Top 15 Signs Of An Overly Clingy Girlfriend To Avoid

Nothing sucks out the energy from a relationship like a clingy girlfriend or boyfriend. You should therefore be aware of the signs and change ASAP.

By Auntrone89
Top 15 Signs Of An Overly Clingy Girlfriend To Avoid

Signs you are clingy girlfriend

Being overly clingy is a trait that you need to avoid because it can suck the energy out of your relationship. You should, therefore, learn to stay very confident in your own skin and avoid being clingy heeding any signs that come with it. Try as much as possible to ensure that you are carrying out a lot of research on the traits of being clingy so that you can avoid finding yourself in this sticky situation. And if you happen to be clingy, then you have nothing to worry about because you can learn how to let loose before it becomes too late to save your relationship. It takes patience and a lot of practice in order for you to avoid being clingy and at the end of the day, everything will be fine with you and your relationship in general.

1. If you fight a lot, you might be clingy

Apart from being jealous of his interaction with his female friends, a clingy girlfriend will always have a knack for starting fights all over the place. It's funny because, at the end of it all, most of these fights could have been avoided if you just ignored or found a better way to communicate with him. If this continues, your boyfriend will get tired of how you are carrying yourself and in the end, he may lose interest. And before you know it, there will be frequent fights in your relationship that will leave both of you exhausted and considering parting ways. That said, if you are the kind of person who keeps on starting stuff all the time, then it would be a good idea for you to lay off a bit and focus on resolving matters like an adult because that’s what you are.

2. A clingy girlfriend talks to her boyfriend's parents all the time

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Don’t get it twisted: it is a good thing for you to talk to your boyfriend’s parents once in a while. It shows that you mean well and that you genuinely care about maintaining a healthy relationship which is a good thing. But if you find yourself talking to your boyfriend’s parents more than he does and are mostly complaining about him, then it might be the true definition of being clingy, and you need to stop that. Doing this just shows that you are somewhat desperate to keep in touch and this will definitely kill your relationship. The best thing you can do is lay off and decide to call other people instead, that is if you feel like you have to call someone. That way, his parents can have a breather from all the updates that your relationship is in danger when it actually isn’t.

3. A clingy girlfriend needs constant reassurance

Don’t get me wrong, it is healthy when a boyfriend reassures his girlfriend that he loves her. But when she starts demanding and asking over and over again, it will start to get boring. So, you need to learn how to trust him and take his word for it. Whether he tells you or texts you, take his word for it and never pressure him to keep telling you that he loves you over and over again because it is tiring. That said, the next time you feel like you asking your boyfriend if he loves you, don’t. Avoid doing so like a plague because it will end up saving your relationship at the end of the day. Again, an overly clingy girlfriend is usually a turn-off and it doesn’t really matter how cute or sexy you are because clingy is just clingy and it sucks big time.

4. A clingy girlfriend wants to be the only woman

Another one of the many annoying signs of a clingy girlfriend is the fact that they always want to be the only ones to talk to their boyfriends. So, if you always feel jealousy every single time you see your boyfriend happy with another girl, then it is about time you evaluate yourself as keenly as possible. Again, it is very important for you to cultivate a culture of trust between you and your boyfriend. Do that and you will never have to worry about him hooking up with other girls especially if they are friends. If he is trying to make you jealous then that’s a whole other issue. But if he is just interacting and you find yourself bothered, then there is a one hundred percent chance that you are clingy and you need to stop that as soon as possible!

5. No one texts more than a clingy girlfriend

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As a responsible girlfriend, the relationship good book quotes that you have to give your boyfriend some space. If you ever find yourself texting your man day in day out to the point that your thumbs are exhausted and he isn’t texting back (probably because his thumbs are sore too), then chances are that you are clingy. The true definition of maturity is if you take the time to work on yourself and not always be texting his phone to the point that he has to switch it off. So, if you are the kind of woman who does this over and over again, it is a good thing for you to stop doing that all at once. You can start by switching off your phone or getting yourself busy by reading a book or hitting the gym to get rid of the extra energy that you have for texting over and over again.

6. Overthinking

Overthinking always happens when you text your boyfriend and he doesn’t respond to your texts. It is normal to have some wild assumptions for a moment but if you keep brooding on reasons why he isn’t responding, then you are overly clingy and you need to avoid that kind of vibe as soon as possible because, well, it isn’t good for your health. If he doesn’t pick up or respond to your calls or texts, always assume the best. Positive thoughts spark positive vibes and in the end, you will most certainly have a good, long life that doesn’t have any form of clinginess at all. But when you start entertaining negative thoughts which include thinking that he is avoiding you, or he is cheating, then these are the kinds of thoughts that will spark clinginess.

7. Clingy girlfriends are possessive

You are the kind of girl who wants the whole world to know that you and your boyfriend are together. You always want to know where he is, what he is up to, who he is chilling with and when he will be home. These are my dear girl, strong signs that you are very clingy and that you can't stand seeing your boyfriend with other people, whether male or female. It is important to note that possessiveness is worse than being jealous and for that matter, you need to learn a thing or two about avoiding getting to that point in your life. Once again, if you ever find yourself getting all clingy and possessive for no reason, you need to take a couple of steps back and make sure that you aren’t having an issue with yourself, because jealousy and clingy tendencies are strong indicators of low self-esteem.

8. A clingy girlfriend is a professional stalker

One of the funniest quotes I ever heard was that an FBI detective has got nothing on a clingy girlfriend and that is also very true. Funny quotes aside, a clingy girlfriend will always try to find out what her boyfriend is up to and with whom he is hanging out with. And needless to say, the latter is a very disturbing characteristic that needs to be avoided by all means necessary. Being the unofficial definition of an FBI Agent, you will find yourself stalking your boyfriend’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, his dormant Myspace page, his WhatsApp, his friends’ social media pages, yadda-yadda-yadda -- and it is very exhausting by the way. You can get rid of the jealousy and stalking by just giving him the benefit of the doubt and going about your business without having to worry about a thing.

9. A clingy girlfriend moves too fast

If you are the kind of girl who wants to get married and have ten kids after you just finished making out, then you are the queen of clinginess and you need to stop. Guys always love to have some space and time because, well, we want to make sure that we are doing the right thing spending time with you. But if you find yourself in a position where you are the one who is insisting on taking things a notch higher only after a couple of days, then you might be overly clingy and that has to stop. The latter might be accompanied by a lot of texts, phone calls or letters (depending on how old-fashioned your relationship is). The thing with moving too fast is that it shows your boyfriend that you are desperate and to be honest, no one wants to be with a Desperado unless they are Antonio Banderas. Admit it, that was pretty witty.

10. Too available

You might be clingy if you are always there for him, mostly at your own expense. The worst thing that you can ever do to yourself is to stop taking care of yourself at the expense of another person unless the circumstance is a matter of life and death. You might be studying for a serious exam when your boyfriend, who has finished his paper calls and wants to hang out. Logic will suggest that you turn him down, but if you are the clingy girlfriend type, you will jump at the opportunity to hang out with him and that will most certainly be detrimental. That said, even though you might love him very much, you need to get to the point where you avoid being too available as it’s among the signs of being clingy apart from being jealous. If you heed these signs and avoid them, you will most certainly be ahead of the game.

11. Excessive interaction on social media

Yeah, by now everyone knows that you and your boyfriend are an item. But that’s not enough if you are the clingy girlfriend. Apart from insisting on being tagged on funny memes, quotes and leaving jealous comments when other cute girls interact with your boyfriend, you will make it your solemn oath to like and comment on all his photos and status updates. Doing this is cute only for a while but then when it goes on, it starts becoming a little tiresome and your boyfriend will get tired of this even though he will be too polite to tell you to stop it. That said, you need to make sure that you are keeping yourself from getting to that point even if you feel jealous. You’d rather confront him about something important rather than being all over him on social media because guys get really tired of clingy girlfriends.

12. Take his words with a pinch of salt

Over-analysis is the quintessential clingy trait and therefore the definition of the clingy girlfriend trait that you need to get rid of if you haven’t already. More often than not, he might just be joking about certain things but then again you end up taking it with so much seriousness and in the process missing the whole point altogether. If you find yourself thinking about what he said and wondering if he was making up the story or not, then you need to stop and take a couple of steps back because, well, you might be on the brink of becoming the clingy girlfriend that no one actually wants. It is just too tough to waste time scrutinizing all of his text messages and trying to remember what he said. It would be better for you to just find a way of enjoying your time with him and if he isn’t around, try reading a book or finding a hobby rather than thinking about what he was saying. The more you stalk him, the more you end up losing out big time.

13. You aren’t free with him

When you are overly clingy, you always want to look like the best thing your boyfriend ever had. So, you will always try to act perfect all the time. And since no one is perfect, you will end up being nervous to show him that you are only human and bound to have imperfections. And that is something that your boyfriend needs to have a full understanding of, especially if he loves you for you. The latter is one of the signs of a super clingy girlfriend that you need to avoid. You will also find that you are almost always editing all of the texts that you send him and needless to say, that is just too draining on your part. So, if you find yourself trying to be way too perfect to the point that you aren’t free with him, then it is just about that time to take a few steps back and analyze yourself.

14. You don’t like his friends

When it comes to having a clingy girlfriend, she always wants to be alone with her boyfriend all the time. So, if you are the kind of girl who has a problem with her boyfriend having a good time with her friends since you see them as competition, it is about time you check yourself and try making some steps towards being a much better person overall as this goes beyond normal feelings of jealous. It seems to be quite hard for a clingy girlfriend to understand the importance of letting her partner have their time alone and if that is you, then you are the definition of the word clingy. It is therefore recommended that you stop doing this to your relationship before it’s too late for you to change.

15. You poke your nose where it doesn’t belong

Personal space is a very important aspect of any relationship but if you are a clingy girlfriend, you will always have a problem with your boyfriend’s personal space. You will always snoop around his phone and even find your way around his passcode (if he has one). If a girl tags him on funny quotes on social media or chats with him in the open, you will make a point of befriending that girl and start snooping around her. you will also make it your business to know his attractive co-workers and keep tabs on them. That’s the true definition of being a clingy girlfriend and that said, you will be required to stop as soon as possible. So, the next time your boyfriend has been tagged on a funny or inspirational quote or quotes by an attractive woman, try letting it go.


The good thing about being a clingy girlfriend is that you can not only learn from your mistakes but also change as long as you are committed to doing so. Practice some self-control and tame your texts just a bit. If you are overly clingy, you can ask your boyfriend for some time off so that you can work on yourself because clingy behavior always comes from feeling inadequate. If he loves you, then he will decide to help you become better instead of choosing to avoid his clingy girlfriend and that will be amazing. Remember, you are a team, so if you have a problem, always share with him.