Woah Vicky Wiki: About her, her fame, and her relationships

Find out more about this controversial Instagram influencer

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Woah Vicky Wiki: About her, her fame, and her relationships

Who is Woah Vicky?

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While checking Instagram, does the name Woah Vicky has been a suggestion of who to follow? Do you know who she is? Did you know that her status as media start is based on a lot of controversies? Have we picked your curiosity? Then keep reading because will tell you all kinds of facts about Woah Vicky.

Woah Vicky aka Icky Vicky was born Victoria Rose Waldrip on March 17, 2000, in Atlanta Georgia. Woah Vicky is a popular Instagram star. Her rise to stardom status is based on her claim to being black, the use of the N-word and feuds with other Instagram stars and some music stars. She's also famous for posting videos on different media apps but her initial fan base hails from Instagram, she now has over 2.4 million followers. She also has a Youtube channel where she posts regularly since 2017. Her channel has over 660k subscribers and her videos, more than 25 million views.

Her claimed to fame can be tracked all the way to the summer of 2017 when she participated in the Lotion Challenge. Her video, where she and a friend tried to devour a spoon of lotion and failed, went viral. That's when she realized that for some reason people were drawn to her so she ceased the momentum. At that time her Instagram account was racking up followers, she had 20,000 followers per day. Insane right?

Source: @iamwoahvicky (Instagram Screenshot)

Woah Vicky also fancies herself a rapper, she released a self-titled single in March of 2018 via Soundcloud. The single did pretty well on the first month, it was spined 100k times and the accompanying video (directed by YouKnowMalik) uploaded to her Youtube channel had over 650k views. She released another single in April of 2019 called "Money Counter" and the video supporting the single was released as WSHH exclusive on Youtube.

She has cashed in on her growing popularity on Instagram and Youtube by promoting brands and products. She has become a businesswoman, with her own website where she sells her merchandise under her brand. You can shop hoodies, tees, long-sleeve tees, and hats. Now that she has deleted all of her older Instagram posts, some brands have made deals with her, offering promoting deals. Some sponsored Instagram posts from Vicky go for $4.000 and a shout on one of her Instagram stories goes for $1000.

Vicky is part of a group of influencers that are playing the "attention economy" where it doesn't matter how you get attention and retain it. What matter's how many followers you have and how many of them are talking about you because that is what's going to bring in capital.

More About Her, Her Family And Her Relationships

Woah Vicky's father is Steve Waldrip, a real state mogul/home-builder. Her mom's name is Carla Johnson and she has an older sister living in New York named Stephanie. Vicky studied at Marietta High School and then she was homeschooled, she completed her studies and got her high school diploma online when she enrolled in the Penn Foster High School program.

The way of life Vicky portrays on Instagram and all her social media is very different from the way her family lives. Her father, Steve, owns and runs his own construction firm (Steve Waldrip, Inc.), he graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia in 1977. He inherited his father's line of business after selling software. Steve is very active in his community.

Her sister, Stephanie (who's so much older than Vicky), is a rising star in the fashion industry up there in New York. She moved to Manhattan after graduating from in Atlanta and launched her own label, Waldrip NYC, she and her partner Gavin Brooks run the business. She met her husband in NY and they tied the knot in Georgia in 2016. Stephanie compare to her notorious little sister lives a very low-key life and her personal Instagram is full of images of her husband and daughter.

Vicky likes to say on her social media that she came from nothing but based on her father and sister's success, that claim is hard to believe.

Source: https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/steve-waldrip

Vicky's rise to Instagram starlet is due to all her controversial statements and relationships (not romantic ones). First was her claim to being black (will expand on this later on). Second, she is also known for her feuds with Daniel "Bhad Bhabie" Bregoli. This feud took place in their respective social media, basically, they took verbal shots at each other. And then, there was the one time when they got into a physical confrontation while both were present at the Americana at Brand in Glendale, California,

During this physical confrontation, Lil' Tay was present too. Lil' Tay is another close relationship with Vicky. She's a 10-year-old Instagram star and hip-hop artist with a foul mouth They have been seen in many videos together and sometimes they called themselves "sisters". That is obviously no true but Vicky is always defending Lil'Tay, saying publicly in a video that all Lil'Tay's erratic behavior online is her brother's fault. If you check her Instagram account now, you'll see that Lil Tay practically disappeared.

Vicky also decided to have a beef with Snoop Dog. Early in 2018, she posted a very misguided video where, while brandishing a gun, she started insulting Snoop Dog yelling into the camera all kinds of offensive things. Snoop Dog responded to her video to set her straight, and shortly after that Vicky issued an apology. Her excuse for such behavior was that "she hadn't yet gotten to grips with her own fame".

Continuing with her controversial relationships, Woah Vicky made an announcement of pregnancy in 2017. She claimed that Papi JJ got her pregnant, he denied being the father of her baby. Papi released a video stating that he never got Vicky pregnant. Since there was no bump in sight, it seems that Vicky's claim was, after all, false.

Her controversial claim to being black

One of her most controversial posts was the one in which she stated that she was black. She gained a lot of press because of this. She said in that video that all her life her mother had told her that she was white but, that she never believed her because she knew that she was black. Now she had proved because she did some history on Ancestry.com and it told her that she was 25% black. 

She received a lot of backlash because of this to what she responded in her usual way. To prove that she was telling the truth she even posted a screenshot of the results, but that didn't help her cause because what the results said was that her heritage was 44% African and 54% European. After a while, this race claims started to puzzle some of the internet users, especially after another video where she stated "I don't really think I'm black"

Her boyfriends: Who did she date and is dating?

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As much as Woah Vicky enjoys being in the social media spotlight, there's very little written or said about her dating life. If someone is talking about their boyfriends it's her and them on their respective media accounts.
First, she was in a relationship with Papi JJ, there were many videos of the couple, including the one where she claimed that she was pregnant with his child (which he denied, also there was no baby).

After Papi JJ came Lil Virgin or Virgin JJ, who's a rapper by profession. The duo was very active during their time together on social media, posting videos and photos together. Woah Vicky's posts on her Instagram account portrayed them as a happy couple, they look like they were getting along fine. Apart from that, there's not much information on how they met and started dating.

The last relationship known was with Lil Rot, another Instagram star. Woah Vicky posted very romantic captions in their photos together, like "Baby when I die I wanna die with you". There was even mentioned that they have bought a helicopter together. Fast forward to 2019 and there haven't been any more shares of images of the two of them, so there's no way to really know what happened. Did they broke up, or are they keeping their relationship on the low down?

Source: @iamwoahvicky (Instagram Screenshot)

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Due to all the bad press and negative comments, all her antics and controversial images and videos got, Woah Vicky and her PR decided to do a revamp of her media accounts. She erased all her old Instagram posts and left just the ones that were not so controversial. She did the same with her Youtube channel. She had a complete lifestyle change, she wants to be a new person and leave all the negativity behind.