16 Signs of a Good Man (Hold on to Him Right Now)

How to know if you hit a jackpot and not walk away from it!

By Sophia R
16 Signs of a Good Man (Hold on to Him Right Now)

The Tragedy of a Good Man

He may have some little issues of his own. But at the same time, he is the only one who leaves clothes folded in the laundry basket and never leaves them lying on the floor. Also, he never complains about doing the dishes and encourages you to go to your Zumba class while staying with the kids. He surprises you with your favorite ice cream flavor, and he never stops telling you how beautiful you look and how happy he is to have you by his side.

Those are just some of his many actions with which he shows you hat he is a good man. You will surely discover hundreds of signs by which you know that you are next to a good man. But what is meant by a good man?

We are not going to quote any professional or expert, but we are going to resort to the impression about what we women classify as a “good man”. And here values ​​such as empathy, solidarity, camaraderie, patience, generosity, and gratitude and trust come into play.

A good man is one who makes you feel full, who accompanies you without directing, supports you without complaint, encourages you to grow personally, and loves you with all your defects. A good man inspires you, as a woman, to go for more and protect him, love him with all your strength and walk with him at the same time.

16 Signs of a Good Man

You are with him because you love him, and because you know he is a good man. He surely has certain traits that make you think every day that you would choose him again and again. Some of these signs will reflect the reasons why you are sure he is a good man:

Early Signs During Courtship

You are starting out with a man and you really want to spare yourself some hurt and know if he is actually a good man or not. If starting something with him is worth it. There are some signs he can show during early courtship with which you will be able to tell. Here they are:

1. He is comprehensive

Men do not usually understand how the female brain works. And vice versa. If he is attentive to your concerns, understands your emotions in general, and can understand your actions, you are facing a great man. And if, in addition, he is sympathetic to people in general and their social environment, you have a great person as a potential partner.

2. He loves animals

Have you ever heard the phrase "whoever does not love animals cannot be a good person"? Certainly, who despises animals, mistreats them, or even harms them, reveals their evil. On the other hand, those who feel compassion for animals, and try to take care of them and protect them, speak of a person with a noble and simple heart. 

3. He is not judging

A good man does not prejudge someone without first informing himself, knowing, and understanding the actions of the other. Who knows how to listen before taking sides is because he is measured in his actions and empathetic with those around him. That is a good sign to tell during an early time of the relationship.

4. He is honest

He does not lie to you or deceive you. He just doesn't need to. And if he is ever wrong, he'll also have the strength to apologize and back down. 

5. He is helpful

This situation is important to know if he can be your boyfriend in the future. If he cancels a plan because you feel bad, or because you have any issue you might need help with, he must understand that it is not something you want and he should not be angry. But, if he shows up at your house with soup, medicine, or a movie to watch with you, then he's far above the rest. It means that he is willing to put you first even though you still have no strong compromise. 

6. He calls

Instant messaging and social media have marked a before and after in the courtship game. It does not cost anything and it is unmeaningful to fool around on WhatsApp  and to send smiling emoticons whose only meaning is: "I want to take you to the bedroom". 

A flirt only shows off, seduces you, but does not share intimate things. Things start to change when your lover writes to you just to ask you how the day went. It is very considerate of him but it is a type of question that only your partner or your mother asks. This is a first alarm signal, but everything gets activated when you decide to phone your lover. If you dial their number because you got lost going to your house, your action is not important, but something very different is to call because he just wants to speak. In that case, congratulations: you have a good future partner.

7. He gives you super special gifts

Christmas or your birthday is approaching and you start to wonder, will I have to give him something? Will he give me something? While you are confused, he is already devising the perfect gift that will make you fall in love.

It has gotten out of hand and you keep asking yourself, at what point has he become my partner?
We are not talking about expensive gifts - which are also scary - but about that little book made by hand with colored cardboard, the batch of printed photographs from when you were little, that you have pasted on a cork in your bedroom, or, why not, a romantic weekend trip to a lost spa from the hand of God. These special gifts so early say lots about what he is. 

8. He grabs your hand

As you start to go out casually, the physical contact that he gives you in public is increasing. You start by greeting him with a simple 'hello' and keeping the appropriate distances and when you realize they have planted a little kiss and you notice how he grabs your hand in the street. "He must be cold," you think, but don't kid yourself: only couples go down the street like that. And the longer your hands are together, the more committed the relationship will be. 

Anchoring Signs During Long Term Dating

When we are in a relationship we often wonder how we will end up with that person or if you are really together with the right person forever. To know that, we must dare and give ourselves the opportunity to experiment, but these are some characteristics that confirm that your man is indeed good and he is the one to keep around:

1. He encourages you

A good man motivates you and pushes you to improve yourself day by day. For example, your husband always encourages you to finish your thesis and you must admit that, if it wasn't for him, you might not have finished it yet. Good men understand that women are their companions and never their competition.

2. He cares without controlling you

There is a big difference between these two. Everyone likes when their husband asks them to notify him when you are coming on the bus, so he waits for you at a corner. When a man takes care of your physical integrity it is because he really loves you, and he is worried about you. But he doesn't get to the extreme where he doesn't let you do anything without him and controls your actions. 

3. He is charitable

Human values ​​must be a merit to which we must pay attention. When a man is caring and charitable towards those who need him, it is because there is a great heart there. Both values ​​will be a great treasure to teach your children. And even more if it is taught through example.

4. He respects the children and the elderly

You are with a good man if he respects and cares for the children and the elderly of his family. Respect includes listening, dedication, understanding, and the gentle way of addressing them. Observing these attitudes you will have a lot to evaluate and see he is the right man to have a family and take to your family.

5. He is forgiving

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult virtues to practice. If he knows how to forgive and can easily apologize for his mistakes, it is because his goodness surpasses his pride. That is a clear sign he is good. 

6. He puts you first

In his life, you and, if you have, your children always come first. Not only economically but also in plans, outings, and that need to be a united and indestructible nucleus. 

7. He doesn't make you anxious

Normally when we are in unhealthy relationships or dating people who, no matter how hard we try, are not for us, anxiety usually appears. So an indication to know if he is your ideal partner is anxiety, or rather, the absence of anxiety.

When we find our true partner, anxiety and that annoying emptiness does not exist, or at least not because of them. On the contrary, there is peace and trust in the person and in the relationship youhave.

8. You just feel it

How do you know if he is your ideal partner and if he is genuinely good? In the end, the answer is known to you, because intuition does not fail women. As clichéd as it may sound, this is completely true. So really listen to what your heart tells you because your heart knows it.

But be careful to really listen to your intuition and not let yourself go where your mind or your ego take you because that is different. They are attachments and not really indications that he is your ideal partner. Trust yourself woman, that in you are all the answers.


You can add dozens of points to this list because your partner is a good man and is the one for you. There is no math in love, and each of us does our best to win the heart of the one we love. And remember that a great man is one who has purity in his heart and nobility in his feelings.