Shirley Ann Jones Wiki: Everything To Know About Jerry Van Dyke's Wife

Shirley Ann Jones is the surviving spouse of Jerry Van Dyke. Let's reunite with the wife of TV's most successful actor/comedian.

By MJ Faublas
Shirley Ann Jones Wiki: Everything To Know About Jerry Van Dyke's Wife

Shirley Ann Jones' Life & Interests

Shirley Ann Jones was born on March 31, 1934, in Charleroi, Pennsylvania to Marjorie Jones and Paul Jones, owner of the Jones Brewing Company. Shirley Ann Jones was named after famous child actress Shirley Temple. Jones was raised in a Methodist religious family and began singing at her Methodist church at the age of six. Throughout her life, Jones would participate in school plays and sing at talent shows. In 1952, Shirley Ann Jones became Miss Pittsburgh. After high school, Shirley Ann Jones pursued a career in acting.

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Shirley Ann Jones: Wife of Jerry Van Dyke

Shirley Ann Jones and Jerry Van Dyke married in 1977. Jones and Van Dyke lived on their estate near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Though the pair shared no children among themselves, they each had three children from previous marriages. Shirley Ann Jones' three children were Shaun, Patrick, and Ryan Cassidy from her 1956 marriage to Jack Cassidy. Shirley Ann Jones and Jerry Van Dyke remained married for over four decades until his death in January 2018.

Shirley Ann Jones' Career & Facts

Shirley Ann Jones had an acting and singing career that lasted over six decades. The mother of three was the first female Oscar Award winner and set musical records that weren't met by fellow musicians until later in her career. Shirley Ann has held a career like no other.

Shirley Ann Jones' Career

Shirley Ann Jones began her career in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical and would perform biweekly in it. Jones became the first artist placed under contract with Oscar Hammerstein. Jones would later perform in two other musicals, South Pacific and Me and Juliet. In 1955, Shirley Ann Jones hit the big screens in the musical Oklahoma!. Following that performance, Jones performed in many other musicals including Carousel in 1956, April Love in 1957, and The Music Man in 1962. By 1970, Shirley Ann Jones was making waves in her career, turning down the role of Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch. This decision made led to her role as Shirley Partridge, the leading role in the show The Partridge Family. The Partridge Family ran for four seasons, airing 96 episodes in over 70 countries. Later that year, Shirley Ann Jones set records with her hit song "I Think I Love You" that reached number one on the charts and became the first female to win an Oscar Award. After the cancellation of The Partridge Family, Shirley Ann Jones took some time off of acting. She later reemerged on the scene five years later in 1979 in her own show named Shirley. Shirley was canceled mid-season due to poor ratings. Shirley Ann Jones appeared in various shows during the start of the 21st century like That 70s Show, The Drew Carey Show, and Raising Hope.

Socially Shirley

Though Shirley Ann Jones keeps no public records of her daily activities on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, fans have created multiple pages in her honor. There are social pages pertaining to her career and life as Jerry Van Dyke's wife on both Facebook and Instagram social sites. Shirley Ann Jones should know how grateful her fans are to have witnessed her talents.

Shirley Ann Jones' Fun Facts

Fact One: Shirley Ann Jones has a net worth of $25M, while her belated husband Jerry Van Dyke left behind a net worth of $15M. Fact Two: Shirley Ann Jones was born Shirley Mae Jones. Fact Three: Shirley Ann Jones became Jerry Van Dyke's wife during the winter solstice on December 21, 1977. Fact Four: Shirley Ann Jones received two Golden Globe Award nominations. Fact Five: Shirley Ann Jones is an Aries.

Life After Jerry Van Dyke

As the generations changed, Shirley Ann Jones remained an avid actor and singer, but less television roles came her way. Jones later reverted to a quiet lifestyle with belated husband Jerry Van Dyke until his passing day. Jones currently resides in the estate she shared with late husband Jerry Van Dyke.