Alpha Male vs Beta Male: The Difference?

Are you confused as to where you belong in these two categories? Alpha male vs beta male, what's the difference? Keep reading to find out!

By Neko Yama
Alpha Male vs Beta Male: The Difference?

Alpha male vs beta male: which one are you?

There are men who feel confident in themselves. Usually, they're the ones to whom females are often attracted to. These type of men can solve problems they encounter easily, and they know that whatever happens, they can always push their way through to victory. You can sense that they have a strong personality by just looking at them. And then, there's the type who is still confident in their own way, but somehow more subtle. Yes, they are smart and creative, they have their own talents and skills, but it's usually hard for them to achieve something on their own because they can never avoid feeling self-doubts. And, when it comes to attracting females, they're the ones who get friendzoned because the more charismatic rivals are around. We know that it's men's instinct to be stronger than women, but you might wonder why other men have a much weaker aura vs their more dominant counterparts. During the old times, when technology didn't exist yet, men had to be physically stronger to to able to hunt for their food. They had to have aggressive behavior to survive and they were basically living a "survival of the fittest" life, always thinking that it's "me vs them". It was men's main responsibility to protect the weaker members of society. But, as the years went by and technology makes more things possible, along with women already being seen as capable of doing what men can do, some men's aggressive behavior started to diminish. This is why different men's personalities and traits are already categorized. In this article, we'll talk about two of the most known categories, alpha males vs beta males, and their differences. So, if you are a man wanting to find out where you belong, or a woman who wants to know what type of man you're dating, keep reading!

Are you an Alpha male?

What's an alpha male? First of all, majority of the male population consists of alpha males. They are intellectual and they have complete confidence in things that they do. An alpha male takes control and they're natural born leaders so they are usually easy to spot. They have that strong personality so it's expected that they are very welcoming to all of life's tests and challenges. Alpha males are basically liked by almost everyone. So it's not surprising that when it comes to dating, they are quite successful too!

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Pros of being an Alpha male

If a female is dating an alpha male, rest assured, she's got safety and security because alpha males are born protectors. In building a family, he's confident and takes charge of providing for everyone. If you are an alpha male, you are patient. Alpha males are positive thinkers, and are so self-assured that they know they can handle a test easily. They don't believe in making decisions in a rush. They think carefully but they still take initiative. Alpha males are lucky in romantic relationships too. Since they have a high amount of testosterone along with self-confidence, it's easier for them to seduce females. There will never be an awkward moment while an alpha male is on a date because their communication skills are good. Also, if you are an alpha male, you have a clear vision of what you really want because you are always full of passion for achieving your goals and dreams. You always aim for the finish line, because you don't believe in mediocrity.

Cons of being an Alpha male

As much as it's a positive thing to have self-confidence, sometimes it has its drawbacks too. Because alpha males are usually achievers, their egos may become so high that there will come a time when they won't have any room for failures anymore. They might get frustrated easily at every mistake, and disappointments will be hard to handle. Alpha males also have the tendency to become selfish since they believe they are important. They may lose empathy and there will be instances where it's going to be difficult for them to accept other people's opinions. Usually, alpha males can't even read facial expressions. They won't know what you're truly feeling unless you tell them so, vs a more sensitive beta male. Every one dreams of being a leader, but being one isn't just about being recognized and appreciated. A leader's responsibility is endless. If you are an alpha male, you are looked up to, and people will follow your lead. But that would also mean taking risks when making decisions, and receiving criticisms from your followers about your decisions is unavoidable. Other alpha males may feel like it's them vs you if they don't agree with your strong opinions.

Traits of an Alpha male

You might be thinking, "what are the specific traits of an alpha male?" Yes, it's all about the confidence. But, vs their counterparts beta males, alpha males sometimes have self doubts too. There are other details in your personality that can help you tell that you belong in this hierarchy.

An alpha male takes chances

Every one has experienced going through tough decisions in life. You may occasionally feel like it's you vs the world. Sometimes, you'll take them on if you can clearly see that the outcome will be positive. If it's a little complicated, you tend to doubt if you can handle it. Alpha males are different. Whatever situation they are in, whether easy or difficult ones, their personality is always "go for it!". They believe that success is much easier to attain if they welcome risks.

Alpha males are social

Alpha males are liked by almost everyone because of their strong personality and irresistible charms. They are surrounded by people who practically treat them like gods. So, you can expect that with these traits along with self-confidence, not to mention exceptional communication skills, it's not really difficult for alpha males to socialize and connect with other people.

They're not easily embarrassed

Alpha males are also human beings. Even though they seen almost perfect, they will still commit mistakes. And since they have a lot of followers that look up to them, like a lot of beta males, even the slightest failure becomes a big deal. But that is not a problem for an alpha male because they don't worry too much about what other people think of them. Even if they do, they won't talk about it. They'll just go on with their lives and bring back the positive impression people have for them. Whether it's a big failure or a small slip up vs an alpha male, the man will always come out on top. Embarrassment can't bring down an alpha male.

Alpha male vs beta male: which type is more masculine?

Compared to beta males, the alphas are aggressive. They are what you can really call men. Vs other categories, they have their own approaches to different situations, especially when it comes to dating. When a female feels kind of awkward around a male, it's because he is not probably showing signs of a masculine approach โ€” either he lacks confidence, he stutters, or he is too timid. You can tell it's a masculine approach when a male is confident in every word he's saying. He should be able to look directly into a female's eyes while having a conversation, and he'll also feel comfortable.

An alpha male is direct and honest

Somehow, this trait can be considered a con. Alpha males are very transparent; they don't hide anything so their words can sometimes hurt. When faced with the choice of the ugly truth vs a white lie, an alpha will usually say the former. If they want to tell a person something, they will be direct and frank about it without considering anyone else's reaction. Alpha males will tell you things you don't even want to hear.

Are you a Beta male?

Beta males have their own special charm. They are usually "right-brainers" so it's not surprising that they are talented and creative. They excel in anything that is related to art. They have tons of ideas in mind and they have the tendency to think out of the box. The problem is, it's difficult for beta males to achieve something on their own because they focus on what other people want them to do vs what they want to happen. Basically, they are one of the followers of alpha males. And, sometimes, women even dominate them.

Pros of being a Beta male

Vs alpha males, betas are not hugely recognized so it's not really that stressful. Though it is still painful to commit mistakes and experience situations where everything goes completely wrong, it's not a big deal for them to always get back on track. There is no pressure on beta males, vs the constant spotlight shone upon alphas. Though alpha males are the ones who usually succeed in dating females, beta males are not that bad too. Actually, in these modern times where females can be dominant, they may need a man who listens and has a soft spot, who knows how to comfort others, for balance in a relationship.

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Cons of being a Beta male

Females often like their men to be decisive and have a strong personality. However, betas are the exact opposite. Most of time, beta males are weaker and they don't take initiative. They may not lack in creativity and skills, but they tend to ask other people's opinion first before they start doing things. They can't achieve anything unless they're given directions. Beta males can also be needy and whiny. They're easily insecure which drives women crazy. It's okay to have that balance in a relationship where males can be soft too, but vs the beta male's neutral approach, there is a huge probability that the romance won't last long.

Traits of a Beta male

It may seem disappointing to read that beta males are just second players vs alpha males, that they lack confidence and often insecure, but not all traits of betas are negative. There is still something good in belonging to the second hierarchy.

Alpha male vs beta male: who's the nicer guy?

Most beta males are softies, so it's not surprising that they are comfortable to talk to, even about the most random things. They belong to that group of people who you can call and lean on when you are troubled. Unlike alpha males, they are full of empathy for people and they will be respectful of your emotions.

Beta males are thoughtful

Vs the tendency of self-importance among alphas, beta males will focus on other people's needs first before his own. He's always willing to lend a hand to those who are in need, even if he finds it difficult to solve his own problems sometimes.

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They listen to what others have to say

As mentioned earlier, beta males can't achieve something on their own because most of the time, they have to get other people's say on everything. They prefer to be given directions vs following their intuition. But this isn't necessarily bad. Yes, it could mean that you are afraid you'll fail, but making sure that others agree with what you do is okay too. This trait is a sign that you're a listener because you're open to ideas.

Beta males are secretive

The beta males' counterpart, which are the alpha males, don't have much privacy since whatever they do is open to public. When you have a large social group, it's usually difficult to keep your life in secrecy. This is what's good in being a beta male. You are in control of what you want to keep hidden and what to show off, vs an alpha male. You can hide the embarrassment you experience, unlike the alpha males, so you won't have to be stressed about people judging you.

Alpha males vs beta males: so which is better?

With these pros and cons come different traits provided. Have you already figured out to which hierarchy you belong? And which one do you think is better? Personally speaking, the age old debate of alpha males vs beta males doesn't matter. These two categories of males are entirely different from each other. There is something good in both that the other doesn't have, and each type has their own negativity as well. So, whether you are an alpha or a beta, be proud. Embrace your own personality and your own flaws. Do not try to be someone that you are not.

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