Maggie Carey Wiki: Everything To Know About Bill Hader's Wife

Most people know Bill Hader, but not everyone knows of his funny, talented, soon-to-be-ex wife. Here’s everything you should know about Maggie Carey.

By Alessandra
Maggie Carey Wiki: Everything To Know About Bill Hader's Wife

Another celebrity breakup

Just a few days ago, celebrity couple Maggie Carey and Bill Hader announced they will be filing for a divorce after eleven years of marriage. Hader, most notably known for his eight year gig on Saturday Night Live, and his wife, Carey, most well known for her comedic directing and writing work, including her original film, "The To Do List," married in 2006 and have three children together. Sadly, Hader and Carey have been separated for almost four months now. Most people know of Bill Hader's work. As an avid actor on screen, he has recently been seen in "Trainwreck," "Power Rangers," "South Park," and "The BFG." Other classics with Hader include "Inside Out" and "Superbad." Hader's wife, however, is less well known, as Maggie Carey generally works behind the scenes, but equally as talented. To learn more about the couple as their divorce becomes more well known, here is everything you need to know about Hader's wife as a talented director and screenwriter.

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Maggie Carey's background

Maggie Carey was born in 1975 in Boise, Idaho, to two traditional and ethical parents. Carey was a classic type-A student. Apparently, Carey was a very bright, well-rounded student, enrolling in several APs, participating in varsity sports like soccer, and taking part in the student council. After high school, Carey enrolled at the University of Montana. She graduated in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in English. After undergraduate, Carey attended the University of Texas - Austin, where she complete a graduate's degree in film production.

The start of Carey's career

Hader's soon-to-be-ex wife got her start in comedy after graduate school when she joined Upright Citizen's Brigade in New York and Improv West Olympics in Los Angeles. These improv groups surely helped Carey build her comedic toolbox and get acquainted with the business of comedy. After joining, Carey soon began to channel her onstage comedic talents into screenwriting, and in 2007, she co-wrote a web series called "The Jeannie Tate Show." In another web sketch for Funny or Die Presents, Carey took a page from her soccer career and wrote a series titled, "Lady Refs, which was a great success for a newbie screenwriter.

Carey's first major film, starring Hader

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In 2009, when Carey's original sitcom got canceled, she starting writing her first feature. Once Hader's then-wife was unemployed, Carey gave her fellow Upright Citizen's Brigade cast mate, Aubrey Plaza, a copy of her feature's script. Aubrey agreed to star in "The To Do List," and the two put together a cast. the movie also stars Rachel Bilson, Alia Shawkat, and Bill Hader. In fact, as a "thank you for being in my movie," Carey gave her then-husband Hader a sex scene in the movie with the film's hottie. "The To Do List" is Carey's version of an auto biography. As a a coming of age story, it tells the summer of a young girl in Boise in the '90s as she experiences prepares herself for all of the sexual encounters she will have in college. It's like a female-version of"Superbad," from which Carey got some of her inspiration. Interestingly, in 2009, "The To Do List" was not picked up by any producers, perhaps because its original title, "The Hand Job," did not portray the best image. It did, however, get some attention fo being on the Black List of Hollywood's Best Un-Produced Scripts. A year later, a reading was done at the Austin Film festival, and soon after, producers knocked on Carey's door for the rights. Carey became the director or her movie, which finally premiered in 2013. While the movie was deemed very funny by a lot of critics, it never became a hit.

Other works

Carey has been guest writers for a lot of TV shows. In 2016, Carey wrote an episode for "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" entitled, "Kimmy Walks Into a Bar!" In 2014, Hader's ex-wife wrote an episode for the HBO TV show," Silicon Valley" titled "Fiduciary Duties." She was also seen in "Cinema Six" (2012) as Tina and wrote "The Date" for the web-TV series, "Love" in 2016.

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Net Worth

With all of her directing, acting, producing, and writing credits, Carey has an estimated net worth of $1.7 million.

As Hader's wife

Maggie Carey and Bill Hader met in Los Angeles after Carey had graduated college. At the time, Hader, too, was working in comedy. One night, Hader was performing in a small, local comedy show hosted by one of Carey's friends, and she attended. Hader was apparently wearing overalls shirtless in the show and impressed Carey with both his style and his wit. She was immediately taken by Hader, and a few years later, they were married in 2006. After rising to fame from his time on SNL, Hader announced his leave from the show in 2013 for family reasons. Hader claimed that it was too hard to travel back and forth between New York City, where SNL was filmed, and Los Angeles, where Carey and Hader's family resided during the births of their first two children. Luckily, Hader and Carey were able to spend some time during his SNL run while working on their mutual projects, including "Cinema Six" and "The To Do List." Carey and Hader have three children together: Hannah Kathryn, Harper, and Hayley. The three children will see their parents divorce at the ages of eight, five, and three respectively. Neither Hader nor Carey has public instagram accounts, so no images from their personal lives are available in the instagram world.