Hayato Ichihara Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Movie & Facts To Know

In this article you can find out more about the Japanese actor Hayato Ichihara, including his age, net worth, movie information and more!

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Hayato Ichihara Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Movie & Facts To Know

Hayato Ichihara Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Movies & Facts To Know

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Hayato Ichihara is a famous Japanese actor, known for a number of popular movies and television shows. He received an award for one of his earlier roles and was also voted as having the 7th best abs on a popular poll in 2011. We know that true fans want to know everything they can about their favorite actors and Ichihara is no exception, so we're going to take a look at some need-to-know information on Hayato Ichihara such as his age and net worth, as well as some of the roles he's taken on.


Age, net worth, and more!

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Hayato Ichihara is 30 years old, and was born on February 6th, 1987 in Kanagawa, Japan. He's an Aquarius, which can be helpful to know if you have an interest in learning some more about his personality through astrology. Hayato Ichihara reportedly married Mukouyama, a Japanese model in 2014. They are said to have had their first child together in 2015. He's known for his most recent role in the television show “Reverse” as well as roles in such movies as Rainbow Song, All About Lily Chou-Chou, Samurai Sensei, and Blade of the Immortal. He has a net worth of $1.4 million, showing a decent level of success in his career.


A few of the films Ichihara has held roles in.

Ichihara has been recognized for his roles in several popular movies, enjoyed by movie goers in Japan as well as in the United States. One of these movies is Ju-on: The Curse 2, which follows the story of the Ju-on movies. These have also been adapted for American audiences, although to a lesser extent compared to the popular horror franchise The Grudge. This particular movie tells the story of the sister of a real estate agent, who comes across a curse while visiting a house he's in the process of selling. Ichihara plays the role of Naoki. The film came out in 2009 and signalled the debut of Ichihara's acting career. While there are only a handful of The Grudge movies in the United States, the Ju-on film series is made up of 12 separate films, making it a rather large franchise. All About Lily Chou-Chou is one of the earliest and most well known films in Ichihara's career as an actor. The film is about the effects that the music of the Japanese singer, Lily Chou-Chou, has on a pair of 14-year-old students and the people around them. It stars two main characters, one of whom undergoes a large personality change after a near-death experience. Ichihara plays Yuichi Hasumi, a close friend of the main character, Hoshino. Ichihara, as Hasumi, is a confused child who ends up joining Hoshino's gang. It's considered to be a great film that will really take you on an emotional roller coaster. He's also known for Blade Of The Immortal, a live-action film based on the popular manga and anime series. It's about a samurai who is unable to be killed by anything other than a rare poison, who turns from a life of crime to redeem himself by killing 1,000 evil men. The film was released in April of 2017 and featured the actor Ichihara in the role of Shira, a member of the Mugai-ryu. The actor's character is known to be particularly sadistic, thus creating conflict between the group and the main character, Manji. Rainbow Song is another popular film, in which Ichihara played the role of Tomoya Kishida, a man who works in a television studio when he learns of the death of his close friend. The storyline goes through some of the memories he shared with his late friend and the love they shared but were too afraid to admit until it was too late. A lighter film that the actor Ichihara has starred in is Samurai Sensei, which is a film based on both a television show that aired shortly in 2015 as well as a manga. He plays the role of Hanpeita Takechi, a samurai who time traveled to modern day Japan.

Hayato Ichihara Facts

Some Ichihara trivia!

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In 2009, Hayato Ichihara was voted as one of Oricon Entertainment's “Fresh Stars”. He was also once voted as the fourth most attractive male celebrity in a swimsuit in 2009. Ichihara has participated in around 20 different television shows and 16 movies. He also received an award for his work on ROOKIES as the best supporting actor. Ichihara also has a handful of books available for fans to read and enjoy.


Hayato Ichihara is a talented actor with roles in several different Japanese films and television shows. He's taken part in a number of different dramas, as well as some horror movies too within the Ju-on film series. His acting career began in 2000 and he continues to work until the present. Like you, we hope to see much more of Ichihara in future films and television shows as well as news about his family so that we can share it with you. Happy reading!