Ed Harris Wiki: Net Worth & Top Facts About 2017's Highest Paid Actor

Ed Harris is an award-winning actor and the highest paid of 2017. Here you'll find the top facts about him, from net worth to his favorite roles in movies.

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Ed Harris Wiki: Net Worth & Top Facts About 2017's Highest Paid Actor

Ed Harris Wiki: Net Worth & Top Facts

Meet 2017's Highest Paid Actor


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Ed Harris is a critically acclaimed American actor with a career that spans over four decades. Harris has appeared in over 70 movies, more than 20 television shows and he's even starred in a handful of plays. He's earned countless nominations as well as the respect of the entertainment industry as a whole because of his work. Harris has played incredibly diverse characters throughout his extensive career, but he is most known for his ability to bring a feeling of authenticity to his roles as traditional American leaders. He's compelling both on screen and on stage and widely considered one of the greatest movie actors of all time. With icy blue eyes and a height of 5'9", he certainly looks the part of a leading man. Harris is most known for his roles in "The Abyss", "A Beautiful Mind", "Apollo 13" and "The Truman Show", although he has countless other movies to his name. Harris is currently starring in the hit HBO series "Westworld" as the Man in Black. His long career has led to an impressive net worth of $30 million.

Breakout Role

Harris' breakout role came in 1983 when he starred as astronaut John Glenn in the historical drama "The Right Stuff". Harris thought he blew his audition, growing so frustrated with himself that he started punching the wall in the hallway. The movie's director Philip Kaufman caught Harris in the act, and it was seeing the act of passion that convinced him that Harris was the right choice for the role. Kaufman made the right choice in giving Harris a chance despite his audition, as Harris was the perfect choice to play the beloved marine, from his piercing blue eyes and rugged good looks to the energy he brought to the role. His stellar performance in the drama helped him land future roles, and slowly but surely he was becoming a go-to actor.

Award Wins and Nominations

Harris only had a handful of appearances under his belt when he landed the role in "The Right Stuff", but once that happened his career really started taking off. At the age of thirty-two, Harris proved you're never too old to get your start in Hollywood as long as you have the talent to back it up. He received his first Academy Award nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category for his work in "Apollo 13". His second space travel film rooted in a historical drama was an adaption of "Lost Moon", a non-fiction book about the failed Apollo 13 lunar mission. Harris did lots of research for his role of NASA flight director Gene Kranz, and truly felt in control as the man in charge of saving the mission. His second nomination came only three years later for his work in "The Truman Show". Competing in the same category, history was destined to repeat itself. Harris would yet again lose out to another actor, but his work on the movie helped him realize how taking on the physical attributes of a character could help an actor get into it. The second he put on the beret his character was slated to wear in the movie, Harris felt in it. Two years later, Harris got his first and only Academy Awards nomination in the Best Actor category for his performance in "Pollock", the film biography of painter Jackson Pollock. Harris produced and directed the movie, teaching himself to paint in order to portray the abstract painter. Partially a passion project, Harris spent some of his own money on it and his wife portrayed a supporting role in the film. In 2002 Harris earned his fourth Academy Award nomination for his supporting role in "The Hours". Harris viewed his role as an important one both for society and for him personally. He played Richard Brown, a man in the final stages of AIDS. A completely different role from the characters he was used to playing, Harris felt like he had to do justice to some friends he had who died because of the disease. While Harris hasn't had much success at the Oscars yet, he's won multiple Golden Globe and Screen Actor's Guild Awards. Harris has also played a key role in several movies that were nominated for awards, including "A Beautiful Mind", "A History of Violence" and "Gone Baby Gone."

Writing, Directing and Stage Work

Harris' talents go beyond acting in front of the camera, as he's had success behind it as well. In 2008 Harris released "Appaloosa", a film he starred in, directed and even wrote the screenplay for. He fell in love with the book it was based on and wanted to make it into a movie, but do it in the right way. He took on the task of doing it all by himself, calling it the best time he's had on set. He also directed his biography film "Pollock". Harris has expressed the desire to get behind the camera again and is interested in making a sequel to "Appaloosa." In addition to his extensive movie career, Harris also has a career on stage, including both off-Broadway and West End productions. Since the 1980s, he's appeared in ten stage plays. His stage roles include Dodge in "Buried Child", which he starred opposite his wife, Lyle Carter in "Simpatico" and Chance Wayne in "Sweet Bird of Youth".

His Favorite Roles

Harris' Best Time at the Movies

Besides his work on "The Right Stuff", "Appaloosa" and "Pollock", Harris has an array of movies he's starred in that he considers either his best performances or most enjoyable experiences. Early in his career, after the success of "The Abyss", Harris joined the cast of the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross", an adaption of the play of the same name. He played one of many desperate salesmen alongside Alan Arkin, Alec Baldwin and Al Pacino. The movie has an iconic scene in which Baldwin's character berates Harris' in the form of a motivational speech. In the fan favorite dramedy "Stepmom", Harris played a romantic father of two opposite Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts. A sweet proposal scene was thought up by Harris himself in which he uses a spool of sewing thread to slip the engagement ring onto his girlfriend's finger. It was a change of pace for Harris, who usually stars in heavy dramas.


At the age of 66, Harris still seems to be at the height of his career. His career hasn't slowed down and his work has never suffered, proven by his current work on HBO's "Westworld". The science-fiction-meets-classic-western television series is commonly praised by critics for its style, story and incredible acting. Harris stars as the Man in Black, a veteran dead set on exposing the secrets of "Westworld", a western-themed amusement park filled with androids. In the series, Harris is a key villain whose actual named hasn't been revealed yet. The award-winning series merges two seemingly opposite genres with ease, and the performances of the cast, notably Harris', make the show a thrill to watch. Harris is shining in his first real starring role on the small screen, showing his versatility as an actor and proving that he can do more than just movies.

The Legacy of a Star

Ed Harris has been one of the greatest actors of his generation from the second he stepped on the scene. His ability to capture the deepest emotions and go the extra mile to put forth his best possible performance has made him a star to idolize. Already one of the best, he's guaranteed to be an inspiration to actors wanting to follow in his footsteps. Always one to watch, Ed Harris is a performer of a lifetime.


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