Top 15 Adult Romance Books For You To Read In 2019

Find the next fifty shades of grey? 15 new titles not to miss

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Top 15 Adult Romance Books For You To Read In 2019

Adult Romance Book: Steamy Erotic Stories for Arousal

Erotic books have gained immense popularity in adults during the last few years. Not only men but also women search for steamy erotic stories for arousal. Fifty shades of grey are one of the many examples of erotic stories that have gained enough popularity to also be declared as one of the best sellers. Most writers start writing erotic stories due to a number of reasons. While some writers write erotic stories as it is a great business opportunity while others write these stories to arouse their readers and also to be able to explore their own sexual fantasies.

15 Popular Adult Romance Books to Get

1. Reason enough by Megan Hart

Reason enough by Megan Hart

Megan Hart is a popular erotic story writer who has written books like ‘Dirty’ and ‘Reason Enough’. Both of these books are popular adult romance books. Reason enough is about a young couple Ellie and Dan who has a goal of having sex in every corner of their house and their relationship is extremely passionate and hot despite being married. However, things change a little when Dan tells Ellie about his wish of having a baby but Ellie is unsure about having a baby at that stage. Things take a new turn for the couple after this. The writer has greatly described the erotic scenes between the couple in this book. This book is worth a read if you’re into that kind of naughty reads.

2. Lolita by Vladomir Nabokov

Lolita by Vladomir Nabokov

For all adult romance book lovers, Lolita is a must read. The story is a little controversial one as it is about an older man who meets his nymphet in the form of a 12-year-old girl. He tries his best to seduce her but she is too young to find out his true intentions. This novel has been declared as a classic and is still one of the most read erotica novels of all time.

3. Forever by Judy Blume


Forever by Judy Blume

Forever by Jude Blume is another adult romantic novel that is immensely popular. This is about a young teenage couple and it talks about the difference between first love and true love. The young couple Katherine and Michael are in love with each other and Katherine thinks it’s forever after she loses her virginity to Michael but when she is a way for her summer break, she starts developing feelings for another guy. This erotic story will help you explore the idea of first love and first intimation.

4. Open me by Lisa Locascio

Open me by Lisa Locasci

This novel talks about a young woman trying to discover the boundlessness of her body with regard to sexual pleasures. The main character, Roxana Olsen wants to go to Paris for her studies but ends up going to Copenhagen instead where she meets a young guy named Soren who is her. The story revolves around these two explorings the city as well as exploring each other’s mind and body. You will find yourself lost in words once you start reading this erotica.  

5. The wedding date by Jasmine Guillory


The wedding date by Jasmine Guillory

If you are one of the readers who like reading erotic books with a mixture of love, then this novel is a must read for you. The main characters Drew Nicholas and Alexa Monroe meet in an elevator of a hotel. After a little while Drew asks her to be his date for a wedding he has to attend. He wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend. The two are drawn towards each other and the sexual tension between them is undeniable. Now we all know how easily innocent romance turns into extremely steamy erotica if elevators are involved.

6. Hate to want you by Alisha Rai

Hate to want you by Alisha Rai

This is a perfect read if you like reading about forbidden love. The main characters of the book Nicholas and Livvy have to break up due to their family issues but decide to spend one night together every year. The one night stand every year is full of pleasure which makes them forget about their past. The story revolves around the great sexual pull between the two and the impossible scenario of them ever ending up together.

7. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice


The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Ric

The claiming of sleeping beauty by Anne Rice is a unique version of the classic fairytale sleeping beauty. In this book, the princess doesn't wake up with a kiss but is woken up after sexual initiation. The book is a must read for all the erotic story lovers. It will make you forget the best seller, fifty shades of Grey.

8. The Sexual Life of Catherine M. by Catherine Millet

The Sexual Life of Catherine M. by Catherine Millet

The writer describes her playful life in this memoir by telling all about her sexual encounters. The book pretty well describes all human desires and guilty pleasures. The factor that adds in more spice is that the words are more than just a story but real life experiences.

9. Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence


Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence

The book is about a married woman and her extramarital affair with her gardener. It is a pretty scandalized book which is a fun read if you enjoy erotic stories and forbidden sex!

10. Vox by Nicholson Baker

Vox by Nicholson Baker

Two strangers start talking to each other after they call an adult party line and find each other's voice attractive. The story is basically written in the form of dialogues between two strangers. Their conversations shift from day to day life conversations to sexual and erotic conversations in little to no time. The book is written so well that you won’t be able to resist getting turned on by the exchange between these two.

11. Crossing the line by Simone Elkeles


Crossing the line by Simone Elkeles

Simone Elkeles is known as the author of perfect chemistry novels. This book, crossing the line is full of steamy romance and erotic scenes. The main characters of the novel, Dalila and Ryan are totally opposite to each other but they can't resist each other. The story revolves around how two wrongs make one right.

12. Naked by Gina Gordon


Naked by Gina Gordon

This is not only an erotic read but also a fun and emotional one. The main character of the book, Violet Walker is recovering from a car accident where she is worried about her work and everything else in her life. Her only distraction is her handsome neighbor, Noah. She is physically attracted to him. The novel further talks about how the two can’t resist each other yet Violet is holding back both her body and emotions.

13. Strip you bare by Maisey Yates


Strip you bare by Maisey Yates

The two main characters in the book are Sarah and Micah. While Sarah is a daughter of a prominent family that loses its name after a scandal, Micah is a kind of a guy she should avoid. Sarah wants to regain the lost glory of her family but instead, she finds herself getting close to Micah. With Micah, she fulfills all her sexual fantasies which takes the readers on unforgettable sexy trips that they’d want to keep going back to.

14. To Have and to Master by Sparrow Beckett

To Have and to Master by Sparrow Beckett

Konstantin is a powerful man who finally agrees to his grandmother's wish of marriage and meets a young girl Varushka. She is everything he wants in a woman. As the story progresses, their relationship turns extremely erotic and seductive. He introduces her to wicked pleasures she had never even imagined.

15. Break me down by Roni Loren

Break me down by Roni Loren

Samantha Dunbar, the main character of the novel has fallen in love with a guy named, Gibson Andrew. She wants to give him her all but he refuses to say they are incompatible. The story progresses with Gibson facing such circumstances where he decides to give Samantha a week, A week for her to fulfill all her desires.

Free online eBooks for adult romance

The internet is filled with good erotica’s! All you need to do is have the will. If you have Kindle, my friend, have hit the lottery! You can find all of the books mentioned in this article and many more on there. Best of luck hunting the one that gets you going!

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Erotica is a genre of writing that may be judged by many but it just needs one chance to get addicted too. After all, sex is one of the purest forms of love and intimacy. Don’ feel ashamed and fulfill your desire with these amazing adult romance books in 2019!


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