110 Ways To Sext Your Girlfriend And Keep Things Interesting

A cool guy like you should know the art of sexting with your girlfriend the right way. Pay attention to this post to know exactly that!

By Monalisa Murmu
110 Ways To Sext Your Girlfriend And Keep Things Interesting

The fine line between sexting and sleazing

Sexting is as much fun as it is precarious. The very thought of exchanging naughty sexts with your girlfriend is thrilling but the fear that your girlfriend might end my being offended with those sexts can be unnerving. There is undoubtedly a fine line of difference between sexting and being a sleaze and you want to toe that. Your sexts should be a sign of your attraction towards your girlfriend, not an exhibition of your desperation. Here’s what you should know before you initiate sexting:

The different types of sexting

Know the different ways you can initiate and engage in sexting. Some methods of sexting are subtle and suggestive, others are direct and bold. No matter which you choose your girlfriend should be comfortable with that style of sexting. If you’ve only just met, keep sexting to the sweet and flirty zone. As you grow familiar, your girlfriend won’t mind the more outrageous style of sexting. Here are a few examples:

Subtle sexting techniques

1. If lovemaking is an art, you are my muse. 2. Do you think I can guess what you are wearing right now? 3. Umm…what comes after the superlative? ‘Cuz sexiest doesn’t even begin to define you. 4. If I had the permission, I would have come straight to your room and stayed all night. 5. Let’s run a contest to see who’s a better kisser. 6. Damn girl, are you a Nazi? Because you are torturing me right now. 7. My fantasy is to be a part of all your fantasies. 8. Let’s play a game until one of us “comes first”. 9. If I had to taste just one flavor of ice cream all of my life, it would have to be the taste of your lips. 10. I have an itch that only you can scratch. 11. Hold my hand forever. Or whatever it is that you want to hold.

Direct approach to sexting

12. What do you wear to bed? 13. You’re effing hot. Period. 14. If you kiss me or bite my lips, I swear I’ll rip your clothes off. 15. My favorite thing about clothes is that I can take them off of you. 16. I’m all yours. Say what you want and it shall be done. 17. I can’t say this enough: you’re a total bomb! 18. I want to feel all of you on all of me. 19. Tell me your favorite fictional character and I’ll roleplay as him for you. 20. So how’s it gonna be? You getting into my pants or me getting into yours? 21. Just a glance from you is enough to get me going. 22. I want you right now and this emergency can’t wait. 23. Just love me. And don’t ever stop. 24. If my hands and lips run wild over you, promise you won’t stop me?

Sexting techniques to set the mood

It is always a good idea to initiate sexting by setting the mood. You want to be the flirty guy, not the creepy guy!

Topics to ease into sexting

25. On a scale of 0 to ‘the distance between earth and moon’, how much do you miss me? 26. Are you in bed yet? Or are you waiting for me? 27. I know someone who might have a huge crush on you. 28. What does a man have to do to woo you? Asking for a friend. 29. I must be dead. How else could I meet an angel? 30. Besides being sexy, what do you do in life? 31. I'm not a photographer, but I sure can picture us together. 32. You must be the sun, because you light up my world. 33. I have never been so ready for anything in life as I am for you. 34. What is this feeling called in my native language? 35. I think I’ve caught a love disease. I hope it’s contagious and spreads when I’m around you. 36. Why did every passerby on the street remind me of you today? 37. I want to make you mine but I have surrendered myself to you instead.

Flirty but cute sexts to send to your girlfriend

38. Is it possible that even a silly giggle can turn me on? Yep, it’s happening with you. 39. How can someone so cute and adorable be so sexy and sultry all at the same time? Damn you are intriguing! 40. You are the addiction that makes me a better person with every passing day. 41. How are you a part of all my thoughts lately? 42. My boss pays me to think about you at work because that’s all I do. 43. Oh why would you torture me so? 44. You’re my favorite book I want to keep reading forever. 45. You have the power to both kindle and satiate my desires. 46. I’m never gonna be tired of getting on with you. 47. You torture me and strangely, I love it! 48. I can’t decide if the anticipation is more fun or the reality. 49. Why pretend and waste time when we can admit and have fun? 50. Your fragrance is my aphrodisiac. 51. I’ve been good all this year so Santa can grant me my wish of spending endless romantic nights with you.

Sexting techniques to tease your girlfriend

Even if you initiate the sexting, don't give away all at once. Tease and taunt her first before you dove into the real thing.

Sexts to make her want more of sexting!

52. I’m ready to drown only so I could get CPR from you. 53. Would you rather I was with you instead of texting? 54. I was wondering if you touch just as well as you type. 55. Where is the switch to turn you on? 56. My favorite food is pizza, but I crave for you way more than that. 57. I can’t help wanting to cross the line with you. 58. Did you kiss me the other day? Oh wait, that was my imagination! 59. I know you’re not even trying, but you’re always teasing me. 60. How did you ever find the switch to turn me on without me telling you? 61. You are the glass of drink that can quench my thirst yet something I can never have enough of. 62. It’s such a torture keeping my eyes fixed on just one part of your body because you’re so darned beautiful head to toe. 63. If I had to take a cold shower every time your thoughts turn me on, we would have a serious shortage of water. 64. Every night I dream of us making sweet love. That statement was false. It’s not just the night time I dream of it.

Sexts to get her ready for the action

65. Let me take care of all your needs tonight. 66. You burn like a raging fire in my mind, body and soul. Did I say body? 67. You’re mine and I’m yours. Let’s take what belongs to us. 68. It’s a crime to be so beautiful and I shall punish you by teasing you tonight. 69. I know a much better alternative to exercise that will burn plenty of calories too! 70. I know a trick that will make your eyes widen, toes curl and heart race. Wanna guess what? 71. Come to me and you won’t regret it. 72. If my words make you smile now, imagine what my touch can do to you. 73. Sexy was a word crafted only for you. 74. If we were together tonight, what do you think might have happened? 75. Do you want to push all the invisible and visible buttons on me to see what they do? 76. If you had the power to read my mind, you would be constantly blushing. 77. Will you tell me your favorite food so I can dunk myself in it the next time we meet? 78. Your skin feels so soft I’m afraid it might melt under the heat of my touch. Yet, I can’t wait to see that happen.

Sexting techniques that really heat things up

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And now, the most fun part of the sexting game where you get to bare all, both literally and figuratively. The following list will give you a heads up on the best ways to get dirty over text.

Dirty flirty sexts to send to your girlfriend

79. You just got moved to the top of my 'to do' list. 80. Damn girl, are you homework? Coz I'm not doing you, but I should be! 81. Would you let me for once pull out all the stops with my feelings for you? 82. I’m constantly torn between kissing your lips and hugging you tight. 83. People say I’m hard working. Maybe I should make something. Make love. To you. 84. I can’t think of a place in the world where I wouldn’t like to make love to you. 85. I’d like you to be my love doctor and examine me from head to toe. 86. I’ll make sure all your ups and downs in life are only in your bed. 87. Let’s have a quick dinner and eat dessert off of each other. 88. I’d love your body moving close to mine on the dance floor. And continue with it when we get back home. 89. Do I make you shiver and shake just as you make me do? 90. Let me be the man who makes you forget your name in bed. 91. I’d like to know your vital stats. No wait, I think I’d want to measure you and find out for myself. 92. If only you were with me here tonight, I could have made the most epic romance novel happen. Or just the epic lovemaking parts of it. 93. If I gently placed my hand on your waist, would you move it up or down along your body? 94. Ever since the last half an hour, I can’t picture you with your clothes on.

Raunchy sexting your girlfriend will reciprocate to

95. Can you guess exactly which part of your body I am touching in my mind right now? Take the guess, so I’ll know which part of your body YOU want me to touch! 96. If you wore that black lace lingerie, you’d be sexier than any Victoria’s Secret models there ever was. 97. Every time you call my name, I picture you screaming it out loud. 98. I’d like to make a sculpture of you only so I can get to move my hands over your curves. 99. Is it me you think about when you touch yourself? 100. Pick a body part and let me pamper it for as long as you want. 101. Gentleman or tough guy? Take your pick, I can be both. 102. I can’t wait to run my fingers through your hair and hands over your butt. 103. I’ll be pleasured just from getting a chance to pleasure you. 104. With me, there will be only be one situation where you will scream and cry. And that won’t be from pain. 105. Let’s take turns examining the nooks and corners of each other’s bodies. 106. Can I count all the moles in your body? All of them. 107. I’d either take off every piece of your clothing one by one or rip them all at once. But I’d never leave them on. 108. I have a soft heart and a hard… 109. Want me to go Christian Grey on you tonight? 110. Your skin feels like a ripe, juicy peach waiting to be eaten.

Grab the phone and ping your girlfriend

If you've read all of the above examples of sexting and are still here like, what should I do next, you need just a little bit of courage to hit send on that sext. Focus on building a good chemistry with your girlfriend first and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that she loves sexting with you as much as you do too!