Top 15 Benefits & Reasons To Have Sex With Your Best Friend

Looking for signs or reasons to have sex with your best friend? Don't go the boyfriend/girlfriend route - enjoy being friends with benefits!

By Julie Coleman
Top 15 Benefits & Reasons To Have Sex With Your Best Friend

Having Sex With Your Best Friends is All About Timing

First, let me say, there are a lot of variables in this scenario. You may have been best friends for years and innocently slept together. You may have been sleeping together for years casually and became best friends. You may have each other as a fallback when each other's girlfriend or boyfriend type relationships fail. Regardless of the situation, there are fifteen reasons why having sex with your best friends will bring genuine benefits. The key is to look at the signs over time. Be aware of your best friend's emotions and reactions as well as your own. Make sure you both stay within the boundaries and rules of having sex with your best friend. Timing is everything. However, if strategically done, there are many reasons why you'll wish you made the decision to do it sooner.

Having Sex With Your Best Friends Is More Comforting

There Is Something To Be Said For Comfort

The feeling of comfort is one of the best feelings in the world, and who makes you more comfortable than your best friends? They know you mentally, physically, emotionally, and probably about everything about you that you would consider embarrassing. The first five benefits of having sex with your best friends are all based on the feeling of comfort. Reason #1: You and your best friend know each other's personalities. You have spent hours on the phone or computer with them. You hang out all the time. They know when you are being sarcastic and you know when they need a little reassurance after a bad breakup with their boyfriend or girlfriend. You guys know each other's personalities, which makes having sex more comfortable. Reason #2: You and your best friend know each other's bodies. You love their flat butt and they love your double chin. There isn't anything about your best friends' bodies that you don't know. You may not love it, but you accept it. That is very comforting compared to having sex with a complete stranger for the first time. Reason #3: You and your best friend know how each of you feels about your bodies. There are always some things that we feel uncomfortable about when it comes to our bodies. If we talked to a girlfriend or boyfriend about it, they probably wouldn't understand as well as your best friend does. They see you for how you are. They know how you feel about your flaws and are sensitive to that. They are less likely to make snarky comments that hurt your feelings or may care enough to help you love those pieces of you that you can't seem to appreciate yet. Reason #4: You can experiment. Yup, go for it! Always wanted to try a new position but don't want to make an ass out of yourself in front of a potential girlfriend or boyfriend? Haven't mastered all your moves yet? Practice by having sex with your best friends! You can have fun, be creative and kinky, and have some humor about it. Reason #5: You gain experience. It isn't the kind of experience you get from sleeping with a variety of individuals. But you gain experience if you work with reason #4. The more you can practice with someone, the more experience you can gain in adventurous activities. Having your best friends as your sex partners for an extended period of time will help build up your arsenal of sexy tricks.

Having Sex With Your Best Friends is Safer

Have Fun But Feel/Be Safe

Want to feel safe? These are five benefits of having sex with your best friends that deal with safety. Reason 6: You can practice safer sex. If you and your best friend are honest about EVERYTHING together, chances are you know more about their sexual history than a complete stranger. If you happen to have an evening that leads to a drunken mishap, you will have a little more knowledge to help you determine whether unprotected sex is a definite no-no. Remember, this isn't guaranteed, but knowledge from being someone's best friend is an added plus. Reason 7: You have more reasons to be honest. Your best friends are who you call. They know your secrets. You can talk to them concerning just about anything. If you are sleeping together, you can share signs that signal when things are going too far. You can be more honest about what you have done, what you like and do not like in sex, because you know more about your bestie than a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Reason 8: Your secrets may be respected a little more. There are some things in the bedroom that you know are personal to you. Chances are, bedroom talk has come up in conversation and you may have shared some secrets. Or, there is only one thing in the world that your best friends know about you that you don't ever want anyone else to know. Having sex with your best friends makes you feel like your secrets will be kept because there is a long-standing bond. Reason 9: Chances are, you have been best friends for a while. You know their reactions. Not sure if what you are doing while having sex is pleasing or hurting someone? Or vice-versa? With a new boyfriend or girlfriend, it is difficult to decipher the signs or reactions of your partner. With your best friends, that guesswork is not there. You know how they are going to react. You can tell if they are being serious or not. You can pay attention to signs that other people might otherwise miss. Reason 10: You don't have to commit if you aren't ready, and your best friend will understand. Hopefully. If you set that boundary. You feel safe because you don't have to commit to a relationship if you don't want to. Understand that they have the same option. There is safety in knowing that you don't have to settle down and do the whole relationship thing if you have sex with your best friends. They are always your pals. This takes the pressure off.

Having Sex With Your Best Friends Is More Convenient

Looking for a little convenience? These are five more reasons why having sex with your best friends is a benefit to everyone involved. Reason 11: You know each other's schedules. Your best friend knows your work schedule, when the best times of the week are to get together, and when you go through your cycles. Rather than meeting someone new, it is easier to have sex with your best friend because they know when you are or want to be available. Reason 12: You don't have to remember anniversaries and all that other relationship stuff. Don't want to commit to a long-term relationship? Have sex with your best friend. You won't feel pressured to remember anniversaries and other dates that you would have to with a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can just relax. It's almost like being single, but with twice the benefits. Reason 13: If it happens, great. If not, great. There is no commitment. There is nothing worse than being in a relationship where you feel like you "have to" have sex. With your best friend, there are no demands. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Neither one of you will be mad if it doesn't happen and when it does, it is just an added benefit to your already existing relationship. Reason 14: If you are horny, you have a go-to. Has it been a while since you last had sex? Having a fall back for when you just need to get it out of your system is always a nice thing. It is even better when it is with someone that you care for and love. There is nothing better than having someone safe and convenient to call if your hormones are raging and you just need sex right now. Reason 15: You never have to go to/leave a party alone. Want to go out but have no one to go with? Who better to go with than your best friend? Everyone leaving the party with someone? Guess what...if you don't hook up, you can always leave arm-in-arm with your pal and have sex together for the evening. The great thing is, just like in an open relationship, you and your bestie are rooting for a hookup with someone else. But, if that doesn't happen, you have each other's backs.

Having Sex With Your Best Friends Can Have Downfalls

Although these are fifteen really good reasons as to why having sex with your best friends is a good idea, there can be some downfalls. First of all, if one of you wants a relationship and the other doesn't, your friendship may be no more. Going into having sex with your best friend, neither of you are looking for a relationship. Feelings can change over time. It can be especially hard if one of you ends up meeting someone new. However, if you are truly best friends before lovers, they will be there to cheer you on. Hopefully, by keeping it in perspective, you can do the same. Second, if your partner decides that they want to start dating someone else, your feelings may get hurt. This can happen. Remember, you started having sex with your best friend so that you didn't have to have a commitment. But in a way, you may develop a possessive feeling that you don't want anyone else to have your bestie. Keep it in perspective. They are your best friend before anything else. Don't worry if they start dating someone. You will always be their go to if things run sour. Just give it time. They may end up missing you more anyways.

How To Make Sure Having Sex With Your Best Friends Doesn't Lead to Problems

Make sure you have clear boundaries before you embark on this new adventure and decided to have sex with your best friends. If you have sex in a drunken stupor, make sure that you communicate with your best friend on whether or not you intend for that type of relationship to continue. You don't want to lose your best friend because of a mistake, but you may decide that the fifteen reasons to have sex with your best friend listed above are good enough to continue on this path with the right person.