Calling My Boyfriend Daddy: What It Mean And How To Do It

This five-letter word is going to make your man want you more.

By Diana Nadim
Calling My Boyfriend Daddy: What It Mean And How To Do It

What Does “Daddy” Mean Sexually?

Does your boyfriend want you to call him “daddy”? Well, “daddy “is a term used in dominant and submissive relationships. This nickname wasn’t common in yesteryears, but recently women have adopted it in real life and on social media platforms. It’s no big deal, calling your boyfriend or hubby “daddy.”

Therefore, calling your boyfriend “daddy” means he's the dominant person in your relationship. He's the one providing and caring for you. Some women call their boyfriends "daddy" even in the bedroom. This means they feel affectionate, and their relationship is healthy. Also, a woman is giving assurance that she values her man in sexual matters.

Dads are loving, caring, and can go the extra mile to support their children. Likewise, when a woman calls you that, you should be more than just an ordinary daddy.

Why Do Some Men Like To Be Called “Daddy”?

It depends on which perspective the man is coming from. First of all, it’s good to understand the reason or motive behind him wanting you to call him daddy”. If a man wants to be called in public, he might have a different motive from when a woman calls him in the bedroom. Regardless, find out what he wants to avoid contradictions. It would be best if you also were sure of the message you are passing.

If he’s your boyfriend, lover, or husband, “daddy” might mean he wants to be in control of you in that relationship. He wants to be the boss. Some couples also use the term jokingly, as they feel weird using it often. So, be keen; some men like nicknames when only in a joking mode, no serious business!

In other scenarios, a man may want appreciation for what he’s doing for a girl. If he’s the provider, or maybe he works full-time, and you depend on him wholly, that man may want to be called “daddy.” Also, a man who occasionally does something for you may need that name. For instance, you may be working, but he’s the one paying rent and giving you a treat.

It’s important to realize; some men might be driven by ‘Hero Instincts’ while asking for that nickname. Hero Instincts have proved that men are driven by three major things. These include:

  • They need to have a productive life and gets appreciated for their hard work.


  • The ability to care and provide for their loved ones such as friends, family, and mostly his lover.


  • To get respect from the people around him.

Therefore, with that in mind, it’s possible for a man who does all to feel better when regarded as “daddy.” To emphasize that, a man may not necessarily be demanding that, but those biological urges might lead him to want that honor.

When Can I Call My Boyfriend “Daddy”?

It can be tricky and somehow confusing when to call your boyfriend “daddy.” The reason being, not all men know the term, or maybe he’s aware but doesn’t like it. However, you can still go ahead and call him even without him requesting it. Notably, it’s also good to ask before going on with it.

With the above options, the final decision on whether to call him or not lies with you. You can give it a try, but first, does your boyfriend like nicknames? You don’t want to upset him. If your man is the type who is okay with nicknames, then give it a try.

However, be prepared in case he dislikes that “daddy” name. It’s also best to avoid calling him “daddy for the first time, while in public. You might put him in an uncomfortable position in front of people. For a woman who would like to call him “daddy” in a joking manner, be sure he likes it also. If he doesn’t, tell him you were joking, and you didn’t mean that.

Keep in mind, if your boyfriend tells you not to call him “daddy,” never do it. Respect his decision, but you can still look for another nickname whatsoever.

How Do I Call Him For The First Time

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable calling your boyfriend “daddy” for the first time. Some women shy away, even if they know the meaning. But, if you are uncomfortable calling him so, don’t force it. It might come when least expected.

However, certain factors may drive you to refer to him as “daddy,” more so when you want to drive a point home, and you don’t know-how. Therefore, calling him daddy might capture his attention. For instance, some girls may call their boyfriends that name when they want to have a kid with him. Or maybe “baby daddy.” You may also continue calling them after getting a baby.

On that note, be cautious not to scare your man away or maybe sound as if you are already pregnant. However, if you call him for the first time and get nervous, try to understand why. But if he’s okay, well and good.

A lady with kids might not realize when calling him “daddy” or “baby daddy”. Your kids are calling him, so; you might also call him accidentally. When telling your kids to tell daddy this or that, you will get used to that name.

Another place you may find yourself calling him for the first time and with ease is in the bedroom. You’ll find that, in most relationships, men take the dominant stature. However, it’s also okay for a relationship with a contrary opinion.

So, if your boyfriend is the boss in your relationship, he will be in charge of everything. Thus, that nickname will come out easily. Also, it will be effortless to call him daddy when having sex. It’s also a “turn on” and a romantic gesture. Funny enough, you will not even realize it at the moment. But, the fact is, you have called him “daddy” for the first time!

What Are The Signs He Wants To Be Called “Daddy” Again?

As stated earlier, men react differently when called “daddy.” Therefore, it’s up to you to define if he wants that nickname or not. But to many, that word is a total turn-on as they feel superior and appreciated. More so, he feels he has a great honor, just like your real dad.

What are the signs he wants you to continue calling him daddy? Well, when he tells you so. You might be joking, and out of the blues, you call him so. He might feel okay with it and request you to be calling him that way.

Also, his reaction tells you if he likes the name. For instance, if you call him, and he gets angry or asks for an explanation in a harsh voice, you will know he is not into it. If he laughs and responds positively, you can go ahead and call him more often.

However, if you call him “daddy” while in a romantic moment and realize he has withdrawn, never repeat that. Nevertheless, if he reciprocates by calling you” baby” or any other sweet name, you are sure he likes the nickname.

If he’s okay with the nickname, you will know from how he responds. Guys don’t shy off expressing their feelings like ladies. He will tell you directly how he feels when you refer to him as “daddy.” Some even insist you call them in the presence of their friends so that they know his woman appreciates him.

 Surprisingly, some guys like calling themselves daddy when addressing you. For instance, “Baby, bring daddy a glass of water.” This is a gesture that he’s okay with you calling him that also.

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How did your boyfriend react when you called him “daddy” for the first time? Some have adopted the trends, while others are still not convinced. Regardless, call your boyfriend that nickname out of your own free will. You should not be forced if you don’t like to. On the same note, no guy should be called daddy if he doesn’t like it.

Lastly, among many reasons why a guy likes to be called daddy is; to show him respect, admiration, relevance, and in charge. Also, it restores his masculinity both inside the bedroom and in public, and he will gain the praise, “daddy knows it all."

A girl who likes calling her boyfriend daddy strengthens her relationship. You will be amazed to find out a large number of men who wish their women would call the daddy too.