Top 5 erogenous zones for women to get her fire up

Try approaching these zones during foreplay to get her hot

By Aey
Top 5 erogenous zones for women to get her fire up

Sex is a game in which rules don’t exist - each player makes their own. In other words, what works for one person might not work for the other. The good news is, there is some common ground; especially for women. All men crave the sight of their lady melting from his touches. It seems like a piece of cake on television but in reality, a little bit of research comes in handy. By the end of this article – you shall make her sing as your fingers play the right notes on her skin.

What Are Erogenous Zones

Does sexual pleasure only revolve around the act of penetration? In some ways it does but we’re talking about mind-boggling, steamy and unforgettable lovemaking. Now that certainly involves a lot more than just the main course. It’s the story, the foreplay, the patience and the complete surrender to each other that makes it wild. This is where erogenous zones come into play. Most of us already know that erogenous zones are parts of the body that have a strong tendency to turn your partner on. Let’s try to break that down and understand what exactly they are and how they work.

They’re simply parts of the human body with intensified sensitivity. Stimulation of those parts may result in relaxation, sexual arousal, orgasm – all in all, a sexual response. Even though such zones can be found all over our bodies, the sensitivity of each one differs. There are quite a few factors that contribute to a person finding touches on these areas as objectionable or pleasurable. These include the situation, the strength of a couple’s bond, and shared history.

Female erogenous zones map

There are 7 commonly known erogenous zones on a women’s body and as we all know – Monica Geller from Friends strongly agrees with it too. Let’s go through her lesson again to refresh the know Map of Female erogenous zone map:

Top 5 erogenous zones

If your moves didn’t work on your girl the first time both of you had sex, it is okay! Knowing what a girl likes in bed is a whole process and it’s unreal to know where all her buttons are. You gotta find them! Sure there are incidents where the chemistry is through the roof even the first time, but they are rare. It’s better to stick to some common erogenous zones for the first few sexual intercourses. This way, pleasure will be certain. Having this approach will also give her time to be comfortable and communicate what she likes. So, here are 5 top erogenous zones that work on every lady out there – the common ground mentioned above.

1. The nape of her neck

Feather kisses up to her ear combined with an intentional light brushing of fingertips while getting her hair out of the way is a move no girl can resist. If it’s combined with a sexy whisper, you’ve nailed that one. An easy pointer to identifying an erogenous zone is the ticklish parts; the neck is one of those. This is one area that’s underestimated and underutilized by many. It’s a super sensitive and sexy spot to invest your time in. Go ballistic! Kisses, love bites, strokes – the slower the better.

2. Inner Thighs

The same technique on the inner thighs will make you girl become a hot mess in seconds. Inner thighs are close to the genitals hence highly sensitive to the touch. Being touched there fires up the anticipation of vaginal stimulation that makes her reactions even hotter. Ladies certainly love being teased there. Start kissing and sucking near the knee slowly making your way to her vulva and stopping right before that. Don’t give what she wants right away – be playful and spontaneous. Women find it sexy.

3. Clitoris

This was no surprise. If sensitivity is what adds up to an erogenous zone, the clit is the most sensitive part of a female’s body. The secret here is the route you decide to take because this certainly isn’t the zone you want to start with. Once you’ve taken the route, the rest of the game depends on the technique. Light touches followed up with subtle grinding movement is your best bet. To make the view of her a sight to remember, see how wild she gets when sex toys come into play with this zone.  

4. Your pubic mound

This one is similar to the inner thigh zone in many ways – it’s close to the genitals and builds anticipation of being touched on the lady part. Even though the name, pubic mound, doesn’t sound sexy but her reactions will make up for it. Most effective when the area is paid attention to while being kissed on the lips. Girls love it when guys slip their hands under their shits while making out. It’s the first part that comes in contact with your hand so take your time to tell her how much you savor it. Light pinches and caresses are a good start to turn her on. After that, break the kiss and slip down to honor the area with your kisses and bites.

5. Lips

A good lip-lock can do wonders. If you know your way around her mouth, her body will be drawn to yours like a moth to a fire. Amp up the heat by starting slow than escalating it to a passionate session. See how welcoming her reaction is and then go in with your hands. Caress her sides and play with the other zones like the pubic mound or the inner thighs. Playing around on the other zones along with a passionate kiss will have her at your mercy. In no time she’ll be out of breath but in bliss.  

Tips and Tricks

So, you know how to present and enjoy the main course. Let’s talk about the sides now! Women are all for sex but the romance is where she concludes how much her presence is valued. If you truly want to give this girl the lovemaking experience of her life, little things go a long way. The following are some tips and tricks of ways you can get creative.

1. Be patient

Guys tend to rush things when they are horny. It’s completely normal but if you want her fully turned on, be patient. You don’t want her to think that you just want sex. On the other side, if you be patient with every touch and kiss, she’ll feel valued. The best way to do this by lingering a bit on every kiss. Not talking about the lips her – but her fingertips, elbows, cheeks, eyes, etc. She might even get emotional by this.

2. Whisper the magic words accompanied by the reason

I love you it is special. It always will be but in such an intimate setting – you might want to communicate your love to her in a distinct way. So, add in ‘why’. Why do you love her? If you squeeze in a few spicy things here, she will find it sexy. For example, tell her that you love the scent of her hair, the voice of her laugh and her expression when you’re inside her.

3. Tell her to take control

This one is the best way to make your girl comfortable even if she’s shy. When you know she’s turned on, stop making moves and tell her that you’ll only continue with things she tells you to do. She might even get more turned on by your surrender of control to her. You’ll notice her more vocal the next time you have sex.

4. Talk Dirty

Even though it’s not everyone’s piece of cake but it can do wonders when done right. Make her sit close to you, preferably on your lap. Whisper everything you want to do to her on her ears while sensually touching her but don’t make moves. Wait until she can’t resist it and insists you to proceed. To make the whole mood even sexier, try asking her to do something if she wants you.

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People have different needs and want when it comes to their sexual life. If the right moves are made, they will communicate what they want. Even if they don’t tell you, their body and reaction most certainly will. Use the techniques mentioned in this articles wisely and you’re in for an experience of a lifetime.


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