Find Out Who Dated Who: Celebrities And Famous People

Your reference on these Celebrities - who dated who in 2018

By Angelieh D. R.
Find Out Who Dated Who: Celebrities And Famous People

Your guide to learning who dated who - celebrities who dated each other, or their friends

Celebrity love lives are fuel for most people's everyday conversations.

One of the most interesting topics for common people like you and me are the lives and times of celebrities: actors, musicians, socialites, etc. They may even be likened to modern royalty where their personal life, friends, hobbies, love lives, achievements, and scandals are the food of everyday conversations. 

It is interesting to think of celebrities as normal people too, in spite of their fame and fortune. Just like everyone else in the world, they are also liable to fall in love and to fall out of love. Here is an update on the love lives of your favorite celebrities. 

1. Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton

Rami and Lucy at the Clash de Cartier party.


The romance between Oscar winner Rami Malek and his co-star Lucy Boynton was not just onscreen but off it as well. After the filming of Bohemian Rhapsody, they made several red carpet appearances together and made their first public appearance as a couple while attending a fashion show in London.

A source confirmed their relationship via an interview with Us Weekly in April of 2018, where it was said that Malek visits Boynton all the time in London. This declaration just confirms how great their relationship must be going. They were seen together, for a "fashionable date night" at the Clash de Cartier party last week. 

2. Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse

Robert and Suki leaving from their date in a London night club.


The relationship of Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse was confirmed in the late summer of 2018. The British couple is often seen together during their date nights in London. Despite breaking up rumors, their relationship seems to be going strong as they were spotted going clubbing together in everyday, casual attire. 

Robert and Suki were photographed together last January 2019 while going on a running date. It seems that both of them really love spending some time together, whatever the activity may be. The couple seems to be happy in their relationship after almost a year of dating. 

3. Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris and Katherine enjoying their time together at a farm.


According to Hollywood gossip, this lovely couple was set up by Katherine's mother. They were first seen together seating side-by-side at a Schwarzenegger family meal. The next day, they were reported to be having fun together "goofing off" at a car wash. Observers have stated how they were very into each other. 

Chris and Katherine announced their engagement this January 2019. Chris posted in his Instagram account: "Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes! I’m thrilled to be marrying you. Proud to live boldly in faith with you. Here we go!" The post was accompanied by a photograph of the two of them kissing and Katherine giving us a view of her stunning engagement ring. 

4. Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart

Cole and Lili on Valentine's Day.


Another onscreen romance that came true in real life is that of Riverdale stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart. The two obviously met from filming the show and fans have then commented on how their chemistry in the show was simply off the charts. The dating rumors were officially confirmed in April 2018 when the two co-stars were photographed kissing and holding hands while in Paris. 

The couple seems to like to keep their relationship private but occasionally one of them would share a sweet comment about the other. Last March 2019, Cole Sprouse shared with Glamour how he surprised Lili Reinhart with a hot air balloon. 

5. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Joe and Sophie at a ski resort.


Jonas Brothers' lead singer, Joe Jonas, and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner were first rumored to be dating after being seen together in a friends' photo at a Halloween party. They were seen in more parties together and January of 2017, they were starting to appear in each other's Instagram profiles. Their relationship was confirmed by Nick Jonas in his Instagram post that was labeled "These two" with a heart emoji. 

The couple's engagement was all the rage throughout 2018 especially since Joe's two brothers and bandmates are already married. Their relationship grew stronger and more loving as their anticipated wedding date in 2019 comes closer. 

Celebrities Dated Their Celebrity Friends and got married

The year 2018 was not only a year of romance for some of the hottest celebrities out there. It was also a time when vows were made as some of them have also chosen to tie the knot last year. 

6. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan at a tour of a local school.


We're starting the list with a royal wedding. Seven years after his older brother, Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011, Prince Harry has also decided to marry his girlfriend, Meghan Markle. The couple met through a mutual friend who set them up for drinks in 2016. After their first date and despite the trolls and the haters, the relationship between the two of them just grew with passion and love. 

Their engagement was announced on November 27, 2017, with a formal photo shoot and interview. Their fairy tale romance led to their marriage in May of last year. At present, they are expecting the birth of their first child.

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7. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Priyanka and Nick at a Vanity Fair party.


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' relationship was initiated by Nick himself through a direct post on Twitter. From there, their relationship proceeded privately through texting. They then met each other at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party where Nick was reported to have knelt in front of Priyanka and said, “You’re real. Where have you been all my life?"

After that meeting, they have been spotted at more parties together. In the first half of 2018, the couple was already serious in their relationship that they were even already meeting each other's family. They eventually got engaged in July 2018 and got married on December 1,  2018, in India. 

8. Ellen Page and Emma Portner

Ellen poses with her wife, Emma.


Early in January 2018, Ellen Page, known for her roles in Juno and in Umbrella Academy, announced through social media that she has married her girlfriend, professional dancer, Emma Portner. The announcement was accompanied by a sweet message and a picture of the newlyweds' wedding bands. 

Ellen shared to Pink News how she admired Emma's work as a dancer and choreographer on Instagram. While Emma talked about how she felt connected with Ellen and thought that they would cross paths someday. They just celebrated their anniversary several months ago. 

9. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

Kit Harington smiles at his wife, Rose Leslie.


The married couple first met as the cast of Game of Thrones where Kit Harington played Jon Snow, a nobleman's bastard son, and Rose Leslie played Ygritte, a Wildling girl. Kit said that their characters fell in love before they did, as in the show Jon and Ygritte became lovers. However, it was in the filming of the second season that they genuinely fell in love - the beautiful Icelandic countryside and their roles in the show helped. 

They were married in Aberdeenshire, Scotland on the 23rd of June last year. Several of their co-stars from Games of Thrones did not fail to attend such as Sophie Turner, Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams, and Emilia Clarke.  

Celebrities Dated Their Celebrity Friends and Broke Up

The year of romance and celebrity marriages cannot be complete with some of the devastating celebrity break-ups. Here are some of the celebrity pairings whose love unfortunately ended. 

10. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

Channing and Jenna in Halloween costumes.


These two sweethearts met and starred in the dance- romance film, Step Up in 2006. These two dancers fell in love in real life as they did the big screen and got married on July 11, 2009. After nine years of marriage and the birth of their daughter, the couple, unfortunately, decided to divorce last year. They announced that they will still remain close and treat each other like family for their daughter, Everly. 

11. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

A souvenir from Ariana and Pete's relationship.


Pop singer Ariana Grande and comedian Pete Davidson had a whirlwind romance. They have gotten together just weeks after splitting up with their respective partners. Around June of 2018, Ariana was seen to have been wearing a diamond engagement ring while performing on stage at Wango Tango. Unfortunately, after four months of being engaged their relationship ended in October of 2018. 

12. Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet

Emma and Chord kissing when they were still together.


After almost half a year of dating, Harry Potter star Emma Watson and Glee actor Chord Overstreet have ended their relationship. They had spent a lot of time together in Los Angeles where they were photographed doing couple's activities such as going to the cinema, eating at a restaurant, and grocery shopping. Emma has already been spotted on a date with Tech CEO, Brendan Wallace late last year. 

13. Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole

Cheryl poses alone after breakup with Liam Payne.


After meeting up in The X-Factor where Cheryl was a judge and Liam's group One Direction was formed, the two have officially announced their relationship via Instagram in 2016. A year after, they have welcomed their baby name Bear into the world. After weathering a lot of gossip and rumors of cheating, the couple has officially decided to call it quits in July of last year. Despite their breakup, they still remained good friends with each other. 


Love can be fleeting or hard to find for celebrities.

The lives of celebrities are definitely not easy - imagine all the critics and the weight of public expectations. They have to balance their private and personal lives with their professions that need them to be in the eyes of the public constantly. Still, in spite of the glamour of fame and fortune, like normal people, they fall in and out of love like the rest of us. Hopefully, more loving relationships would bloom for them in the year 2019. 

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