Idris Elba's Children: Things To Know About Elba's Son And Daughter

He might be America's heartthrob, but Idris Elba has an altogether different image in front of his children. Here is what his kids think about him.

By Amanda Palmer
 Idris Elba's Children: Things To Know About Elba's Son And Daughter

1. Hollywood's biggest heartthrob Idris Elba is a doting dad to two wonderful children.

Don't get fooled by the tough guy image Idris Elba wears on screen! He is one of the most doting and endearing dads one can ever find. His much-acclaimed series, 'Luther' won him instant fame and recognition. The drop-dead gorgeous and macho looking star is being seriously considered as the next James Bond owing to his own screen image and rugged masculine persona. But you would come in for a big surprise when you get to see his soft side when he is with family. A native of London, Idris Elba is blessed with two adorable children, Winston aged 2 and a 14 year old daughter named Isan.

2. Daughter Isan

Idris Elba has a 14-year old daughter from his previous marriage to Haane 'Kim' Norgaard. The fashionista does certainly approve of her father's style and dressing sense, but she finds him a tad too fat and vain. The doting dad blames his daughter's compliments to her teenage hormones. Quite a pair, Idris Elba is often seen proudly flaunting his daughter to special screenings of his movies and other award shows. Elba is closest to his daughter though they have difference of opinions from time to time. He loves to take her to concerts and shows and together they make an amazing pair.

"I have to give him props for this one. I am actually really proud of him for this."

This is what Isan feels about his style.

"It can be (a struggle). I love Issy dearly but she's a teenager and sometimes she gives me a hard time."

The Dark Tower actor was quoted saying this when asked about his daughter Isan.

'Someone told me that having a teenage brain is akin to having Alzheimer's at 55. Your brain just goes bonkers,' he described.

Idris Elba comments on how it feels like to raise a growing teenage daughter. He says that he finds it really hard dealing with his teenage daughter at times.

3. Son Winston

Gritty TV shows like 'The Wire' and 'Luther' earned Edris Elba fame and recognition. He instantly rose to stardom with his tough guy on-screen image. The actor, in reality, is a softy when it comes to his kids. He is often spotted spending some quality time with his adorable two-year-old baby son named Winston. The trio was spotted spending some quality time on a sunny afternoon in New York City, the third one being a female companion. The actor oozed of class and ease in his white tees and blue denim while walking around in the Big Apple. The adorable baby matched his dad's style impeccably in a cute bow tie and a light blue colored shirt. He loves to spend a lot of his time with his younger one, playing around with him. As a doting dad, he does anything and everything to keep his children happy and secure.

4. Idris Elba loves children

The Dark Tower actor is not only a doting dad to his wonderful children but also loves children in general. He has featured in a cute little video wherein he takes some out of the box ideas from children about the best Valentine's Day date. In another interview for a magazine cover, he had also revealed how he fell in love with a woman from Florida and was thrilled when she was expecting until he came to know that the child was not his. He is quite emotional about the entire episode and feels that it has taught him a lot in life. He also feels that whatever goes around, comes around for sure and that this incident was a lesson of sorts.

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"I'm a very doting father. I don't always get time to spend that much time with my children because I'm working so much. But when I'm at home I love being with him and he's a really good boy."

The Dark Tower actor spoke lovingly about his kids.

5. Idris Elba net worth

Idris Elba has a net worth of $20 million. He has a luxurious lifestyle. the British TV, films and theatre actor shot to fame after the much-acclaimed TV shows 'Luther' and 'The Wire'. With a net worth of $20 million and an annual income of $7 million USD, the actor leads quite an extravagant life. He is amongst the 10 richest celebrities in Hollywood.

The Dark Tower was one of his most famous movies which shot him to fame and recognition. His other great movies are 'Pacific Rim', 'Beasts of no nation', 'Star Trek Beyond', 'Jungle Book', 'Thor', 'Zootopia' and many more.

After two failed marriages, Idris however, feels that marriage is not his cup of tea and does not see himself to ever marry again in life. With a number of projects running simultaneously, he has his kitty full and no time for love. He often says that his children help him stay young and full of life but marriage is not his life's calling. His first marriage to make-up artist Haane Norgaard ended just after 4 years from whom they have their daughter Isan. He believes that marriage is an institution of sorts and that it is not made for everybody. His second marriage to real-estate attorney Sonya Hamlin ended within 6 months only. Currently, the actor is involved with Naiyana Garth who also happens to be the mother of his son Winston.

“Even with people looking at you, when you're playing a character, you're so hidden. There's a weird little thing there, where you just feel most comfortable being someone else, because then they're not really looking at you. Know what I mean?” - Idris Elba

The actor is very philosophical and passionate about acting and has his own distinct viewpoint in the field which has also enabled him to rise up to fame.