try! Come up with some crazy, or even silly, questions to ask your partner!

6. Be there for them

So many people only want to share happiness and not sadness. They find it hard to deal with when you're down and want you to work things out on your own and come back to them when you're happy again.

Being there for your partner is important when practising mindful dating. You're sharing your life together, not only the happy moments. There may be sad moments that you don't want to deal with, but you have to know that you can only receive the joy from your partner when they are happy. You have to find a way to bring joy to them as well when they're down.

Don't avoid them, be there for them. You have no idea how much your presence means to them and how much you can cheer them up just by being there.

Top 3 Mindful Dating Apps with reviews

1. MeetMindful

It's no longer about judging someone simply by their appearance and just a one-line description. It's about finding like-minded people to nurture your souls as one. MeetMindful allows you to develop a healthy dating lifestyle with people sharing what you believe in. It's about the union of two similar souls, not two pretty faces. They offer a lot of trips to their users to enjoy a happy and simple relationship.

Available on Apple and Google Play

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

It's so much more than just swiping left or right when you see a face. People have praised the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel for its effort to connect two souls alike, allowing users to practise mindful dating.

Girls are given only a limited amount of choices to them a day. They can choose to pick one and start a conversation and see how it goes. This prevents users from simply swiping based on appearance and encourages users to discover non-physical qualities in fellow users.

It's a beautiful app to try on if you want to connect with another soul sharing the same interests or qualities as you.

Available on Apple and Google Play

3. eharmony

Advertised as the dating app for like-minded singles, eharmony is certainly doing its part to live up to its name. You need to complete a compatibility questionnaire when signing up for eharmony. Then, your answers will be put into their algorithm, 'where magic happens' as they say. They will show you your matches with the highest compatibility.

Sure, you can have every right to doubt the accuracy of the compatibility test. But let's face it, would you think a compatibility test is less trust-worthy than simply swiping left or right where you can only judge someone by the appearance? Try this app today and check out if it works for yourself!

Available on Apple and Google Play


It's safe to say that mindful dating is the end goal for everyone that wants a healthy, long-lasting relationship. It may be difficult to make it work because humans aren't as selfless as we'd like to think. But now with our great tips on practising mindful dating, you will find your struggles going away a lot quicker and easier than you thought!

Don't worry about not being able to achieve all the goals at once. Pick one that you find the most important and stick to it, gradually expand it until you reach all the goals you want to achieve, then you will see what a beautiful thing it is to practise mindful dating with your partner.

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