What does it really mean when you get a forehead kiss?

A forehead kiss from a boy to girl or a girl to boy explained

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What does it really mean when you get a forehead kiss?

Why kiss on a forehead?

There are numerous ways to show affection to a loved one, however, one certain gesture not just portrays romanticism but in our opinion also shows sincere and true love; that gesture being a forehead kiss.

Whether you want to comfort a friend, show love to your parent or child or just plain want to show appreciation to your significant other; a forehead kiss will send just the right message. In the Arabic culture, forehead kisses are also used as a form of apology. So, a forehead kiss not just shows affection but can show respect, grievance and just amounts to being purely natural.

The meaning of a forehead kiss from a boy to a girl

1. The friend-zone remains no more

You’ve been friends for a while, one day after catching a movie at the cinema he stops you and kisses you on the forehead in public. You guys go back to chatting but just no that the friend zone has been left behind.

If you can’t understand his intentions then we will help to explain to you what just happened. In our opinion, your friend (soon to be significant other) is just shy. He cannot gather up the courage to utter the words of affection and he hopes that this gesture can help to get the message across. Moreover, this act in public shows that he is not afraid to show some public display of affection and is more than content to get this secret message of love across to you. Also, if you allowed the gesture and like him too then why not ask him about it to get the relationship going?

2. The bond is special

What most people don’t realize is that forehead kisses are actually the most natural, from the heart gestures. They don’t require an effort and just end up being ‘true’ and ‘real’. So, when you find yourself with your significant other just laughing purely, leaving all worries and anxieties aside and they stop to give you a kiss on the forehead then know that ‘you are special’. This gesture portrays pure love! No lust is attached and they require nothing of you but your presence and your love.

He enjoys the moments that you two spend together, the laughter fits, the comforting silence and just your presence mean more to him than the world. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation then just know not to doubt the love and affection they hold for you so dearly. Hold on, through tough times and easy times and reciprocate the affection.

3. Respect and appreciation

A forehead kiss at times can be a sign of respect meaning that your significant other wants to show you that not only does he love you but he also respects you. This can be his way of showing you that he not just loves you but would not ever want to hurt you because he respects you. He would ensure that you are protected from toxic people around you.

At the same time, this could be his way of showing appreciation. It could be a ‘thank you’ without the words. When you do something special for him, whether that be gifting him something or just making him a surprise breakfast; a forehead kiss would be a thank you. More than that, he would be telling you that he is not just thankful for your small acts but appreciates your gestures and your presence in his life is important to him.

The meaning of a forehead kiss from a girl to boy

1. She has feelings for you

Whilst a kiss on the cheek might provide certainty that a girl likes you but a kiss on the forehead can very well mean the same thing. A kiss on the forehead is a sweet, pure and kind gesture and is not just all these things but is also intimate and romantic. This is her way of showing that she likes you more than just a friend and is hoping that the same would be the case from your end.

Numerous TV shows and movies nowadays show this gesture of kissing on the forehead as a sign of affection. Following that, your significant other can proceed to do the same act to show their love for you by copying what they saw on TV. If you feel that hint and pinch of romanticism in the kiss that has landed on your forehead then just know that she has feelings for you.

2. Shyness overshadows her acts

Confessing your feelings for someone is no easy task, just thinking about doing the same can lead to one having butterflies in their stomachs. So, at times people use gestures to cover what they cannot say with words. Maybe, she does not want to go the step ahead and kiss you on the lips or the cheek and thus she confesses her love for you through a forehead kiss, you should read more into the gesture.

This can be her way to gauge a reaction and assess where your feelings are laying on the scale and these practice kisses can be her way of asking you to make the final move. So, make sure to not shy away if you also like her, otherwise, you two would have to end up waiting for ages and she could get the impression that you’re not interested and we don’t want that now, do we?

3. Maybe this is a friend zone

We hate to break it to you after all the hope but in certain situations, you will have to distinguish whether the forehead kiss is friendly or the kiss on the forehead has more meaning behind it. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark without advice.

Whilst we agree that the girl knows better, the meaning behind her kiss but if you are not in a relationship with her yet then just know to be careful and not let your hopes skyrocket. One main way to find out intentions behind this gesture is to see; how she acts around others? Is this gesture only limited to you or does she do the same for her other friends? Is it a random thing or does she stop at the moment and kiss on the forehead? If you’re the only one receiving this and she makes it special and sudden then just know that there might be more to this.

When should you give a forehead kiss?

1. After a date

You’re just done with a sweet and cozy date outdoors and now are just sitting close to each other. You’re appreciating nature and appreciating the time that you’ve spent with them and to get the message across you to give them a kiss on the forehead. This shows the purest form of affection as you don’t want anything in return, it shows appreciation and shows your natural love for them. You’ve ended the date on the lakeside and as a special note and thank you to your special person you kiss them on the forehead and we assure you that they will remember this for times to come.

2. When you want to make them feel special

There are so many ways to make someone feel special, whether that is through making spontaneous date plans, surprises, gifts, dinner, etc but something which is equally and maybe even more special is a ‘forehead kiss’. A forehead kiss can be your love letter without the letters, it can be your gift without any material, it can be a portrayal of your love without saying the words ‘i love you’ and it could be that and so much more. So, at that moment where you can’t contain your love and thankfulness for your significant other; make them feel special by giving them a forehead kiss.

3. When you’re sure

In a moment where you know that ‘this is the one’, ‘this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with’, ‘this person gets me’, ‘i respect them and appreciate them’; at that moment your forehead kiss would be the perfect gesture. You may ask why? This is so because there is no lust attached, it is pure love and pure appreciation. Your forehead kiss will not just show your love to them but it will also show your respect and your appreciation for them and would show how special they are to you. So, when you’re sure and why you are content with love for your significant other than make them know with this kiss.

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There are numerous gestures of affection used all around the world but one standard affection is a kiss on the forehead. Having discussed in detail the why, when and how's of this gesture, we have come to the conclusion that this act is not just natural but also pure. It can be used to show affection not only to your partners but also to elders, children, siblings, etc. From using it as a sign of respect to a sign of apology, from a sign of appreciation to a sign of affection- a forehead kiss will get the right message across.