Is Jon Hamm Single? Jon Hamm's Girlfriend Situation Recap

Jon Hamm is one of Hollywood's Mad Men who's known for his remarkable roles in his many movies and tv shows and is currently in need of a girlfriend.

By MJ Faublas
Is Jon Hamm Single? Jon Hamm's Girlfriend Situation Recap

Jon Hamm Before the Spotlight

In the Beginning there was Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm was born Jonathan Daniel Hamm on March 10, 1971 in St. Louis, Missouri. Jon Hamm is of German, English and Irish descent and his parents, Deborah and Daniel Hamm, lived as everyday middle class Americans. Upon his parent's divorce, Jon Hamm lived with his mother, who passed away due to colon cancer when he was ten years old. The actor then went to live with his father in Missouri. Throughout his childhood, Jon Hamm has always displayed a high level of creativity, from playing the violin to creative writing. Jon Hamm became an actor at the early age of six when he starred in Winnie the Pooh. Later on, Jon Hamm starred in many other roles, though as a child he saw no future in acting. In high school, Jon Hamm was a linebacker for his school's team. He experienced some emotional hardship when his grandmother fell ill. And at the age of 20, Jon Hamm lost his father while the actor was attending college. His acting career took a serious turn when he answered an ad for a theater production in which he got a major role. Upon graduating college with a bachelor's in Arts, Jon Hamm and then-girlfriend, Sarah Clarke, separated and he returned to his hometown to teach acting at his high school Alma mater. While working as a teacher, Hamm decided the everyday life was not his cup of tea and did what every natural born star does and moved to Hollywood. This decision came about after a conversation with one of his friends who later became an actor himself.

Jon Hamm

As a high school linebacker, Jon Hamm enjoyed the game of football.

Off to Hollywood

Any actor or actress who's made the decision to come to the city of dreams understand that it takes more than the bright lights in their heads to make it big. And the story of Jon Hamm is no different. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Hamm obtained a job as a waiter and began auditioning for acting roles while living with his uncle. As soon as he could, he rented his own apartment and set out to be a star. The acting jobs did not come easy for Hamm and giving up was not an option he could take. In order to not lose hope in his career dreams, Hamm made a pact with himself. If he did not "make it" by his 30th birthday, he would return home and continue his mundane average Joe life. Fortunately for Jon Hamm, his first role in the show Providence went from being a one-time gig to a full-time successful jolt to his failing career. From that position, Hamm starred in Space Cowboys alongside Clint Eastwood, Kissing Jessica Stein, and We Were Soldiers all in a three year period from 1999 to 2002. It seems that Jon Hamm's decision to not give in was finally paying off. And like many stars who'd lived similar stories, once the success began, no one could stop the progression to stardom. Jon Hamm received the highest recognition when he gained the position of Matthew Weiner in Mad Men. Mad Men was a television series about an advertising agency in New York City based in the 1960s. The drama lasted seven seasons and made its final showing in 2015. To date, Jon Hamm remains the ideal role model for upcoming actors and actress who find it difficult to get their big break in Hollywood as their age becomes a main factor for refusal. For these actors in pursuit of their dreams, the success of stars like Jon Hamm keeps them motivated and continuing along the path in hopes of becoming Hollywood's next big star.

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A Star by any Name is Still a Star

Once he got going, there was no stopping him. Jon Hamm has appeared in many movies and TV shows. Here are some of Hamm's most notable movie and TV show appearances:

Jon Ham in the movie Shrek as Brogan

One of his most distinct roles was in Shrek.

Baby Driver

Jon Hamm appears in Baby Driver, an action crime movie about a young getaway driver and music lover who must work for a kingpin. Jon Hamm plays Buddy, a violent sociopath who used to be a banker named Jason Von Horn. Baby Driver grossed $226M.

Jon Hamm in Baby Driver.

A Private Life in Hollywood

Jon Hamm is known to have stopped smoking since the age of 24 and while on Mad Men requested to have herbal cigarettes on set while shooting the smoking scenes of his character. Though not a smoker, actor Jon Hamm has gone through rehabilitation for drinking. Not just an actor or a pretty face, Jon Hamm is known for his philanthropic work. He donates portions of his personal earnings to the St. Jude Children's Hospital and the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Jon Hamm is also affiliated with over 40 different other charitable organizations. The actor has two step-children as well. Jon Hamm currently has a net worth over $30M.

Jon Hamm in GQ

Jon Hamm shows off his other of which is being dangerously handsome.

Girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt

Jon Hamm is only known to have publicly dated Jennifer Westfeldt throughout his Hollywood career. The couple dated from 1997 to 2005 and Jon Hamm is quoted saying that Jennifer Westfeldt had meant more to him then how the media portrayed her. For Jon Hamm, it was not marriage that created a deep significance of a partner, but rather the connection felt between the pair. Though the couple separated, they continue to share a production company and an adopted pet mutt named Cora. Many continue to question whether Jon Hamm may resolve his issues with ex-partner Jennifer Westfeldt and give their relationship a second chance. As of now, the subject of whether Jon Hamm is single or with a partner remains a mystery. Jon Hamm had not spoken about the split between he and ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt in the two years that the event happened. In June 2017, Jon Hamm spoke of ex-girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt in an interview with inStyle magazine stating that "being single was hard after such a long relationship." The couple whom spectators say broke up due to Jon Hamm's flirtatious ways with Kate Beckinsale had been in one of the most endearing experience Jon Hamm says he'd ever experience. The breakup took a tole on him and he had to do some self-reflections, realizing how much of a narcissist he'd been throughout the relationship. However, by the time Jon Hamm realized his self ways, it was to late. Since their separation, many have speculated about the pair reuniting, but they were only gossip as the couple remains in splitsville. As a couple, the pair shared a home and, of course, their pet, Cora. Even after their breakup, as Jon Hamm entered rehabilitation for his alcohol abuse, Jennifer Westfeldt was by his side giving him the necessary support he needed. Jennifer Westfeldt is an actress known for screenwriting Kissing Jessica Stein and Friends with Kids. The actress is known for also being Jon Hamm's long-time girlfriend. Jennifer Westfeldt graduated from Yale and began her acting career in New York City. Jennifer Westfeldt is not only known as Jon Hamm's partner, but also for her enormous roles in a list of projects. Jennifer Westfeldt has appeared in The Gene Pool, Judging Amy, Hack, Numb3rs, and Snoops.

Jennifer Westfeldt smiles at Jon Hamm on the red carpet at the 64th Emmy Awards.

Always looking happy on the red carpet, Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt.

And the Girls Can't Get Enough of Jon Hamm

Now that he's single, Hamm holds an even greater appeal to the masses of women that adore him for his good looks. Jon Hamm is not only recognized for is ability to portray a character on the big screen flawlessly. The ladies enjoy Jon Hamm in more ways than one. In 2007, named Jon Ham the Sexiest Man Living. In 2008, People magazine named Jon Hamm the Sexiest Man Alive. In the November 2008 issue, Entertainment Weekly named Jon Hamm Entertainer of the Year. Also, in 2010, Jon Hamm was named the International Man in the September issue of GQ. Jon Hamm is quoted in an interview with InStyle magazine saying that he is a heterosexual man who likes "ladies with style" when he was asked whether or not he pays attention to what women wear. Jon Hamm likes a woman who doesn't have to be overtly sexy and can "hang with the boys."

Jon Hamm

On the cover of the September issue of GQ, Jon Hamm is recognized for his attractiveness.

People Magazine with Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is honored as one of the most attractive human beings on Earth by People magazine.

Fun Facts About Jon Hamm

I. Jon Hamm is an avid golfer. II. Ellie Kemper was one of Jon Hamm's students who later became an actress. III. Jennifer Westfeldt, the former girlfriend of Jon Hamm, starred in Kissing Jessica Stein with him. IV. Jon Hamm is known throughout Hollywood as an actor who plays the characters of intelligent, mature men. V. Jon Hamm is a Democrat who loves the Simpsons.

The Future for Jon Hamm

As an international sex symbol, the future of Jon Hamm is immeasurable. But since Mad Men, the big silver screen acting roles have not come easy for Jon Hamm. Jon Hamm who's known for playing the more cool, calm, handsome roles in most of his movies is having a slight attack of the silver screen blues. His most recent film premiered in 2017, a science-fiction film named Marjorie Prime. In the movie, Jon Hamm played a holograph who gives advice to his ex-wife, who's in her late 80's and suffering from dementia. The movie was filled with warmth and was presented at the Sundance Film Festival. Though it seems there is nothing that Jon Hamm can't accomplish, the actor continues to work on many smaller projects set to premiere in 2018. Hollywood won't be seeing the last of the Mad Man named Jon Hamm for years to come.

So What's the Girlfriend Situation?

Since separating with his ex Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm has not been seen with any new flames. Not to say the attractive actor is not secretly seeing anyone, but as of this moment, Jon Hamm remains publicly single. One day faith may either bring Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt back together or he might just find that stylish tom-boy young lady that attracts his attention long enough for a relationship that lasts.