Top 10 Inspirational Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow

Instagram is a place of fitness motivation accounts that are both inspirational and helpful. Check out these 30 Instagram accounts!

By Daina
Top 10 Inspirational Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow

The Importance of Fitness Motivation on Social Media

One of the most common excuses for not going to the gym or not working out is "I don't have the motivation to do it." Working out is work! For many people, it is not fun and it is not easy. That being said, it is still important for us to stay fit to keep our bodies healthy! 

This is where social media fitness motivation comes in. Trainers have been using social media to motivate people who are sitting at home, on Facebook and Instagram, to get up and work out. These accounts inspire you to not only work out, but to be happy with who you are and have confidence in your progress. The fitness motivation Instagram accounts want to remind you why you work out, because there is beauty behind all the sweat. 

Best Instagram Accounts For Fitness Motivation

One of the best social media outlets for fitness motivation is Instagram. After all, Instagram is all about the pics, and what better inspiration is there than looking at the progress of other people and what transformation you could make. 

Instagram is also the birthplace of the pic hashtags, especially the #transformationtuesday. So this Tuesday, what will you be posting on Instagram? The transformation of the indent on your couch, or will you be showing Instagram how hard work in the gym pays off? 

Check out these Instagram accounts and follow them for the best inspirational fitness motivation. 

1. @fitmethods

Fitmethods is one of the Instagram accounts that does an amazing job reminding you of possible transformations. Almost every picture of this Instagram fitness motivator is of a transformation. The magic is also in the captions, where the secrets to the transformations are revealed. On this Instagram pic, the tip is that it takes 60 days for the brain to adapt to the new habit of working out. So if you are about to quit before the 60-day mark, think again and keep working at it!

2. @gymmotivation

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If you are not looking so much for a weight transformation as a muscle-building transformation, this Instagram page might be for you. They inspire others to become the buff bodybuilders they are! Check out this Instagram page, or add them on Snapchat (Snapchat name is in the Instagram bio!)

3. @dalechube

Dale has experience working as a personal trainer, a coach, and a motivational speaker. What more could you want from someone to run an Instagram fitness motivation account! Add him on Instagram to get his insight and ideas about fitness and life!

4. @fitness_iq

Jorge Rosado has many fitness videos of his amazing feats on Instagram, but he also posts videos of how to do the workouts he finds the most efficient. He's designed his Instagram so that every line of Instagram pics is a screenshot of an inspirational quote he posted to his Twitter account. His Instagram name says it all--he knows a lot about fitness!

5. @anytimefitness

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If you ever looked up fitness centers in your area, odds are, you found an Anytime Fitness center. All over the world, this gym provides round the clock service, and some sweet Instagram motivation!  The infamous blackboards in their gyms also offer great motivation when they post them on Instagram!

6. @mistyonpointe

When you need more than just lifting weights, Misty comes in to save the day! Dance is an excellent way to workout and a way to express yourself artistically . This Instagram page is all dance and all motivation!

7. @amandabisk

In the same boat, this Instagram fitness account focuses on fitness in a different way than just lifting weights at the gym. This Instagram goddess named Amanda Bisk is here to show you that working out can be zen and relaxing!

8. @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn is on Instagram to help motivate all women, of all shapes and sizes. She proves that women don't have to be thin in order to be a fitness model. 

9. @motivatehopestrength

This Instagram account helps those who need a boost of motivation to not only get to the gym, but also to feel better overall. 

10. @annavictoria

Anna Victoria has been on the cover of Women's Health, is a personal trainer, and is an Instagram fitness model. She also has fabulous ideas for eating healthy, including a scrumptious looking smoothie bowl. 

Instagram is a great place to brag about your successes, but it is also a great way to motivate and inspire others. These Instagram accounts are great to follow, so that every time you are on the Instagram app, one of their pictures pops up and reminds you how you can be your best self. Many fitness trainers will put other helpful ideas on their Instagram — eating tips, workout tutorials, reminders to have fun and be with the ones you love. 

Whether it's dance, yoga, ab workouts, running, lifting, or CrossFit, Instagram will find a way to continue to inspire you to get moving and get in shape!