8 Other Dating Apps Like Tinder That Download-Worthy

See what other dating apps like Tinder are worth our time

By Fred S.
8 Other Dating Apps Like Tinder That Download-Worthy

Gone are the days of traditional dating where a friend introduced you to a person of interest and you went on multiple dates to figure out your compatibility with each other. In the fast pacing year of 2019, technology has saved you tons of times, where cyber dating has made a breakthrough into the dating styles of today!  

No, we are not talking about Tinder, of course Tinder is helpful, but have you ever wondered if there are any apps out there that are not tinder but are able to shortlist for you people that you might be able to connect with based on your interests, your overall compatibility? What kind of apps to use will largely depend on what kind of a dating process are you looking for – are you aiming to settle down or start an actual relationship, or are you just in it for the hook up?  

There are multiple new apps that are worth downloading and investing our time out there, and here is a list of these apps:

1. Now: An app for the romantic but busy professional in you!  

2. The Inner Circle: Bringing career driven individuals closer together.  

3. Hinge: here, you find a relationship, like old times! 

4. Crush: The app for the ladies of tomorrow. 

5. Bumble: Communication is the new cool.  

6. Tastebuds: a musical love story.  

7. Elite Singles: Let’s get serious.  

8. Do I Date: Ask the ex.  

A list of 2019 Best Popular and Similar Dating Apps like Tinder

1. Now:

‎Now - Meet People Nearby on the App Store

Don’t we all have friends that are workaholics, and always have an excuse up their sleeves as to why they aren’t dating: “I don’t have enough time” “office work is just killing me”  
For all of your busy officials, who have been putting off meeting your friend for a date, it is time to let them know that this app helps busy professionals get in touch and set a date without excessive time wastage – always making it easier for them to manage their work and love life!

This app allows them to upload a schedule, and person that matches their schedule will automatically be suggested to your friends! This app very skillfully eliminates the chances of your busy friends flaking off a date by saying they were too busy – the app already knows that they are free.  

2. The Inner Circle:

The Inner Circle – Fine Dating - Apps on Google Play
‎The Inner Circle – Fine Dating on the App Store

Bringing career driven individuals together: like the traditional days of dating, anyone of us would want a person that we connected with, a person that shared the same interests we did. Haven’t we all dumped a person solely because your paths and interests did not intersect? The inner circle is here to lower your heartbreak – this app lets you connect with the people that are like-minded and equally successful.

Often, the app would pair you with someone of the same career interests. Not only does this ensure a solid match, it also makes sure your first date isn’t awkward at all – with all the things you could be talking about, you know? The Inner Circle however is a bit of wait to join, since there is a much exaggerated waiting list as people are screened before they are able to join. 

3. Crush:

‎Crush Online Dating & Chat App on the App Store

Crush is an app for the women of tomorrow – while we all believe in women voting, women possessing the right to freedom of speech, the freedom of what to wear, the freedom for basically anything; Crush places almost all the power of dating in the hands of these empowered women. The app gives the ladies the final say in who to date. 

Like Tinder, you will go through profiles, and instead of swiping, the woman will be able to ask a question to any man she fancies, if she likes the response, she will be the one unlocking the match and they can begin dating. Crush is a mirror to the Bumble app, except with Crush you ladies have all the power you could get!  

4. Hinge:

‎Hinge: Dating & Relationships on the App Store
Hinge - Dating & Relationships - Apps on Google Play

Hinge is an app made mostly for people looking for serious relationships. Like older times, when you friends would set you up with their friends – likewise, hinge is a platform where you are able to select from a list of mutual friends the one you wish to date. The app is well known for creating smart matches between two like-minded people looking for similar things.

The app allows you to make it clear as to what you want from a relationship, and if there are people out there that have the same outlook on life and relationships as you, this app will bring you closer to them. Beware of who might pop up, you might have had drinks with this man or woman before at a mutual friends’ party and might never have noticed each other at all.  

5. Bumble:

‎Bumble - Meet New People on the App Store
Bumble — Date. Meet Friends. Network. - Apps on Google Play

It is very similar to the Crush app, where the power resides in the hands of the lady. Yes you will have the power to decide your own dating faith! The men on this app have to wait until a woman approaches them first, once the lady has approached you, you will have 24 hours before the match expires. If you do not reply within the 24 hour window, the match would disappear.

Likewise, if the guy replies to the first message sent and the woman is unable to respond within the 24 hour window of the reply – the match would again be expected to expire, making it a very time sensitive application for the youth of today! It also has extended apps such as Bumble BFF where you can connect and make new friends!  

6. Tastebuds:

‎Tastebuds - Music Dating on the App Store

This is by far the most unique dating app we have come across – if there is an app worth the try, it is Tastebuds. Music has always been the art that connects two people together. Have you ever noticed that when you hear someone hearing the same music that you like; you automatically feel driven to them, such is the power of music? 

The geniuses behind Tastebuds have created a platform where two people would connect and date based on the similarity in the music they listen to and love! Neat, isn’t it? Not only this, it helps you discover new music, and find something you like which you were never exposed to in the first place. Almost everyone is a music lover – you just need someone to share your music with you, and Tastebuds is making that possible for you!  

7. Elite Singles:

‎EliteSingles: Dating for 30+ on the App Store
EliteSingles – Dating for Single Professionals – Apps on Google Play

Elite singles is an app available on Web and for both iOS and Android users, however it is not free. It has a paid subscription for 3, 6, or 12 month plans. This app is all about top quality candidates looking for a serious relationship. It’s trying to move away from the hookup culture that comes along with many online dating apps – we understand that not every one of you is looking for just a bit of fun, some of you are actually in it for real! 

Its intended for a more mature audience, they are also expected to be an educated bunch. We must recommend that you should only hop on here if you wish to find a serious potential life partner.  

8. Do I Date:

‎Do I Date - Dating Reviews on the App Store

This is an app that is Tinder with ratings and reviews, your exes, or your previous dates would be able to rate their experience with you along with reviews. While it may sound like it would be a major drawback, it helps lower the sleazy dude ratios for women that have already had bad experiences.

This app aims to create a much more transparent form of online dating. The app is available in both Free and Paid Premium versions on only iOS, android users will have to wait and see if Do I Date is made available to them or not!


In a world full of fast paced youngsters, both ready to date seriously and to just hook up – it may be very difficult to actually go to gathering and look for the perfect person to date. Apps like Tinder make it easier for each of us to get the most out of the dating life.

However in order to determine what app is worth the time, and which isn’t would solely depend on the type of dating future you were looking for, people who were looking for a serious relationship based on compatibility might opt for apps such as Elite Singles and Hinge – both these apps are designed for people who are ready to get into serious relationships.  

For people looking just to hook up, they might opt for apps like Crush, Bumble, and Tastebuds – these apps will find you like-minded people but might not always enforce a serious take on relationships.  
In this modern day and time apps like ‘The Inner Circle’ and ‘Now’ are making it possible for people that have heavily busy schedules and are more intrigued by success and career driven partners, to date and explore relationships despite the busy lives they lead.  

In 2019, there is definitely something out there for everyone!  

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