15 Tips On How To Give Him Space And Make Him Miss You

Times to give your partner space to come back to love you even more

By Vera Aries
15 Tips On How To Give Him Space And Make Him Miss You

When Is The Time To Give Him Space?

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Men are complicated creatures. They need constant attention, a lot of love, and they like to "hunt" the women they are interested in. Sometimes it is good to give a man what he wants: the opportunity to hunt you. Regardless of relationship status, we give you fifteen tips how to give space to the man you are interested in and how to make him miss you, whether it's a long-term relationship or an ex that you want to come back to you.

You ask yourself should you give space to your partner in the relationship and try to figure out how to give space without breaking up with him. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve the right balance between contacting and space, to make the relationship function. For this reason, it is sometimes best to move a little away and make him miss you.

When it comes to lack of chemistry, it is not a good thing to despair than to try to get back the spark that was at the beginning, because the relationship between you two is something you constantly need to invest in. If you are in a relationship and feel that your spark has started to quit, do not despair immediately. In time, this happens to most couples if they do not work on the relationship.

Give the space that he needs without breaking up with him and give him an opportunity to make a little effort to you. You want to give him space, but you can't figure out how to do it? Be careful, because some behavior pulls away from your boyfriend. Read these fifteen tips and figure out how to give space to your boyfriend without breaking up, and how to make him miss you like crazy at the same time. Here's how you can do it! 

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1. Give Him Space By Don't Calling Him Every Second

It's nice to talk frequently to your partner, having long and seductive conversations, especially at the beginning of the relationship, while you still feel all those butterflies in the stomach. Still, do not spend all your free time on the phone talking to him.

Give space to him. Do not call him or text him every minute, but point him out that you have your own life, your own space, and you have other obligations that are not related to him. You have to make difference between calling him once or twice during the day to hear him or to arrange a date and to be a controlling girl who calls and texts to her partner every second of her free time. No one wants to be in a relationship with a control freak, and this is a characteristic that only pulls away from your partner.

If there are quarrels in your relationship are more frequent, and you feel that your partner needs space, this is the first thing you can do to save the connection without breaking up.

2. Don't Respond Immediately On His Messages

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If you are in a relationship and in love, but you are not sure whether the other party feels the same or you have the impression that his emotions are not as same as yours, then it would be good to give him space by making yourself less available for a while. You only need to figure out how to do it.

If your boyfriend sends a message, do not respond to him the second you got it, unless it is necessary. If this is not a message asking for your prompt reaction, it would be best if you did not immediately reply to the message he sent you. Give him some time, let's him ask himself what's going on. That will make him even more intrigued. Answer him after an hour or two, as you will show that you do not wait for his calls or messages, that you have your own time and obligations. This will make him more attracted to you, interest you even more and miss you like hell.

Also if you are at work, having a coffee with a friend or in a gym, do not respond immediately to his message, but wait until you come home. While it's sometimes nice to answer to a message right away, especially if are important things, you also have to be aware of your social life, your space and things that are happening around you.

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3. Ignore Him

In situations when you feel that your partner is distant and somewhat cold, no matter how difficult is for you, because you feel that something is wrong, try to do the same. Give him space by doing the same thing as he does. Sometimes it is necessary to behave in this way to make your man understand how it is wrong what he is doing and how much it can be a waste of time when you are not in his vicinity.

If your partner behaves cold and talking about this subject with him didn't change anything in his behavior, you should play the same game. If the boy looks uninteresting, behave the same and stay indifferent. It will surely wake up his interest. You just act like you're too busy to talk to him. He may come back to you and ask for your attention. Sometimes your partner needs to be given space in the relationship and to have the opportunity to miss you. Give him that opportunity.

4. Tell Him How Good Your Day Was

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Although you two agreed on giving some space, it's important to show your partner how you can have fun without him and that you are not addicted to him. Take advantage of every opportunity you have, whether you two are on a date or just talking on the phone, and tell him you had a good day and how nice you spent it. Also, give him space to go out with friends and have a good day without you too. The best way to make your partner miss you is to have a good time without him. He wants to be a part of your life, and he wants to make you happy and will try to get your attention to show you that you can have a good time in his company.

5. Give Him Space, But Also Give Unforgettable Intimate Moments

No matter how long you are in a relationship, it's always a good idea to give some tenderness, hugs, and kisses to your partner. In this way, he will feel loved and will start missing you when you are not around. Just try to be to a certain extent that tenderness, do not overdo it and sometimes give space to your partner, no one wants to be bored and constantly hugged or kissed. If you are in a long-term relationship, then you can give some intimate moments to your partner, that will make him miss you, even more, when you are not by his side. Your partner will be extremely grateful if you arrange an unforgettable party in bed and that will make him want you more. So, do your best, use your imagination and give him unforgettable intimate moments that he will remember his whole life.

6. Look Perfect

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Although you two have talked and agreed on giving space to each other, nothing can stop you from looking completely amazing. Giving space doesn't mean that you need to forget about yourself and fall into depression. The first rule when you want a guy to miss you, no matter how long you are/aren't together, is to look incredible without him. This will eclipse him and hurt his ego. If you know that you will appear at the same place your partner is going to be, do your best and look the best you can.

Another trick is to wear his favorite perfume on the occasion that you know you will meet, especially if you want to make him miss you. It will remind him of all common moments you two had together and suddenly he will miss you. Sometimes it's hard for women to make men miss them, especially if the man wants space in the relationship, but with little effort, everything is possible. Have patience and do not forget - men like to love. Give them a chance.

7. Give Him Space By Not Being Too Available

Women are a bit weird beings, and when they fall in love, they are ready to change their entire schedule just to adapt it to the man they care about. This is a mistake because in this way women show their weakness and dependence on their partner. No matter the relationship length, this is very common because women want to show the partner how much they care about him.

Still, if you want him to be crazy for you and miss you, you have to prove to him that you have your own life, regardless of your relationship. That will make you attractive. Men are hunters, and they like a somewhat unobtrusive woman. So do not stop going out with your friends, or stop caring about your career as well as stop doing the other things you loved before you had him in your life because of your partner. Keep doing what you like.

This shows that you have a character, and you are also aware that you will not always complete every one of his wishes. So you will not spend all your time with him, and you will give him a chance to miss you. Also in this way, you will give him space to the same things in his life.

8. Let Him Know That Other Men Want You

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You agreed to give him space in the relationship, but do not know what your next move should be. Do you want to make him miss you? If you let him know that other men are attracted to you, he will want you and miss you even more. He will come back to you because he will be a bit jealous and afraid that some other man will win your heart. So, if you are in a stadium of your relationship where you want to give him space without breaking up, use the tricks we already told you and do it. But at the same time make him somehow to find out that another man is interested in you. He will miss you like crazy.

9. Give Him Space, But Still Spice Up The Relationship

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No matter how long you are in a relationship, there can come a time when the relationship becomes routine and a bit more boring than it was in the beginning. To maintain the relationship, it is necessary to work on it and invest your attention and time in it. If the quarrels are more frequent in your relationship and your partner wants space, give space to him but without breaking up. If you break up the possibility that you will come back to each other, it's not so big. Instead, give him space, but show him that you still care about him.

After some time passes, go on a trip together or to a romantic or go for a short weekend getaway. Spend time together and do not forget to have fun. If you have excitement in your relationship and your partner loves you, you do not have to worry about your relationship. A little space, and then a romantic reunion will save the relationship and spice it up. Do not forget to try out new things together and explore different terrains. Also, give to the relationship a dose of excitement and adrenaline. The more exciting adventure you have together, whether on a spiritual, intellectual, emotional or physical level, will make your partner miss you and craving for you.

10. Be Happy And Positive Person

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If you talked with your partner and you both agreed that you need to give space to him and don't be a pessimist and disappointed in life. Pessimism only pulls away your partner from you. By seeing things from each other's perspective gives the time needed for the allotted space. Take this time and try to do something nice for yourself. In this way, you will give him the space that he needs, and you won't be calling him every minute, and you will make yourself a happier person.

If you show that you are positive and happy with your life, people will long for your proximity. But that must be the case; you must not act. Although we may not always be satisfied with our frequent life challenges, try to focus on creating a life that will fulfill you, as well as building your inner self-confidence. With this two characteristics, he will miss you like crazy, and he will come back to you as soon as possible.

11. Make Him Laugh

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We best remember those people with whom we shared unforgettable moments laughing. If you want to get under the skin of a man, you must know how to make him laugh and have fun. Therefore, afford your partner moments of laughter that will make him crazy for you and miss you. If you want to give space without breaking up the relationship, try to make contact you will have a moment with positive emotions and laughter. Giving him space will not work if you are always frowning and negative.

Try to leave an impression of a positive person, laughing and making him happy. This way he will miss you and want to come back to you. The worst thing to do is be a negative person and constantly in a bad mood. This only pulls away from your partner, and he won't like spending time with you. You need to figure out how to make him smile and how to make yourself smile. Do it not just for him, but for you too.

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12. Give Him Space, Go On A Weekend With Friends

No matter how long you are together, whether you've just started dating or you've been together for some time, sometimes it's good for partners to spend some time separately. Both partners should give space to each other to spend time apart. So do not bother yourself and go on a short weekend getaway with friends because it will both give you a chance to miss each other, so you'll be very excited after you see yourself again and eager for each other.

Also, give him space to go on a weekend or a vacation with his friends. He will have a good time and will start missing you. If he is deeply in love with you, he cannot wait to come back to you as soon as possible. And you will stand out from all those girls who are control freaks and are afraid to allow their partner to spend time out of town without them, having fun with his friends. This will refresh your relationship and give it a new direction, where freedom will be part of it. At the same time you are showing immense trust to your partner, and in this way, you give space to him, which will strengthen your relationship.

13. Give Him Space To Spend Time With His Friends

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One of the reasons that led to a pause in the relationship may be that you two have constantly been together and didn't have space to do other things. Give space to your man and figure out how to balance things. Let him go out with other people, and under this, we mean to go out with friends of course. For example friends from high school or colleagues from work and college. Do not be constantly up to him and push yourself when he agrees to go out with someone other than you. This behavior only pulls your boyfriend from you. Give space to him and give him a time that he can pass with his friends.

Do not be like those girls who, when their boyfriend gathers with a male company, they must be present beside their boys and keep them as if they were young boys. Give him space, because no one wants that controlling nag of a woman. Think out of the box: Maybe controlling lead him to ask you to give space in the relationship. Instead, go, have fun with your friends, and let him to the same.

14. Send Him A Photo Of You Two, To Make Him Miss You

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No matter how long you are together, you certainly have a lot of pictures together that are full of memories of you two doing something fun and interesting. Find a picture of you two that you know that is especially dear to him and that reminds him of some of the beautiful times that you two had together. Then send it to him with a little greeting. You could say "Look what I found." Do not be invaded and talk to him constantly how you were nice together and he rejected it all and started with the quarrels and asked you to give him space. This behavior pulls away your partner from you. The goal is to make him miss you, and a picture of you laughing and entertaining is a complete hit. You will remind him of everything that you have spent together and of the times when your relationship was perfect.

15. Give Him Space By Not interrogating Him

If you have decided that giving space is the best solution for your relationship, specify in what period and how long you would give space to your boyfriend and how you would stay in communication with him. In that communication, whether is on the phone or you will go out for a coffee, try not to become an inspector who was barely waiting to see the suspect in front of him. You are not interrogating him! Do not attack him and ask where he was, with whom, when and how, why he went out in a disco with his buddy or why he did not call you the previous day.

Try to make the conversation to flow naturally and that he will become the one who wants to give you information about himself and how he spent the time without you. Be relaxed. Start the conversation by talking about your day, your experiences and what you did before you contacted him. With this, you will indicate him to tell you about his things. Interrogation only pulls away your partner from you, and this is not your goal. You need to figure out how to have a communication with him because the point is at the end of the day to make him miss you.


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Temporary separation and giving space are imposed as a logical solution if the couple wants to have their space without breaking up. Overcrowding, quarrels, and harassment can be a part of the love affair, but they often just bring couples to thinking of a little pause in the relationship they are in, or to be temporarily separated, to make it easier to figure out if their relationship has a future.

Today, these breaks, also know as giving space, in relationships are more popular than ever before, because in the past people did not publicize the difficult situation in their relationship. You're thinking to give space to your partner without breaking up with him. Surely this is a better option than a constant quarrel or a final break up. Periodic separation gives you the ability to think better in which direction you want your relationship to go. But try to figure out what pulls away from your partner and what characteristics are keeping him close to you. You need to know how to make him miss you, in addition, to come back you more in love than ever. Giving space should make your connection better and not lead to a breakup.

To give space in the relationship is something that both partners must be involved in and implies that both partners agree. It's just an option to think about how to go further. There is an important agreement on what is allowed during the period of "giving space." This includes the pause period and the communication mode during the break. Pause serves to force partners to deal with related issues. When you give space in the relationship, you help yourself and your partner to solve the problems.

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