A List Of 15 Real And Heartwarming Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons why I love you: Let your partner know about these reasons

By Aey
A List Of 15 Real And Heartwarming Reasons Why I Love You

A list of loving reasons why I love you

Having that someone special in your life can be exhilarating and thrilling, to say the least. Your love might make their day bright, but sometimes their sheer presence is enough to give you the joy of a lifetime! So, dear love, here are 15 reasons why I love you!!

For Boyfriend: Sweet Reasons why I Love You

1. You make me feel like the most special girl in the room!

There could be a hundred girls in a room, yet the way you look at me is enough to make me feel like the most special one there. Your love is truly what makes me the prettiest girl in the crowd, and you have a special way of showing that. Be it your love and concern for whether I have had dinner or the way you notice my expressions to know if I want to leave… you definitely know how to make me feel like the most special girl- your girl!

2. You cheer me up on the darkest of days

I could be having a horrible day, but oh, my love… you surely know how to turn it around. Your sweet messages, your warm cup of tea or coffee or a random kiss on the cheek is enough to make me happy. Knowing you are by my side is the most comforting thing anybody can offer. I am so lucky to have you with me every day!

3. You make me believe in myself.. and love!

On days when I am doubting myself, your reassurance is the most important thing for me. You have made me believe in all those love stories I used to read as a young girl… It feels surreal to know that I have that fairytale love in my life today… YOU are my happy ever after!!!

4. With you, I can always be myself..

For years and years, I have struggled to discover myself, but you have helped me find myself, my love. With you, I can be open about my fears and insecurities, my strength and inabilities. With you, I have it all out in the open… and for once, I am not afraid because of it! You let me be the crazy, real me and always help me find my way!

5. You never give up on us!

Having you is the greatest gift God could have blessed me with because your belief in us is never faltering. You always trust our ability to steer out of a mess. I wish I could tell you how much this means to me- Your blind trust in us as a couple! Together we can take the world head on, and your love will make it easier for me…

For Husband: Loving Reasons why I love you

6. Your small gestures of love!

Actions speak louder than words, and oh, dear husband! Your small gestures of love and kindness always sweep me off my feet. You protect me at all times and care for my comfort the most. I love how you keep it low-key, yet always care for the minutest of details. Be it changing the covers for me, playing my favorite songs in the car or just ordering at the place I like to eat. These little things are what make me fall for you, over and over again… harder and harder each time!

7. Knowing you have my back all the time...

You’re the ultimate support system a woman could ever need, dear husband! Your love for me is so loud and clear, with all the reassurance you have to offer. Both in public and in private. I wish I could tell you how much this counts for all my success and my confidence. Knowing you’re there at my back lets me experiment and explore with all the vigor I need!

8. You’re truly my partner in everything!

You’re my partner in crime and my one true love! From being my gossip partner to my best buddy… You play the role perfectly, sweet husband. You’re my favorite person to share experiences with and I know this makes us the power couple that we are! In all ups and downs that life has to offer, your role remains the most remarkable, and I couldn’t possibly repay you for them!

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10. You make me feel like the queen of your kingdom...

Your heart is my favorite possession, And I am truly honored and blessed to have it, husband. It is not easy to be a queen, but you make it so… You let me rule your heart and bear all my tantrums with a smile on your gorgeous face. I wish I could tell you how much each sentiment matters… You make me feel like the one true queen, and oh husband, trust me you’re my king!

Funny reasons I love my partners

11. You’re my all-time gossip partner!

It’s crazy- The times we have shared together. You know all my gossips and I love it that you become my gal pal when I want to unwind after a crappy day. Your nods and frequent fillers in the conversation make it all the easier for me to love you for all you do!

12. You’ve seen my crazy side... a little too well

You know you’re in love when their crazy side doesn’t trouble you anymore. You have learned to tame all my tantrum-throwing PMS-ing mood swings. I know you’re a superhero for it… But what blows my mind away is how much you love me through it all. It’s weird how that doesn’t scare you away, rather draws you in!

13. Our mad adventures

Our adventures should make it to the television shows for thrillers. We have had weird experiences that turned memorable just because of our companionship. From us teaming up against people, to scaring someone on the street, going on crazy hikes and tolerating a screaming neighbor; we are truly the best team ever!

14. You never let me do anything stupid… alone!

I know we always said we would help each other and I guess we’re doing it a little too well. You always make me go for the stupid stuff, but never alone! We party to regret the next time and repeat every week. Our risk-taking shenanigans and a weird fetish for fun have landed us in trouble a little too many times to count… the best part? We were in it together!

15. The comfort we have is too precious.

The comfort we have found in each other’s company is too precious. I can transform from a fully glammed up party girl to the stinking’ in sweats and I know you won’t love me any less! From the comfort we have in sharing the same washroom to telling each other who the hell farted this time, it’s weird to think of the times when we were not this comfortable!

Top 3 Books That Gives You Reasons To Love Someone

1. Gone with The Wind

Source: http://goodreads.com

War brings out the best and worst in us, in the novel Margaret Mitchell takes us on a beautiful path of love and romance. The story of Scarlett O’Hara, set in the civil war period is both vulnerable and relatable to the reader. Trying to keep her family away from the ruins of war fiscally, she faces a dilemma of losing her heart in the process. The whole affair is so charming it makes you fall in love with the idea of love!

2. The Notebook

Source: http://goodreads.com

Nicholas Sparks has maybe ruined the idea of love for many by creating this masterpiece that has set such high standards of selfless love and devotion. The Notebook is one of those sweet romantic love stories that you can’t help but drool over! Reading the tremendous love story of Noah and Allie, Sparks’ way of narrating the story to the old woman is just so captivating… It truly is one of the rarest pieces of literature that make you ache for love!

3. Love, Life, and the List

Source: http://goodreads.com

Kasie West has made this a perfect love story that has us craving for our own! With a young girls’ bucket list, to begin with, the writer takes you on a spectacular love journey of Cooper and Abbey. This one is a definite keeper, with all the sweetness the book will offer you! She embarks on a beautiful journey of finding herself, discovering her true identity and falling in love.


Love is such a crazy emotion. It is a complex mixture of happiness, sadness, envy, lust, and belonging. This sense of being someone’s significant other is almost unexplainable to people. But with all the literature in the world and all the movies ever made… love still remains the most sought after idea to write about! There may be a million reasons of why I love you… your eyes, your smile, your caring nature and your perfect mannerism towards me. But truly, if I were to state reasons, I would run out of them and still wouldn’t be able to explain half the love I have for you, my beloved! You are my soul mate and the connection we have is not explainable with words… it is an emotion that can only be felt!

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